I need a new yo-yo! Help Me out please!

Alright. Since my Metal Zero (which I kind of regret buying btw) is basically completely running on loctite right now and it will never throw as dependably as it used to, I want a new yo-yo.

 I want a yo-yo from the intermediate to a little above intermediate class that is not very responsive. I want to be able to do plastic whip without it coming up unexpectedly. I DO know how to bind. I would like good sleeping times as well, at least per say, a minute? I would like it to not be completely Metal, as I don't want to have to repair threads and all that good stuff. I would prefer YYJ, because I'm pretty sure Duncan and Yomega is crud, haven't really looked at yoyofactory or other brands. Something RELIABLE. 

I have been considering the Dark Magic, X-convict and the Hitman a lot. How are people Hitman vs. Hitman Hybrid?

All this in mind, I would like it under fifty bucks. Thank You! ;D

All these in consideration, I want to

I have a Dual o-ring Hitman and it is my Back up for when my skyline gets a knot at a contest and it is a really good player so i would say the Hitman

Noted. I keep on hearing people dissing the Dark Magic. Why?

Because opinions vary and are often expressed by people “going with the crowd?” Also, I understand that it’s “cool” now to hate what everyone else likes. That’s not to say someone might not genuinely dislike the DM, as they just might, but a lot of it is baseless.

The guy who created and runs this site is Andre Boulay, inventor of the Dark Magic. It’s the one he uses in his learning videos here at the eXpert, the one he recommends, and the one he carries.

This recommendation isn’t without merit. The Dark Magic is an unbelievable throw. You know how sometimes someone just gets a yo-yo design perfect? Yeah, that happened.

Not too big, not too small, adjustable gap, hybrid reponse, YYJ metal rims, a good weight, and it looks awesome in just about any color you’ll buy it in. What more do you want?

Yeah… I thought my dark magic was perfect. It was a great yoyo, got me from intermediate all the way to master, except I couldn’t do ladder escape with it. :’( Just too big. So I got an M1… anyways, they should make a small bi-metal. Like undersized DM or something. I would love that. But I still recommend the DM to everyone at school.


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Double silicon.

Try a New Breed or an Atmosphere, They both are very nice throw’s for under $50.

My Dark Magic got me pretty far. (Up to master). But once I got to master, it started coming up at random times and hurting me. I got mad at it and completely pulled out the ring inside. Now it’s unresponsive and doesn’t hurt me, plus it sleeps longer. If you get a Dark Magic, work on it a little bit.

I’ve heard a few great things about the X-convict. It gets really good sleep time (I don’t own one though nor have I used one).

well I have a DM and love it but my friend has a dual o-ring hit man but wishes he got the x-convict for more rim weight well I’m rambling but I would recommend the DM 8)

Dark Magic 8) a little time and effort and you can fix it up when you get better… great for a couple different styles awsome shape…even if you dont absolutely adore the shape it will help you pick more advanced yoyos later on

Well, DocRobot’s post is as usual, very high quality. Base it on what you want more. Like you noted that people “dis” the Dark Magic. Well, obviously they don’t like it. That said, it’s only their opinion, I love the DM (Fillen3’s DM in fact). The shape is just below perfect, but in my opinion I dislike the hybrid. Feels unstable to me. Andre is one of the very best throwers out there, and he loves it. To him, it’s perfect. It’s all on what you like. But if you want my opinion, I recommend the X-Convict

There isn’t a reason to not go with YoYoFactory! They are awesome and I am currently throw ing a Grind Machine!

They have 3 good options for you in the plastic category. All of them are awesome and play better than all of the YoYoJams in my opinion…

Do you want hubstacks? Thry the PGM…

Do you want heavy? Try the Counter Attack…


Do you want the basic, awesome player? Try the DieNasty…

Ok, I narrowed it down. The main candidates are the Dark Magic and the X-convict. I have some questions about each.

The paragraph about the xcon says it is a new style of grip, is this a good new or a bad new, based on experience? It is also meant to do stalls. What makes this yoyo be better at them than others? Do you need a bind to make it return (stock)?

Dark Magic. Ok. Is the lot of weight a good or bad thing for the tricks I like to do such as string and more technical tricks, or worse? Does it break strings like nothing? It obviously can do great things, but would the Xcon be better for those types of tricks, considering how large it is? I know Andre always binds his, but is a bind needed to return? Do the starbursts wear out, and are you screwed if they do?

Thanks, everybody! ;D

oh, yeah, if i buy one, what accessories should I get with either?

The heavier weight of the Dark Magic has never been a big issue for me. On paper, it looks like a lot, but on the string, it feels lighter than it actually is.

I think that the biggest thing you have to worry about when deciding between those two is the shape. The X-ConVict is more angular, and has enormous weight rings. The Dark Magic, on the other hand, has a more curved shape.

Both yo-yos can either come responsive or unresponsive stock. It depends on how much lube was put in the bearing before it was shipped from the factory. Just play with it for a while if it comes responsive. Soon enough it’ll be sleeping the day away.

As far as I know, starbursts never wear out. Unless of course you decide to sand them down a bit to reduce responsiveness(which I highly don’t recommend for these two).

The Dark Magic has a lot of weight but it doesn’t feel very heavy.

My decision is the DM. Sooooooo… what accessories like lube and stuff should I get with it. I’m not a beginner so I don’t need lube that really increases response… and what does thin lube accomplish? can you use synnergy caps with it, and what are synnergy caps even supposed to accomplish? ???

hub stacks and synergy caps are almost the same thing, exept that they fit yoyojam

thin lube makes bearings less responsive, and also it is always good to have some just incase of certain problems

all these are past experiences i have had.  i got good answers and if you have some bearing problems, now one of the first things i try is to lube it.

Small warning: Synergy caps are known to cause vibe on many yo-yo’s. I personally never had any vibe with mine on my DM, but the spin time is drastically reduced, and the yo-yo feels like a brick on a string.

Lube keeps the balls in the bearings from grinding themselves down; lowers friction and whatnot.

Thin lube is extremely important for bearing maintenance. It can extend the life of your bearings if used properly. Thin lube slows down the bearings just like thick lube. But thin lube is, well, thin, so it doesn’t slow down the bearings as much. Just remember that you shouldn’t put too much of it in your bearing, unless you want it responsive.