Thiking of buying a new yoyo

Thiking of buying a new yoyo, and could do with some advice.

I’ve been playing with a Lyn Fury on and off for about a year( but a lot less consecutively). The poor thing now has a bent axle, chipped plastic and an oxidized bearing. Still does the job, but maybe just maybe it needs a vacation. I’m very happy with the yoyo in general, but it now wobbles like mad and vibrates all over the place. Something as solid as a rock would make me really happy.

I’ve been digging around for what yoyo to get for a while. I initially considered the X-convict, though the gap seems a wee bit small. Now when I actually have the money to get a new one, the New Breed comes along, and people seem quite taken with it. It’s a bit larger, a bit lighter and that seems to be about it.

I’ve also read someplace that plastic+metal yoyos tend to break rather easily, while the celcon+metal combo would be more sturdy. I could get an all metal one and solve breaking issues, but the ones within my price range(about 40$) I just don’t really like, tried a maverick and a metal zero, and while I like the maverick a lot more the gap was too puny. I know that ideally I should find someone with a new breed and a convict, play around with them a bit and decide, but that really isn’t an option due to a very small yoyoing community where I live.

I’ll make a long story short. What would you go for and most importantly why? I’m also open to any other suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

I would recommend the YYJ Legacy.  They are very underrated by new players, but seasoned vets swear by them.

It is well within your price range, which would allow you to get some extra string and a few other essentials.

New Breed has a monster gap and silicone response. You’ll probably end up liking it. You could try a Legacy as well.

Thank you for the replies.

I might indeed like the gap, since I’ve shaved off my o-rings and keep the Lyn Fury unscrewed by about half a rotation.

There’s another thing I’ve forgot to mention though. I’m not sure on either the legacy or the new breed if the caps can be removed, or how much room there is on the other side. There’s this thing I like doing which I can’t imagine how to begin to describe so I’ll just take a picture of how it looks like.
And the yoyo would be spinning while balanced on the thumb and middle finger as in the image.

the picture thhe trick youre doing is called thumb grind and yes you can take the caps off the legacyh and the neew breed but the legacy has metal rings so you cant thmb grind maybe a little bit but its not good

If this is something that you would enjoy, look into the YYF PGM v2.  It has what are called hub-stacks that are very very fun to play with.  You’re little trick that you do will be even more fun by grabbing the 'stacks because it wont slow the yo-yo down nearly as much.  It’s great for intermediate to advanced play and beyond.

The New Breed, X-ConVict, Legacy, and PGM are all excellent choices. Just think about what you would want most in a yo-yo.

If you want to try something new, go with the New Breed.

If you want to go with what you know, get an X-ConVict with some shims (To make the gap wider).

If you’re looking for a durable player with a different feel, then get a Legacy.

If you’re looking for a durable player that has hubstacks, go with the PGM

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

The Duncan throw monkey is a great for 1a & 5a. The rubber over molding makes it almost impossilbe for you to drop it & the yoyo to explode. In my opinion it is pretty solid.

The Duncan vendetta is an all metal yoyo if i believe.
Duncan mayhem too.

I have 2 suggestins first i would DV888,or if you r looking for a metal rimmed deffinetly get the new breed cause you r right the gap on the x convict is a little small

I’ve had a chance to play around with a grind machinev2 with hubstacks a little while ago. It’s a great yoyo, very smooth. I felt it was very light though for some reason.

Unfortunately duncans are out of the question, mostly due to supply reasons. I’d have to pay a huge international sipping price every time I’d want new friction stickers(no local store, or none with decent prices anyway). An interesting thing I’ve noticed about the metal zero for example is that it doesn’t actually need the friction stickers.

The metals you guy mentioned look great, I’m sure they play great too, but they’re about 20$ over my budget.

I’m leaning to the convict for now, with some huge spacers. Can anybody provide some information on how it can handle a direct fullspeed imact to the ground? ;D It’s unlikely to happen, but over its life my current yoyo went trough a couple of those and came out perfectly fine, and I’m worried about the metal flying off the sides and impaling bystanders.

I realize I sound very picky, and have a lot of questions, so I tank you all for your patience.

The X-ConVict might crack if you bang it into things several times. The New Breed should be more durable because of the celcon, but then again, the New Breed has pads that wear out. So if you order a New Breed, order a bunch of pads at the same time, then you won’t have to get supplies for a while. You should get some red shims if you’re looking at the X-ConVict, it has a tiny gap. You’ll probably end up liking both yoyos though.

Fell free to ask as many questions as you want. were always here to help. :slight_smile:

The X-ConVict can take hits, and the rims are very unlikely to fly off. If it hits the ground very hard, it may cause a vibe, which you never want.

I reccomend the Legacy over any YYJ Metal Rimmed yoyo (Perhaps maybe excluding the New Breed).
Its gap is bigger than any of those, other than the New Breed.

So, I actually don’t highly reccomend the X-ConVict.

Yourr list:
New Breed

Both are amzing yoyos, but the choice is up to you. Both though, have a silicone sticker responce system. And they will wear out over time, I reccomend flowable siliconing the yoyos once it wears, or buying YoYoJam silicone here.

But all of them will still wear out eventually. I just reccomend going to a hardware store or something similar to get some slicone.

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Aww man, I “Thanked” by accident when I meant to quote! Ah well, you can keep the “Thank you”.

Anyway, what’s wrong with vibe? A little vibe is actually pretty cool, if it doesn’t affect play.

To the OP, I still think you should get an X-ConVict. It has a pretty strong hub area, so it won’t get cracked as easily. Plus, o-rings will last forever, so you never will have to buy new ones. The New Breed and Legacy are also great yo-yo’s so you can’t really make a “Wrong” choice.

No its not. A thumb grind is when only your thumb is touching the irg. He’s using two fingers.

Now for my two cents.
I have a lot of respect for YYJ yoyo’s. They have done a lot for yoyoing in general.

I would either say get a New Breed (removable caps) or a Legacy (removable caps).

If you really want to do tricks that have matador type tricks then get a stacked PGM.

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Don’t worry, It comes with weight rings.

It did have the weight rings on :slight_smile:

If i would get the new breed(still thinking about it) I’ll prolly replace the silicon after it wears out with some of my old orings or something, so that’s not a big issue.

I’m not entirely sure what matador tricks are, but hubstacks aren’t really my thing. I’d much rather do stuff like thumb grinds, which I can’t seem to manage on my own yoyo, and whatever the thing in the picture is.

hey go with the dark magic yoyo it cost 40 dollars but is worth it ther gap is a great size can spin up to 2 min9my personal best) an is great with lots of tricks i am currently working on tricks from advanced part one if u r online plz reply an tell me what u think an r specifically looking for

I’ve had a chance to play with a dark magic for a while actually. The only thing I dislike about it is the hybrid response. More specifically the way it makes that noise and eats away at the rope.

I’m not really interested in spin times, as it depends on so many things. I can spin my wobbly vibraty bent axle lyn fury with an oxidised bearing for about a minute, it would prolly also go round 2 minute if it would be in better shape.

The metal weights do make a lot of difference in spin time and stability of what I’ve noticed, and it is well worth its price, if only it wouldn’t have hybrid response.

On a side note, could anybody please tell me an estimate on how thick the red and gray yoyojam shims are? And if two sets of shims be fitted without much problem on the same yoyo?

Didn’t look up the size of the shim but I know for a fact you don’t want to put more that ons shim on each side. If you put more the string will slip beside the bearing.

I would have to say the New Breed is a great buy. I just bought one and absolutely love it. The wide gap is really great. The celcon (i think thats what its made of) is a bit slippery tho. But its no biggy.