yoyojam DARK MAGIC 2 review

FYI: I heard from a yoyoexpert person that andre boulay uses this yoyo over his trinity!!!

out of the box this yoyo is one of the most responsive yoyos ever, but that’s okay because like the revolution, it comes with TWO bearings, one thin and heavily lube for begginers, and one thicker and clean for pros, like me :D.

it comes it two colors but both are see through, red and blue which is kind of disapointing a little more varitety would be nice, but it still plays great,

it requires a little set- up for unresponsive play, but not much. First take out the thinner bearing then put some thin lube in the seat of the yoyo to break down the left over lubricant, then put in the clean bearing and then do some bearing tests with the string it will not be absoluty unresposive, but enough where you can do all the whip and slack tricks you want grinding is a problem though, if given some slack, it will bind up on you, but I bet that is lack of breaking in I had this yoyo less than 24 hours so it will take some time to get good

when play unresposive with the caps in it gave is a cheap feeling because every time i bind, it would make a hollow “bop” noise so i took thos out (PM me if you want to know how) and that noise is gone and now i feel better.

even with the weight rings the yoyo is light it feels the same as a fiesta or a FHZ but the rings aren’t suppose to make it heavy, it’s suppose to concetrate most of the weight at the edge of the yoyo some people get that mistaken. they do exaclty that and the yoyo spins long and smooth
I find it har to belive that this yoyo is good for I do some IRG’s with this yoyo, but not a lot of finger grinds. it definitly floaty, and it uses silicone responce instead of the old hybrid.
But what I cant imagine is that it is still just $40!! i mean, they give you cooler design, better response system and an extra bearing!! for the exact same price? with the mighty flea they charged you an extra $20 just for a new shap and the took away that belt loop thingy I was mad about that, but they did throw in an extra axle which i GUESS is okay (not), and ONE extra string whoop-de-doo
:(. the dark magic is THE yoyo to have it is good for begginers now, and easily changable for experts.one thing is that if you want to play resonsive, but you are an experts you are out of luck. because it was made for BEGGINER RESPOSIVE so that means come back right away not giving you enough gap room to let in more than one string layer but other than that, with the caps off, it is starting to become the yoyo I carry out of the house worth every cent and out of the four yoyos I ordered with it, I was glad to see this one the most. feel fre PM me for any questions, and if you ever see yoyolegacy, tell that back stabing scammer that our deal is off and make sure you ban him for me!! seriously though, yoyolegacy is a scammer and don’t try to trade with him at all. he scamed FOUR people!!


Notice the 2.

i have the origional dm

nice rewiew

1.The bolded does not belong in the review.
2.It would be much easier to read if you used proper grammar and spelling.

That is false, you have it mistaken. Look at the middle-right part… “Metal Distibution.” It does make it heavier lol

Just some advice for your next review. :wink:

andre would be proud.

I have the original DM. I was wondering if there is any point in upgrading to the DM2 or should I just stick with the original Dark Magic for now?

you problaybly don’t need the extra bearing, but the dark magic 2 comes with a better axle system and the double silicon response!

i got the dm2 a few weeks ago and i love it though it is hard to get the caps out :stuck_out_tongue:

I upgraded from DM1 to DM II and in my experience, the DM2 is superior enough to make the DM1 seem inferior. The DM II feels more refined…it doesn’t knot the way DM1 does, nor does is rub the hybrid response until it goes crooked. The silicone doesnt rub the string with as much stick, so when your string is doubling up over and over, DM II retains spin much better. The DM II is a fixed gap too, but its set to the perfect gap. The DM1 is put away now, I have no reason to go back. Buy DM II.

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I have a YYJ Revolution and i was wondering…which is better-DM or Revolution?

nobody should get the first dm because theres a second! it is heaven! i had the pleasure of trying it today and it’s smoother than my skyline! The grinds are really good and there is no bump between the plastic and metal. Everybody must get this yoyo! It is extremely unresponsive and it has great binds. the only downside for the binds is their a bit snappy but when the yoyo has a low rpm it still binds great. Get it mf!

I LOVE my DM2. It is pretty much a well tweaked DM with a lighter weight and a better response. also, no adjustable gap, just two bearings. this can be good or bad. if you like that midway between unresponsive and responsive (like the way that many hybrids play) than it is bad, but otherwise, the DM2 is more reliable to be responsive or unresponsive when you want it. the Solid spin axle is a bit of beastage. it is just perfect. honestly, it is so smooth for a plastic. smoother than most yyf plastics, psgs, and older yyjs, while still retaining a neat feel. ::slight_smile:

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So question if the dm 2 is supposed to be red or blue why is mine white?

They come in a bunch of different colors.

I have a blue and a clear. I want to also get a white, red and black, and another blue.

There are also some special editions, such as last year there was a red with black rims and more magic-oriented caps.

Check it out!

YoYoJam Dark Magic II

Folks: contact me after April 15th for selling me used DM2’s in the above mentioned colors!

not a shower or anything but i have a review on it and it says a lot about it lok for yyj dark magic 2 black spade edition review ( by wisswiss)

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