YYF or OD?



All of my yoyos are YYF (Shutter, Horizon, Czech Point, and Replay Pro) and two are Duncan Butterfly and Butterfly XT.

I am thinking of getting the Aluminium Dream, TOO Hot, Aviator 2, Superstar 2016 but I am also interested in the OD Vanguard and Gauntlet.

I only plan to get 2-3 yoyos and have yet to try a OD yoyo. What are they like? Similar to YYF? How’s the 10 ball bearing compared to the Center Trac?

Your opinions are highly appreciated.

Thank you!!


One Drop my a mile imo. Better machining, better quality, better design, NEVER had a problem with One Drop. On the other hand yyf has some VERY nice high end yoyos, but that’s about where it ends. Contradicting what I said about One Drop, their overall quality of their budget yoyos aren’t the best and I’ve had numerous problems with yyf: mostly quality issues and design issues so comprehensively, if you’re trying to decide between the two, I’d personally go with One Drop. (I highly recommend the Downbeat)

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I love how it’s made and manufactured in the USA. Is there a significant difference from the stock CT bearing compared to the stock 10 ball bearing from OD? I’ve never tried a flat bearing before… All of the YYFs I got came with Center Trac and I’m used to them.

And is it okay to use thin lube by YYF on OD yoyos? How about response pads as well?

Sorry for asking so many questions :see_no_evil:

Thank you so much!


You’re fine, ask away! And yes, to some there is a significant difference. The One Drop 10 ball bearing has (obviously) 10 balls on the inside of bearing instead of what the CT bearing has, which is 8. 10 balls in the center allow the bearing to be almost completely silent, very smooth and extremely resistant to rust, but the One Drop 10bb doesn’t have the curve in the center that the CT (center trac) bb has (this just allows the string to be centered on the yoyo). Both are very nice bbs)

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I disagree. Yyf makes as high of quality products as one drop. Their budget yoyos are on par, or better than their one drop counterparts. You’ll likely find nothing wrong with either companies yoyos. Btw the superstar 2016 is phenomenal. In my opinion, much better than any other on that list.


Is it harder for the string to stay in the middle of the 10 bb when doing tricks?

I can always swap it out with a CT bearing if I wanted to right?


I do love my YYF yoyos!

I’ve indeed heard how amazing the Superstar 2016 is. Have yet to try a bi-metal yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:

The shape of the OD Vanguard and Gauntlet is somehow very attractive and made me want to try a OD yoyo.


Somewhat. If you put the string on right, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem, but if it bothers you, you can always swap.

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Cool! Thank you YoYoGuy!!


Let’s not create trouble over this :slight_smile:

Everyone has their own opinions :grin::+1:t3:

Do you have any tips for someone like me who only owns YYF and planning to try OD?


I wouldn’t create an account to bash a company, if you looked up at the rest, I even gave them credit for some of their yoyos. The company itself is nice, just that I own 5 of their yoyos and only 1 is is in mint/functioning condition today due to the issues I mentioned (the Mighty Flea, which was from one of the runs they did in I believe 2012).
*Post-Scriptum, I’ve been yoyoing for a while, I just created an account last year to get in touch with the community.

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PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T


(I hope not to create trouble) and I’d just go with your gut, if you like yyf and trying to transition, I’d may not be the best help there, I’d like to not call it a bias against yyf, more of a bad experience, but I’d ask someone else on this one.

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Would you mind explaining the so called “design issues”? Ben is a fantastic designer, and he runs one of the most successful yoyo companies of all time.


Had more than a few yyf budget yoyos arrive with wobble/vibe. I’ve also had some that are as nice as anything out there.

Not a bash just an observation/experience.
The other day I got a galaxy czechpoint with significant vibe.

Been buying their products for 9 years now and will continue to.

Never ever ran into a problem from a 1drop though, but I haven’t bought as many 1drops as I have yyf’s.

Edit: the superstar 16 is really good, I recommend getting one for sure. I say go for the vanguard or gauntlet and a superstar.


I think YYF nail it. I have had very few quality issues with them and what passes for vibe is subjective.

I can’t name one budget metal in their line that I’ve played and didn’t think was great.

Some real standouts for me are the Cypher, Dogma, Al Dream, TooHot and… Aw heck, just all of 'em!


Great idea, I was thinking of getting a Superstar 2016, Vanguard, Gauntlet and Aluminium Dream.

Is there a significant difference between the Vanguard and Gauntlet?


Man tough choice imo you should buy some off the bst I love both one drop and yyf im in love with my burnside and shuta also I’m getting a gaunlet Monday deff check out bst and get some good deals and you can afford more and can try bunch of dif stuff


Highly unlikely.


It isn’t Ben, it might just be my luck. 3 of my 5 stripped within a week of use, and my reply pro just decided to crap out on me and fall apart while I was using it, never having unscrewed before. I fixed it, but there is still tons of vibe. The last 1 was my mighty flea which is just fine.

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