Why did I not buy a YYf metal sooner??!?!?

Last week my Gf bought me a throw I picked the undeniable genesis because she wanted to get me a throw but I didn’t want to be greedy and pick a CLYW even tho I knew she would have bought that if I wanted it. Anyways inemded up loving the genesis so than I ordered a Proton and just received it today and a, starting to realize that for the money YYF is great. I was so satisfied with the proton that I just ordered a supernova, I picked a made in the USA version just like the genesis except its a different color.

Anyways after throwing the proton and genesis I came to a conclusion that I’ve been overlooking great throws because I would only purchase caribou lodge and general yo throws. This is prolly gonna end up costing me a lot of money because I want to buy the doomsday genesis too! I ended up liking YYf so much that even tho I spent money on the proton and supernova I feel it’s well worth it.

Basically moral of the story is: Don’t be afraid to try new things. You might be surprised at the outcomes

if you fell the need to correct my spelling and grammar as if you we’re an English teacher please find your way to the NyYr section so you can talk about grammar all you want, thanks

I added a poll of the candidates of throws I want to purchase next from yoyofactory. Please vote, especially if you’ve thrown a lot of YYf throws and can decide which is most stable as well as all around great throw.

You are missing one, the supernova. IMO By far the best. I have owned about 11 over time and 5 currently

Genesis and Supernova are incredible throws… have yet to try the Proton and HOT though, really interested in those models.

The Equilateral is the best YYF metal.

I have a supernova in the mail that will be here Thursday its a USA made one. The ones I put in the poll are the ones I’ve narrowed it down to as far as the next throw I want to buy.

I’ve only thrown supernova (a beat one my friend owns) the USA made genesis, Proton, 888x and dv888 so I’m yet to really explore the powers of YYf. I am curious about the equilateral but the specs don’t seem to catch my eye

It seems oversize in specs, but it’s a Mickey throw. The thing is ultra light and fast during play and I don’t find the width to be intrusive at all. Feels just right.

I guess it’s just my opinion, but I personally don’t like YYF metals…so my liking the Equilateral was a game changer. It’s really fantastic or else I wouldn’t even post in a thread like this.

Well, let me first say, “if you like what you have, throw it.”
You only have two hands (I’m assuming) so don’t get a bug in your bonnet about owning all their throws. That’s what I did, and now my signature below explains my fate.

That said, I love YYF. Just get a bearing removal tool while you’re at it. They make everything fit super tightly.

I tried them, the Proton was awesome, the HOT was OVERPRICED, it was not that great for its price. The Equilateral Was good, but still overpriced, I find most YYFs overpriced.

Oh, and Id say get a Super G, it spins forever!

We aim to deliver great performance at great value. We use the highest quality materials, collaborate and reward players for their involvement with products and still deliver it at a price well below many in this little industry. For larger volume items like supernova and Genesis we offer amazing value (including extras like multi tools and spare bearings). Dv888 same at an even lower price and popstar same again. Special runs cost a little more but these are quite bespoke items, with limited production which does increase costs but it is going to we leave that decision of what to purchase to players on an individual basis.

I Just voted for my favorite: Doomsday Genesis.

Anyone that has read any of my rants knows that I am a BIG fan of Japanese throws such as Yoyorecreation and Yoyo Monster. I own many high-end throws from these manufacturers and I can understand the sentiments of the thread when it comes to which manufacturers that we consider vogue or “cool”. But, as the saying goes: the proof is in the pudding. Yo-yo’s such as the Doomsday Genesis, can play with anything that comes from YYR. Sure, a YYR is a bit smoother, and maybe a touch more refined on the string. But the difference is marginal at best - and nowhere near the $80 difference in price. If you want to experience a high-end throw at a very reasonable price - get a 7075 Genesis or Catalyst.


lol, they are the best value you can get bro.

Anybody try a 7075 catalyst yet? I’ve been wanting one for a while but haven’t heard a lot.


7075 Catalyst was my first metal. I love it. I have since bought 2 clyw throws (chief and puffin) and obviously I love those aswell, but I still find time to throw the catalyst around. Definately a great throw for the price, you cant go wrong. Although mine isn’t raw so i can’t speak to that affect. Hope this helps, GL.

I have one. As I said in my post, the 7075 Genesis and Catalyst are great yo-yos. You can’t go wrong with either one; it only depends on your preference.

7075 Catalyst is a fantastic throw. It was one of those yoyos that I’d had my eye on for a while and not picked one up, and when I finally did I was really pleased. Very stable, good spin times, and generally all round excellent. Pick one up. You’ll be really pleased. Now to find a Ranchero…

I’ve had a couple along the way. They make a nice yoyo.