I have a yyf protostar and want to upgrade. I have a $75 budget max. I can grind and do most advanced part one tricks. The hardest tricks I can do are gryoscopic flop, suicide, and revolutions. Any other sugustions would be appreciated:)

Cafe Racer from One Drop fits in your budget and I’ve heard great things about it.

I checked out the Cafe Racer. It does not look like it can thumb grind very well, which is important to me. I want something that can grind very well, and can take me up to the master tricks. No brand loyalty here. Any brand would be find as long as it has a long lasting response.

Is the G-Funk any good? I have my eye on a blue/black one. The yuukutsa looks comfortable and pretty. The phenomizm looks cool, but I don’t think it can grind very well. Nova’s look cool too. Can you remove the caps on a destiny?

This is a tough one. I would advise you not to get the yuuksta because it just dosen’t have the spin and stability that you would think that it would…I really didn’t like mine. I like the supernova lite so the nova seems like a safe choice to me, decent spin times and great stability.

The phenomizm I have never tried but I have tried the phenom…great stability but only if you are skilled enough to keep your arms nice and centered. Spin time is ok on the phenom so I’m not sure about the phenomizm.

The g-funk looks like it would be nice and stable and have great spin time, that is what I thought about the yuuksta so I don’t know what to say about this one.

I would go for the nova, I liked the supernova lite and it would be the safest bet in my opinion.

I think I have narrowed it down to the g-funk and nova. My B-Day was yesterday, so I have a much larger budget($100 or so dollars). What color is your Super Nova Lite ?

Mine was red splash, but it got messed up and I have half of it on my bst, hoping to get another half of a supernova lite or trade it for something (probably nothing). It was a good yoyo.

I like the Nova, but the colors do not look good. Does anybody have any suggustions?

You could spend $100 to re paint it. Or, get the solution to all your problems… The DIETZ (or the Code 1)! Grindable, IRG, the awesomeness of side effects, both are great for horizontal, plus they are made by One Drop. These yoyos will literally solve all your problems. My dog died. I got the yoyo. It came back to life. :wink:

OK, my budget is not that high! How about $80ish?

I got a pink pro because it’s a pro and it is my favorite. If you don’t like the colors then get it painted (like I will) but since you don’t have the budget for that, either deal with the color or don’t get it. Sorry to be so blunt but it is the truth. If it was a real cheap yoyo then yes, you can complain about the color but if it is a competition machine and an amazing yoyo, then don’t complain. Also ask around to find someone who could give you a good price for a paint job. Cap Anxiety (spelled wrong I think) offerd to do my paint job for 55, the paint job I want is kinda easy (I tink) but still alot cheaper than 100.

What are some good yoyos under $80? I’m thinking nova, g-funk, cafe racer, or yuukutsa.

I would go with the nova.

OK, nova’s colors are not that appealing to me. I love the shape though. What about a G-Funk? Now those are cool!!!

Well you seem to like it alot allready, just go for it. That would be me second choice.

Yeah, You could go for the G funk. Think about the positives: you actually like the colors, it’s a new yoyo on the market so you could easily re-sell it, plus it might be a plus to have something just to have a new yoyo in general. It looks like it will perform, but looks have been deceiving before(yuuksta, according to some). If you didn’t like it at all, then you could easily trade it!

PS: The Dietz should be here soon, so I’ll add that into the mix.

get a yuuksta it can thumb grind very well unlike the nova, and it has sb and lb and splashes and several colors i love mine no spin problem at all…

I’m just not sure about the g-funk. It is very slick looking, but I am just not sure about how well it play. Anybody have one?

a DM2 isnt an upgrade from a protostar :-\

I disagree. To me, the DM2 feels and plays a lot better than the Protostar. Granted, I’ve had the DM2 longer than the Protostar, which may play a big factor in my opinion, but I feel it would be an upgrade over the Protostar. However, if I had a Protostar first and wasn’t also into collection, I don’t think I’d have chosen a DM2 as an upgrade path. I’d probably have gone for a metal in the $60-100 range for te ugprade.

Just so people understand where I am coming from:
While new, I am building a collection that will serve multiple purposes. I want to develop a short exposure in schools programs. Lots of examples to show people is part of the motivation, but also for variety for myself. Also, I want to have in my collection stuff that many, MANY people have, so I can relate to people better who own these. Models like that include the Protostar, and why the Northstar and dv888 are on the list of items to get.

The Protostar is a good player. I can’t wait to get a Northstar. But if one has a Protostar already, the DM2 is an upgrade, but I think the next step up would be a full metal yoyo.

I also can’t deny I’m biased towards the DM2.