on the fence about purchasing the new yyf supernova w/ free severe.

im really think about buying the black and blue new supernova and would like some feedback and also is the severe a nice throw for free? i guess free is good no matter what.

for the 90 bucks i will end up with two throws, but as far as yoyos go is there any others worth considering in this price range? and is that free severe really enough to seal the deal?

also im really considering the galaxy proton (cant afford both so i gotta make a choice lol)

also why does it seem that there is lots of hate out there for YYF i asked a few local friends about YYF and i got such a mix in responses from they are ok yoys to the more popular response of oh i hate that company (but no one really seemed to be able to tell me why or didnt want to tell me why), Im not trying to start a bash war or fanboy hang out im just really wondering if there is any merit in what my friends are saying.

thanks for any thoughts and input about these yoyos.

You mean “SuperNova”, not “SuperStar”.

I didn’t care for the SuperNova, and I didn’t care for the Severe, so for me, this would not be a good deal for me to purchase. However, if you like either this is one heck of a great deal. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with the SuperNova or Severe in any way. They just weren’t yoyos that worked well for me.

I do really like the Equilateral, Proton and 2013 SuperStar, so those are yoyos I’d feel better recommending.

I don’t know what the YYF hate is. I’m rather ignorant on most of that.

Here’s my thoughts on YYF:
First and foremost, I do like YYF. I’m quite pleased with the over 20 YYF products that I own. Good products, good company. I would like to see them try to move all their manufacturing to the USA, but that’s a bigger business issue Granted, they do have quite a few models that I simply don’t care for. Big deal. Really. You can’t please everyone with every product.

My biggest gripe is about some of their yoyos that grip the bearing way too hard. Hopefully they are addressing this.

The bottom line is that YYF makes good products. You run the risk with YYF same as you do with any other company: You might not like a particular product. This is a risk you take with an purchase of any yoyo you haven’t played before.

I love both yoyos to death. This is actually one of the better deals I’ve seen, so I would get it if you like the specs/shape.

Hi Snafu,

I bought into the deal with the Supernova/free Severe for $84.99, I believe was the price.  I already had a Severe, but I still bought into it, because it is such a great deal.  I run contests on here occasionally, I could trade or sell it, or do gift exchanges and things like that.  So, for me, a deal like that is always a good one.  The Supernova is a great one (I chose the blue/black), easy to land tricks on, has a bit of weight without feeling heavy, nice shape to it.  So, overall, you get very good metal yo-yo, and a very good plastic yo-yo…all for $84.99.  I think it’s a steal, and I’m glad I took advantage.

But, like any purchasing decision, you’ll just have to decide if you are into getting a metal and plastic, or just one metal for that price.  It is all just a matter of opinion, and preferences vary, so I won’t try to sell you on getting the deal versus what might be another great deal.  I can only tell you about the one I bought into, and why.  I do not own a Proton at this time, but wish I did to offer you some comparison.

If you are really choosing among different YoyoFactory throws.  Make note of your yo-yo preferences, and style of play, and send a message here, so they can help you choose the best YoyoFactory purchase for you:

As far as the hate…let the haters hate.  If you hear a lot of hate, but never hear any real reasons for it, and it seems like such a secret…that says it all.  Boils down to nonsense.  I buy YoyoFactory…and plenty of it.  I have no complaints, and enjoy my YoyoFactory collection.

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Would u say this supernova is better than an older 7075 supernova I have?

Hard to say Mordo, as I have the last version of the Supernova…but not in 7075. But, I get the feeling this version of the Supernova will be around awhile. When you get around some throwers, one of them is bound to have it. Wait until then, and try it to see if you like it. If you dig it, you can add it to the collection.

I brought mine to a gathering with some throwers yesterday. The opinions were favorable. Even when someone was not absolutely crazy about it, it was always confirmed as a good, solid fun throw. Definitely an improvement on the last version in my view.

thanks for the all the input! and i appreciate the direction this is taking i am still really wondering if i want to lay out the cash, i guess worst case scenario is i buy it and dont like it i can always put it up for sale.

i am really having a hard time saying no to the galaxy colorway on the proton though. man i wish i could have both LOL. are either the proton or the supernova made in the states or are these made off shore? that could be the real factor that keeps me from buying, id like to support local made yoyos in the states. the H3X is looking nice as well and would be the made in the usa alternative.

^ I have to say…that Galaxy Proton colorway is indeed amazing ;D You really have me thinking now… I just might take the plunge haha.

Is it just me that found the supernova a tad bit unstable? My older severes and supernova are more stable. I can’t believe how great this delrin severe is though.

I got a Galaxy Proton this week. It came yesterday and it is one of the best looking things I’ve ever seen. It’s probably the best looking yoyo in my collection, which is around 50 or so high end metals. I am also super impressed with its performance. I love it.

It’s obviously not as good of a deal because the 1 yoyo is costing you more money but it’s beautiful. I also have a 2012 Supernova and I feel that the Proton outplays it significantly. For me, the Proton is a much more fun and easy to control throw.

I vote Galaxy Proton. Make sure you have string though! I’m currently on vacation and had the Proton shipped to my parents’ house. I somehow forgot all extra strings and the Proton came with no string so my Yeti is currently stringless as I play the Proton!


^ Wow N8…you just sold a Proton lol. I was debating it already, and you know I like to take photos, so if there’s a beauty out there to behold…I’m all over that. :slight_smile:

??? dang it. so hard to choose! ???

Your best bet is buying a better yoyo on the bst you could get a summit or something better

what is wrong with these throws that makes you say i should look for something better?

Once you get past the $80 mark, most of the time no yoyo is “better” than another, it just comes down to preference.

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I completely agree. It also seems that this price mark is dropping down too. I would expect it to be in the $65 range within a year or so. However, at the $50-65 range, there’s a bit of inconsistency, mostly with certain brands.

It’s always about preferences. Yes, when you hit right at around $80 and then up, it’s pretty much all amazing stuff.

Ha! Yes, you should have this in your collection. Especially with your lightbox. It’ll photo beautifully. This is what it looked like with a shaky iPhone in a wind storm at the post office.


And in terms of get a “better” throw like a Summit from the BST. I am 100% proudly stating that I am a CLYW and One Drop fanboy. I have every throw CLYW has ever made and I have almost all of One Drop’s throws. YYF may be the “Nike” of the yoyo world. By that I mean they are big, powerful, almost threatening, but they became that company because they absolutely know what they are doing when it comes to yoyo design, marketing, and team building. The Proton is a fabulous throw. It just took second in 3A at worlds. It’s a collaboration with Turning Point for crying out loud. The Proton can comfortably do anything and everything any one of us can throw at it. There are “different” throws on the BST, but there are not “better” throws. Anything at this price point is a performer.


^ That is one awesome photo N8. Very, very pretty throw. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Update. I got my Proton N8…every bit as pretty as you said it is. Plays how it looks too :slight_smile:

Proton by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

ProtonSpin6 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

ProtonSpin4 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

ProtonSpin7 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

ProtonSpin1 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Proton8 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Proton9 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

ProtonSpin3 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

ProtonSpin2 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

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That is BEAUTIFUL. :o