On the topic of the new OD and YYF titanium throws coming out...

Which do you think you will like better? explain/show your work ;D

YYF because most of my YYF yoyos outperform most of my OD yoyos.

Oh no this is gonna get ugly REAL fast…


I’m more interested in the OD titanium. The shape is more appealing to me.

Well. First of all, most of my OD yoyos outperform my YYF yoyos. Second, I like the OD feel more than the YYF feel. Third, OD supports the American economy by making yoyos in the USA as YYF gives American money away to China. And to add to these topic statements, OD’s Ti is gonna be cheaper than YYF’s Ti.

Edit: although my real interest is going to the OD Bi-Metal.

Since I have no idea what the OD Specs are, I can’t decide on this yet.

Nobody knows that the OD will be cheaper than the YYF. All they’ve said is there trying to get under $300, which tells me it will only be just under $300 if it is at all.

To add to that, they’ve said they pretty much can’t match the YYF campaign price of $200, which is still available; plus, that $200 includes the other stretch goal rewards, which effectively reduces the price of the titanium to be even less than $200.

Regardless, we don’t know if the OD will be cheaper than the retail YYF until OD officially announces it, which they haven’t yet.


On the topic of the thread, there’s no way for me to know which is better until I throw them both. They both look like designs that will have some pretty beastly performance, so there’s no way to know unless I try both.

That being said, I really like everything about both of them from what I can tell so far, which is just pictures, CAD drawings, and videos. I’ve already bought the YYF version, and I’ll be trying to buy the OD version as well when it releases. Only time will tell which I actually like better, as I’m reserving judgment until I have both.

If I had to pick one right now, I’d probably say the OD version, just because I like their flow grooves more than 19mm slim pad response.

Let me grab some popcorn…

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I remember OD saying that it will be just over $200. From what I remember it came from either their Instagram or their forum topic.

From da5id himself in the OD thread:

“We haven’t released any pricing info. Anything you may have heard other than me saying that we are trying to get below $300 is just made up rumors.”

To me, that strongly implies it will only be slightly less than $300, if at all.

I think it’s pure speculation. But, if I had to play a game and guess, I think I’d like the YoyoFactory titanium better. I based that speculation on:

  1. I have a preference for YoyoFactory yo-yos anyway;
  2. I like the price of their titanium, and all the bonus stuff that comes with it;
  3. The OD is confirmed to be under 66g;
  4. I really like that 43mm width on the Dream (nice spec);
  5. If I put their current titaniums head to head, Sovereign vs. Ricochet, the Ricochet is the play winner for me. I speculate YYF wins again.
  6. Dream will come in blue, or that black version. :o

I think it’s more fun to try them for real and really see which one you like better.

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I bet theyre both great. I like the look of the OneDrop one better, though. The aluminium-titanium feature of the YYF one is really cool though. I like how theyre doing it again after the c13. It’s really great to have a low-budget option.

Porsche vs Toyota?

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I hope to get both


They both look pretty awesome

For me it’ll come down to which one comes with the most foam cubes. ;D

Ok, here is the Reality >>>>

Anybody making or having yoyos made; if they crank out some Titanium yoyos; it is nothing less than mandatory to bring their ‘A’ game.

For Yoyofactory or One Drop to reach deep and Bounce for a bunch of Ti Stock and not have Recipes for design/Performance success, would be completely and diametrically opposite of any normal rational Brain functionality.

Based on the obvious successful Designs history and respective Business Models; I would have no reservations in concluding Both Of their Ti offerings will exhibit Top Shelf Performance.

It is so easy to jump on either Companys’ bandwagon. Oh, I like the shape of the OD better… Or the Yoyofactory Ti is going to come in at my favorite weight, etc…

So if your Budget dictates you have to ‘choose one’, then the one you decide is right for you will be the one You end up with.

But even if you decide you made the wisest choice, that does not put the other Ti in the back seat. It just means you had to choose.

Some people will buy both and not even care which is better. Because they will both be Amazing.

No second place in this race.

And to say the YYF Ti is ‘better’ because it comes with perks? A better deal, no doubt. But not necessarily a better Yoyo.

And I don’t think for a second that One Drop And Yoyofactory are trying to outdo each other. I think they are trying to outdo themselves.

One Drop wants to make a Monster and Yoyofactory wants to make a Beast.

They will both succeed because failure is not an option.

We win.



Well said.


^ A class act.

I think it’s perfectly fine to speculate which one you’d like better, because it’s fun, and that’s part of the shopping experience anyway. It’s the process of elimination for a lot of people, if they cannot afford both, or have the opportunity to try them first to figure it out.

There will probably be a day when I try them both, and end up having a favorite of the two. I choose favorites all the time, and I won’t make an exception here. The only thing that would disappoint me, is if they were too similar. It looks like I won’t be disappointed. I’m looking forward to there being clear differences, and not only choosing a favorite between these two, but choosing a favorite of all my titanium throws.

Right now, my favorite of them all is the Ricochet. Can YoyoFactory outdo itself? Tough competition, but I hope so. If I could only choose one, it would definitely be YoyoFactory.

Right now, YYF has the upper hand with a better marketing scheme. Normal retail prices will be similar for both later on, but currently YYF is taking a lot of money off the market on this through their crowd funding effort. And that’s as far as I can comment on the initial question: which of them is better.