help me choose a yoyo, been outta the game for 10 years!!!

okay so i’ve been out of the yoyo game for about 10 years now ever since i lost my collection. i have a small collection of yomega and various other yoyos i’ve had for years and pretty much kept my playing to myself (standard tricks i guess) and never really shopped or researched anything new. yesterday i got online to look at some yoyos to see whats out there and all i have to say is…holy sh–! the kinds of yoyos and accessories now like offstring (wtf?) and freehand w/ counterweights just blew my mind! so the point is im trying to catch up and have researched some yoyo’s and im trying to decide between two yoyos to purchase. the yyj new breed or the yyf genesis. is it worth the extra $40 for the genesis and to get an all metal yoyo? or is the new breed an equal rival and i should just save the $40? and info would be a big help! thanx!

get the protostar. its as good as metal and cheaper than the new breed.(by 5 bucks) but if you don’t have a yoyo thats reasponsive than get something like the yomega maverick with your extra 45 bucks and you’ll be ok.

If you are used to responsive yoyo, then mabye you should start off with something responsive. Perhaps, a Speed Maker with some YYJ Thick lube? Or a Kickside? (with thick lube.
Speed Maker-
YYJ Thick Lube-

If havn’t yoyo’ed in ten years, I’d suggest getting the New Breed first, and see if you still really love yoyoing or not.
If you relize it’s just not for you, you just saved yourself $40 by buying a cheeper yoyo.

But if you want to continue, the New Breed will do ANYTHING you can throw at it.

so i think im gonna go with the new breed cause though im used to responsive yoyos i want to evolve my playing. so unless anyone else has any suggestions i think thats the way ill go.

the new breed is not responsive unless you put that THICK lube on it. I would wait a second if i were you in purchasing a yoyo because as i heard yoyoing as changed drastically in the last few years. If you definitely think you are going to stick with yoyoing and you dont have a metal then a metal would be good to get. but you are going to need to learn how to “bind” (a special way to return a unresponsive yoyo to your hand) if you can already bind then yes the genesis may be good to get but i would at least consider the dv888. (its on sale!)

i would definetly buy thick lube with any yoyo you buy
so you can play respinsive and smoothen out your play and just make you a better player
like lazythrower said buy thick lube here

if i where you i would get a reveloution
it comes with 2 bearings, 1 for responsive and one for unresponsive play buy that here

YoYoExpert has the Speed Dial, the 401 s.d., the Adjust-O-Matic, and the Velocity (all by YoYoFactory) that all boast the same dial technology.

This is cool, because they use dependable starbursts (like what Raiders have) and they also allow you to customize the gap width. By adjusting the gap width, you can get a perfectly responsive yo-yo, and try newer unresponsive play on a whim. And then switch back. No thick lube required.

Grab some 50/50 cotton/polyester (my personal favorite) or 100% polyester string while you are at it. It makes a bigger difference than you may think.

I also don’t think the extra $40 will be “worth it” for an all-metal yo-yo. Not to somebody that is just starting after 10 years could appreciate, at least.

Hope this helps, have a fun time.


so now that sa11297 brought the dv888 to my attention (which i already checked out but for some reason at the time wrote off) im wondering if i should go that route instead of the new breed…and yes i totally plan on picking up some extra strings, lube, koncave bearing, and counterweights.

Dv888 is a great choice, but there’s also the other Fundametals, like the Protege, Hectic, '10 California, Lunatic, and the Chaotic.

Not trying to confuse you, just letting you know all your options. :slight_smile:

i actually just got done looking at the protege, i didnt mention this before but im trying to keep the price reasonable

If i were you i would get a yyj(which are relatively cheap and reliable) they are great for people learning to bind and once youve learned the basics ask yourself if you really want to continue and then maybe get a metal. hope i helped

Those are all good choces…since youve been out of the yoyoin system for so long i suggest taking alook at yoyo wiki (just google it) it has almost everything about yoyoing :wink:
and welcome back into the yoyoing society

I would recommend the Revolution b’cos they come with a bearing for responsive and unresponsive play.But I would prefer a Terrapin X Wing over a Konkave If you were to get one.Besides,you just started yoyoing again for the first time since 10 years,I wouldn’t recommend a DV888,but you might want to have 1 after you learn how to bind.You should also buy some Thick Lube if you were not to buy the Revolution.Oh,and just to sum it up,why I prefer a Terrapin X Wing over the CenterTrac Bearing an the Konkave bearing is because:

Opinion is based on a Size C Bearing

KonKave Shape = U
Center Trac Shape = _/
Terrapin X =-_-

Center Trac > KonKave > Terrapin X

Center Trac-Steel=11.00 USD
KonKave-Steel=14.50 USD
-Ceramic=30.00 USD
Terrapin X-Steel=12.50 USD
-Ceramic=25.00 USD

Terrapin X wins.And you can turn a OneDrop 10-ball into a Terrapin X OneDrop 10-ball bearing.Or even a General-Yo AIGR Bearing into a Terrapin X General-Yo AIGR Bearing.Through customization.

A KonKave will have string snagging problems while the Terrapin X will play like a flat bearing and still center the string.

I had also tried all of them,and was taken aback at the very first throw after switching the standard Bearing with the Terrapin X’s and the only flaw is that they are dry and are VERY noisy.A tiny drop of Thin Lube would be enough to shut it up though.

These Bearings can be requested/bought from fjh123 at YYN , YYE any other forums or eBay