dark magic review

8 weeks ago, my yoyojam dark magic came out of the yoyogalaxy warehouse and went for the plane. 4 weeks ago, my dark magic was delivered to my house. I opened the box and there lay the yoyojam dark magic. The first thing that ran through my mind when I saw it was “oh DANG that looks good!”

First throws:
So I opened the little box and put my finger into the yellow string that came on it. I snapped my wrist as hard as I can and down it went. 1 minute mark, 2 minute mark, 2:34 on my first throw! I said to myself " WOW, this yoyo is amazing, probably the best for its price!" I played with it, did a couple of grinds, slacks, suicides and whips and in my opinion I had to give it ( out of all the yoyos out there) at least a 7 out of 10 for nearly every aspect of yoyoing today. I had say it would be one of the few good yoyos to ever suite my style.

The dark magic yoyo is the US finallist and now judge , Andre Boulay’s signature series yoyo. He
used it to do his unique thumb grinds in the northeast regionals and won the title. The dark magic has also been used to place as high as 2nd in the world yoyo contest and 1st in the national yoyo contest.

Whats good about it:
It is a pretty wide yoyo at 41mm and easier to nail those difficult string tricks. It has an adjustable gap which means you can make it more responsive if the gap is smaller and it will be less responsive if the gap is bigger. It has plastic inside and metal rims which makes it more stable makes it spin for a long amount of time. The cap pattern fits perfectly into the yoyo itself. It has an inner ridge and an outer ridge to be able to do the best thumb grinds you could ever imagine. The caps and the rims also shines in the light which makes it look so stunning. It’s response is also a great player because on one side it has o-ring and on the other it has starburst. The o-ring helps you grab the string when you want to and the starburst, however is less responsive so it is just kind of a blend of responsive and non-responsive. But the one thing is that I just cannot get over the sleep time of this yoyo( 4 mins 52 sec with KK bearing) its just absolutely amazing.

Whats bad about it:
Sometimes the bearing makes loud noises so you can either put lube on it or just get over it because somehow the noise of the bearing just stops.

Weight: 71g
Width: 1.63 inches
Response: hybrid
Material: metal rims and plastic.
Diameter 2.22 inches
Bearing type:size C
Shape: butterfly
Gap type: adjustable

Closing statements:
This yoyo is the modern age of yoyoing by Andre Boulay. I really recommend it because the dark magic can make the impossible possible!


That was a REALLY GOOD review! I loved it! Maybe just add some pictures next time… :wink:

Keep up the great work!

how do I add pictures?

you can either use Photobucket and link it here or when you are posting somthing, under “additional options” you can upload pictures (located under the text box)

BTW good review


untill now i havent had any intrest in the DM

but that may have changed…

Awesome review. Of all the yoyojam hybrids this will probably be my next.

additional options

I didn’t know the Dark Magic wasn’t going to be this good for buffalo. Does the Dark Magic become responsive if you tighten the gap?

most of the time it’s not but thick lube would be good! :slight_smile:

Can anyone comment after I put my pic on?

Now that’s a more good review. Everything is good with pictures. :smiley:

Do you think that I should add more pics??? ???

I already have a speeder and a dv888. Do you think the DM is worth getting? By the way this is one of the best reviews I’ve ever read.

Well it’s up to you. If I were you, I would not get it because I think the DV888 is better than the DM. (THIS IS MY OPINION GUYS SO DONT ARGUE ABOUT IT.)

It depends wether you like big or small yoyos but I think that the DM is one of the best half metal half plastic yoyos that you can ever get! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

the dv888 is better but the dm isa really fun yoyo to play with. sometimes mine can be really responsive but most of the time it isnt. its totaly a fun player so if u need somthing cheap go for it.

great yoyo review i love this yoyo
it was my first one
such a good beginner yoyo
love the pics

I hope you guys find this helpful or entertainig…

After watching Andre’s tuts, I was going to get a DM, But they were out of stock after christmas. So instead, I opted for the New Breed because the description said,“if you like the Dark Magic, You’ll LOVE the New Breed.” They look similar enough…the main differences I noticed was the gap and the response systems. DM has an o-ring/starburst w/ an adjustable gap. New Breed is silicone w/ a fixed gap. SOO…I also got the Hitman Hybrid SE because the response and gap is set up like the DM. I didn’t however, take into account that the The Hitman is considerably smaller. Though it’s more similar in shape to the DM than the NB. Okay… I hope you followed my logic on my purchase decision. yeah?

They arrived together and the first decision I had to make was which one to throw first. Since the Hitman was smaller than I expected, I raised a curious eyebrow and saved it for 2nd. My first few throws with the New Breed were actually a bit discouraging. Out of the box, it was so unresponsive that I realized I needed to get a little more Jedi training before I came back to it. Now, however, I really dig it. It’s got a nice weight…It’s easy on your throwhand, but not too too floaty. I’ve had it a little over a month and I’m still working on my first set of silicone pads. It might be becoming a little more responsive as they break in. I took one pad off to see if I could deaden it a little more, lets just say it worked. I put it back in. I can sleep it for about 1 min, which is fine for me. I like this yo-yo. It Does what I expected the the DM would do.

As for the Hitman Hybrid. It ate pavement on an early throw. let me explain. It has an adjustable gap like the DM. First throw, very responsive, UFO… no problem. So the first thing I did was widen the gap to see how UNresponsive it could be. I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t sleep… Thought I had a tangle, so I threw a little harder. It made a weird noise. Threw again, same noise. hmm. On the next throw I figured out that what I was hearing was the bare axle cutting through my string. I know that’s what it was because my new Yo-Yo was then bouncing PING PING PING!! across the warehouse floor on my smoke break. Oh dear, I guess I adjusted the gap a wee bit too wide. Well, they don’t call it the hitman for nothin. It’s a tough little guy…barely a scratch. So, lesson learned. I threw this a bit more and found it to be…Nimble, that’s the word. It’s size makes it really cool for tight squeezes in some tougher string tricks and it’s more or less stable. You gotta be careful though, it’ll bite you if the gap is too narrow and the adjustment makes me nervous. The rim weight distribution would lead me to believe it would have longer spin times than I’m getting. After a few weeks, I pulled out the O-ring and replaced it with Flowable Silicone, Then I sanded down the starburst. It’s still a work in progress, I need some automotive sandpaper to get it smoother. Although, it still has less drag than it did with the burst. That being said, I don’t think I’ve had as much fun with it as I’m going to, once I tidy up the modification.

So, What did I learn? The New Breed meets the expectations that I had for the Dark Magic. It’s a fun yo-yo and I’m not gonna jack with it too much. It’s nice the way it is. The Hitman Hybrid taught me lots. Don’t over-widen your gap, your string will be eaten and you could have a dangerous fly-away on your hands. I don’t like the O-ring/ Starburst situation but I think other yoers will appreciate it’s versatility. I Do like the smaller size and it led me to my next purchase which will be arriving tomorrow… the DV888. booyah!

I don’t know how you guys are getting 2-5 minutes out of anything. But, I’ve got some KonKave Ceramic bearings and some different string types coming tomorrow too. I’m thinking, New Yo-Yo day is going to be dandy!!!

Nice Talkin’ to Y’all

lol nice story :slight_smile:

hey, anyone who has the Hitman dual o-ring version, how unresponsive is it???