Dark Magic 2 a review for a beginner/intermediate player


First off, I am just a beginner barely moving to intermediate string tricks. I was looking for a hybrid that pushed the weight to the rims. I was told to look at others beside the DM 2. They said it was an older yoyo with much better ones out. I ended up with 25% off for a DM 2. I bought it and I was very impressed right away. It comes with the responsive bearing installed and an unresponsive bearing in the box. Basically 2 yoyo’s in one. I got a nice looking white one.


As soon as I threw it down I was impressed. I thought it might feel heavy but, not at all. It was very stable. It actually was more stable than I figured it would be. My throw downs were smoother. It landed tricks as well as any other yoyo I have played with. Once I changed to the unresponsive bearing, I was able to put multiple strings in to the gap for some string tricks without a problem. I still work on the Mach 5 trick and this has been the only yoyo I have come close to accomplishing it. Yes, I do know it is my lack of talent but still it was easier. This is now something I will use as my primary throw.


Fun to play with
Unresponsive bearing included
String gap
Easy to change bearing


None I can think of

There are other reviews from better players but, a player with my skill level this is great choice. It may not grind or spin for 7 days but it is well worth the money.

Thanks for reading!


Nice review! One thing though. The Dark magic 2 isn’t a bimetal, but a metal plastic hybrid. Other than that, good job!


Oooppss. Sorry will fix right now. Thanks for the compliment. Goes to show a 50 yr old can write a decent review. :smiley: Getting back in to yoyo’s is a lot of fun. Then the wife finds out how expensive they are. Haha


Sometimes those “older yoyos” just hit the sweet spot. The DM 2 fits the bill in many ways.


Great review! The DM2 was my gateway to learning much of what I know about yo-yoing.


The “older” yo yo’s are great. I wish they old made the “older” players throw better. Hahaha I have been enjoying this ever since I got it yesterday. It makes you want to play with my it.


Hey, we’re in the same age range so yeah, I understand how much fun getting back into yoyos can be.

I’ve been wondering about the Dark Magic. Good Review. Thank You.


You certainly couldn’t tell that from André’s “Operation Dark Magic” video!


In my opinion the Dark Magic II is garbage for the money. After shipping and acquiring a good bearing your $60+ in the hole. So many better throws for the money! Just saying… :o


and yet people pay $100’s of dollars for a peak when there are “better throws” for the money.
And what is the single definition of a better yoyo?


I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


Several years ago I was struggling to learn and I chose the Dark Magic II to learn with. There were many other throws I could have chosen but the DM II worked for me and was in my price range. Today there are many more yoyo’s to choose from and some, like the Classic and the Speedaholic, might be great learning tools but the DM II is so forgiving and so durable that it has to be considered and one of the all time great teaching throws.

(major_seventh) #13

It isn’t exactly durable: that Solid Spin Axle system is easily prone to cracking.

It’s a fun yoyo; gives me nice memories. :slight_smile:


Several years ago I was learning to bind on a DMII. Ghost edition. I still have it and still throw it sometimes. The fact that it comes with a responsive AND unresponsive bearing is appealing to beginners. That’s part of why I bought it and it’s still a pretty great throw.


Respectfully I have to both agree and disagree with this review.

DM2 was my first Yoyo (I own 2 now) and when I’m feeling nostalgic I still play with it occasionally. I’m eternally grateful to Andre Boulay for his Expert Village Videos that introduced me to this hobby (where he’s wielding a DM2 and blowing our minds).

On one hand DM2 plays stunningly well for a plastic throw (a plastic hybrid…whatever). You can perform expert-level tricks with this. And in the hands of a pro, this yoyo can definitely sing.
Also, I think this throw comes with some great color schemes. (I’m somewhat tired of the bright color splash look), so I think DM2 owns several distinct-great looks.

But here’s the thing… tons of throws can perform expert-level tricks (for instance the $16 Replay-Pro). Also, in the hands of a pro practically ever throw can do crazy awesome tricks.

My issue is with the DM2’s price point. For $44 it is competing directly with numerous other high-quality metal throws that I feel can out perform the DM2. For example the Shutter @ $45. (only one example of many)
I’m a fan of the DM2, and in the plastic category it is amazing, but IMO it just cannot compete performance wise with the other $40-$50 throws.
If they’d just lower the price to $25-$30 I’d buy a Black Spade Edition Today.

In short the DM2 is a great throw. But if you have $40-$50 to spend, there are (many) better options available.


great all round throw
very sharp-distinct look
both responsive and unresponsive configurations available


for the price, there are better Yoyos available that out-perform this model

anyway this is only one mans opinion, thank you for reading
Thank you Rcdrivertim for the review!!!


The DM2 is the throw I eternally want but not yet get because the exact reason people throwing here.

I still really want it, I still think it will be a unique feel among all other throw (I own the original X-Convict, and I love the feel it has), but there are so many other things that I think can outperform the DM2 for almost the same cost, even more here in SE Asia.


Hey i learnt on a DM2 as well feels great when youre a begginer but when you get good enough you start to realise its really not that good, i have a shutter and what a difference it made. Sorry to bring you down, great review by the way.


We are in agreement.


I guess you’re entitled to your opinion.


sorry to thread hijack but ive had my dm2 for about 2 weeks and it seems like its falling apart. the side caps are loose or popping off and the axle keeps moving. did i do something wrong or is it a dud