Which One

Yeh I already know Ihave a post for 5a but since I’m gonna use my kickside I will have $30-$50 next week and wondering if I should get something besides legacy?

Yes I know it depends on prefence but I only have 1 1a yoyo and want to try something so it doesnt matter to me what their like :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Guys :slight_smile:

Still, give us your preference. It doesnt matter that you cant give it. The problem is, that if we choose a yoyo, its a yoyo that we want. For instance, what if you made a poll for 888, Skyline, and Superstar, and didnt give you preference and asked me to choose? People take these polls literally to themselves, and that is why it doesnt help you at all. I would choose the Superstar for my fictional poll. You dont have any of them, but I already have the 888, dont want a Skyline too much because I have undersized metals, and so I would want a Superstar.

Dont be lazy :P. Answer the questions. So you do have only 1 1a yoyo. Answer the questions based on that. Do you wish it was bigger, smaller, etc. More weight, less? What? Tell us.

Okay but I’m really okay with anything I want you guys to say what you like so I can try them to see if I like, but I’ll answer…

1)Umm Diameter of 2 maybe or around there… little less than kickside, Width around 1.5
2)I dont care about shape: any
3)Really doesnt matter either though maybe double o ring or hybrid
4)No I probably wouldnt mod
5)Umm color…not really
6)i dont know really  :-\ (I’m not a big grinder, although i sometimes do thumb grinds)
8)I’m practicing some advanced part 1 tricks like boingy boing, the matrix(praticing 1.5 mount), leg wrap trap, plastic whip
9)Weight would be around 63 g(I added this question)

So after answering those questions I have concluded:
Legacy: Is about what I wanted except it is a little heavier(Thats okay)
Speeder: About hits the spot  :smiley:
Hitman: Little more weight otherwise on the spot also
X-Vict: Little heavy and a little bit more width
Velocity: I dont think I want all starburst, weight is perfect, and size is pretty close, probably not good for thumb grinding cuz of dials

Still cant decide!! :’( (Yes it took me 25 min to write this)
P.S. Questions from http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,653.0.html

I would say go with the Vict. Great yoyo :wink:

Caps are removable right?

its alittle heavy and big but I am willing to try :wink:

Yep. :slight_smile:

right now I’m standing at xvict 50% others 49.5% no yoyo .5%

I’ve narrowed it down to:

Preferences have changed a bit:
Diameter of 2.15 Width of 1.55
Shape like ><
Probably just put in silicone pads, otherwise no
Color I would probably get Orange, White, or Black(Unless they have some other cool color)
I like thumb grinding a lot, I can thumb grind for 5 seconds, um otherwise don’t know style yet
Some Advanced Part 1 and perfecting the final intermediate tricks, I do some 5a but wouldnt use my next yoyo for it
I want weight around 65g

My list is like
1)Hitman(Rim shape is pretty close to what I want, I’ve heard many good things about it)
2)Speeder(Like rim shape a lot, except people say gets a bunch of cracks)
3)X-Convict(Went down after I saw the gap veiw on yye and saw the rims looks really ugly, but still like but not the rim shape now I thought it was >-< so that wasn’t good)
4)Legacy(Have enough money for a metal rimmed yoyo making this not as interesting though I like rim shape)

Need help deciding gonna look at many reviews there are as possible and see what they say, but please put in your thoughts

Actually, the rim shape of the vict suits you more then anything.

It has a wonderful thumb grind lip as well. Caps are removable. I say, go with the vict!

Okay I was just confused cuz when yo look at it it looks like >-< when its more dont know how to describe but someone said it wasnt a good sleeper, can you sleep well on yours?

Okay now its my top again

Also what is the X-Vict like with out caps???

out of those top 4, i have the speeder and legacy. The hybrid response on the speeder is noisy…but otherwise a good yoyo. When I first got it i was mojorly impressed! Then after a couple weeks, i wanted a little more, so I went with the legacy (because of the silicon and price) and I loved it! It is my main player now, but I am also thinking about getting the Vict! If you are concerned about spin time, add some thin lube, maybe some thick shims, and you could replace the o rings with silicon. I dont know yet, because I dont have the Vict yet, but I am guessing that will help. So, I would go with the Vict, because of the rims and you can do finger and arm grinds (which the legacy does well with too) and there is a thumb grind lip to do thumb grinds! Oh, and in the legacy, behind the caps are big metal weights…so you cand do thumb grids unless you tilt it and have some longish fingernails!

Sleep times depend on the thrower. An X-Convict can easily reach 5 minutes minimum with a good bearing.

Are those whats in the dm…is the vict good for thumb grinding? im not really concerned about spin time i dont know how my throw is(52 secs with stock kickside) but I like thumb grinding, Legacy was going to be my first choice but then I just am about to get some money next week and will have enough for a metal rimmed but still not sure still same ranking as before

Ok, I just read a review that said that the Vict didnt have a good enough grind lip, but the legacy doesnt have one, the speeders is small (from my experience) and i dont know about the hitman. so, Is the thumb grinding ability what you are stuck on?

thumb grinding is like 1% of what i want i just goof off and show off wit thumb grinding so the xvict with out the caps looks like a kickside ???
would it take the yyj silicone pads?

Kind of.
And yes :wink:

the speeders thumb grind lip is HUGE, its the easiest yoyo for thumb grinding, yes, even easier than the dark magic

I find the M1 to be even easier.
Sorry for getting off topic

okay thumb grinding isnt biggest want but i’ll keep that in mind, i dont want a dm my friend has one, i think m1 is outa my range im not sure my max either 50 or 60 im think 50 though