New Yoyo


Hello everyone.
I have a Yoyofactory WHiP and probably today I’m going to make my order from here.
I will order a pack of 100 kitty strings and a yyf performance oil lube.
just before ordering it few days ago I thought about ordering a champions collection yyf ONE to get a center trac bearing and one more nice yoyo, some people said It’s a waste because I will have to upgrade soon and some said I can buy it for the bearing but will have to upgrade soon.
So I thought about a new idea - Ordering the Black Onestar instead which from what I understood has a center trac bearing and it will also be my upgrade yoyo when my WHiP is not good enough for me(which will take a while XD) the Yoyo itself cost 15$ and I want to ask what you think about the idea?


Yes the Onestar is really good.

I liked it better than the Protostar actually.


Good idea. The OneStar is a great yoyo for the. Price. A little light IMO


The Onestar is an excellent yoyo. It does feel a bit light at first, but you quickly adjust to it.


I don’t think it will be a problem for me cause my yoyo at the moment is the WHiP which is alot lighter… its like 56 gram or somethings.
any more opinions about the yoyo (99% sure I order it! :))


You can go pretty far with a Whip. I have a few of them, and I still carry one once a week or so. By all means try something new. There are definitely nicer throws out there that will make some tricks a lot easier. For me, the most of the fun in yoyoing comes from challenging myself and improving. Whenever I learn a new trick, I go back and work on it with a Whip or a Kickside or an FHZ. When I can do it with them, I know I really know the trick. I might have one trick I’m learning on a metal, and a simpler one I’m working on with a plastic, and an even simpler one I’m working on with a wooden axle job. That way I can still enjoy them all. Everything you learn with your Whip will transfer to whatever new one you get. All that is too say; try something new! But don’t get caught up in the whole " I can’t learn anymore from this one, I need to get a better one" thing. You guys have pretty much talked me into trying a Onestar now.

Have Fun!


I’ll remeber it haha :slight_smile:
Any more opinions about the yoyo?
Btw I think i’ll order the black one with this yyf logo…what do you think?
and will there be noticeable difference between it and the whip? will it be better?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Either get a Alpha Crash or a Surge and YYJ Shims.


with the price, I can maybe get the surge…
Which one is better? onestar or surge? Thnaks


Probably the Surge.


any more opinion on which one should I get? Onestar or Surge?
Its pretty urgent since I want to make the order soon.


I thought about the Onestar for a while, but people are saying the Surge competes with some really high end yoyos, and plays like a metal, I haven’t heard that about the onestar, and honestly, the Surge would be my choice. It’s up to you, though. Pick whichever looks better to you :slight_smile:


Personally Surge, but be warned it is a bit heavy for some, and since you have been playing a Whip… there is going to be quite a difference. :wink:


a difference for good or bad? :smiley:
Any more opinions?


Depends wether you like heavy or light.


Well… I can only tell you one thing, it will play like a metal. :slight_smile:


Thats the problem. I never played a metal yoyo so idk how it feels
And only have the whip so idk if i would like to get a heavier yoyo like surge or little bit lighter like the onestar…
oh its hard decision…anyone here own the two of them and can tell me which one is better? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well there are some benefits for a heavy throw, one would be stability which would be good for you, since it will help the yo-yo to not tilt as you are learning new tricks. Heaviness also allows for more momentum on your throw so thus sleep time tend to be longer. If you are having problems with it being too heavy than I suggest you start doing push-ups, lifting, or something to help upper-body strength, that way it won’t feel as heavy. ::slight_smile:


Surge would spin longer.


I prefer the Onestar.