Dark Magic II!!!


Here’s my Dark Magic II yoyo review, hope you guys like it!

YoYo: Dark Magic II
String: JAMS YoYo String


When this yoyo came out nearly a decade ago it was legendary! One of the best yoyos out there back then. Yuuki Spencer even used it to win Nationals and runner-up at Worlds. Now, in 2013, it’s still a great yoyo. It has a great reputation for itself as one of the best yoyos to begin yoyoing with because it can do stuff as simple as gravity pull but can handle the toughest combos just with a simple switch of bearings. Ever since I started yoyoing, this was the yoyo I wanted. Sadly, when I started out I didn’t have the money and stuck with a YoYofactory ONE. However, 5 months later, I found a great deal for this thing on BST and I just had to snatch it up. I just received it yesterday and I’m pretty sure I’ve played with it over 10 hours since then. So, let’s continue with my experience shall we?

First Impressions

When I received it, it was in its original box and I could tell the DM2(Dark Magic 2) is easily larger than my other yoyos. I took it out and held it in my hand, and it was definitely larger than my MarkMont Next, and my other throws. The DM2 is my first full sized throw, all of my other throws are undersized so that explains that. As for the feel, when I first held it in my hand it felt great. It’s very comfortable in the hand. Another thing I like about it was the caps. The caps are very detailed and it just looks great. I also liked the look of the metal rims and the plastic in the center. It looks very nice. This thing looks and feels great, I couldn’t wait to give this yoyo a throw. But before I go into how it plays I’ll give you the specs. So here you go…


Diameter: 56.13 mm
Width: 41.4 mm
Gap Width: Narrow Bearing: 3 mm
Speed Bearing: 4.95 mm
Response System: YoYoJam Silicone O-Ring
Weight: 69 grams
Bearing Size: Size C, YYJ Speed Bearing

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for. How this yoyo does…

On a throw

As you can see by the specs, this yoyo is 69 grams, definitely on the heavier side. I like that in a yoyo. You can definitely feel it on the end of the string. It’s pretty heavy so it’s not the fastest yoyo, and it’s not really floaty either. However, this thing is very smooth and solid when it comes to play. It has a fairly long sleep time as well, about 4 minutes. When I started throwing this it flowed through my longest, hardest combos with ease. It doesn’t turn or tilt during play, it’s easy to land on the string, and just flows through my combos like a breeze. It has very little vibe, doesn’t turn or tilt during combos. Binds are nice and tight as well. Just one thing I don’t like about the DM2 are grinds. It doesn’t grind too well, and they are quite short. Finger and arm grinds will only last about 3 seconds, palm grinds last about 2 seconds. Now, thumb grinds. You’re going to have a heck of a tough time doing thumb grinds unless you take the caps off. What I like to do is take one cap off and keep one on, because I like to do arm grinds but I do like the look of the caps. Thumb grinds last a little longer than the other grinds. They last about 4-5 seconds, but nothing major. One last thing, gyroflops are easy to do with the dm2. Regens are really nice too, and I suck at regens… Ok, so that’s enough of the unresponsive play. Can’t forget this yoyo has a slim bearing for responsive play as well. With the slim bearing it sleeps 1:00 to 1:30. You can do all the classic tricks like walk the dog, rock the baby, and you can do some basic 1A tricks up to the Expert section tricks on this site. The DM2 plays much better than what you’d expect from a $40 yoyo, I would even go as far as saying it may be better than some yoyos that are nearly twice its price.


Just for those few people that might want to know, here’s a section of the differences between the original Dark Magic and the Dark Magic 2. The response for both of these are different. The DM1(Dark Magic 1) has a hybrid response, which means it’s half starburst, and half o ring. The DM2 is just double silicone O ring, no starburst. Another thing, the weight and weight distribution are slightly different between the two models. One last major difference is that the DM1 had an adjustable gap, while the DM2 doesn’t. Instead of an adjustable gap, the DM2 has 2 bearings, a slim bearing, and a speed bearing for responsive or unresponsive play. There are also some other very minor differences between the two but I’m not going to go into that.

So here’s some pictures of the DM2…










I’m going to compare the DM2 with my MarkMont Next. The DM2 isn’t quite as good as the MN(MarkMont Next) but it’s pretty close. As you can see by the pictures below, the DM2 is much larger than the MN, since it’s a full sized throw. Now, instead of typing up how the two compare, I’m just going to make a list.

How the DM2 is better than the MN

-easier to catch on the string, but that’s just because it’s larger
-flows through tricks better, it just looks smoother and more skillful with the DM2 than the MN

How the DM2 is worse than the MN

-It’s easier to maneuver through combos with the MN, quicker and easier transitions
-MN grinds better overall, grinds are smoother, and last a little longer, but both of these yoyos don’t necessarily grind well
-sleep time

The MN is just slightly better than the DM2, and that’s saying a lot since the MN is more than twice the cost of a DM2.



-looks great
-comfortable in the hand
-smooth, steady play, flows through tricks great
-very little plastic vibe
-long sleep time
-doesn’t tilt or turn during combos
-tight binds

-grinds are short and aren’t smooth


The DM2 is great for its price and you won’t find anything better around this price range. It flows great through tricks, doesn’t turn or tilt during combos, and have nice long sleep times. Great full sized throw and plays like a high end throw. Not quite as good as the MN but it’s still high up there. Grinds aren’t too great but everything else is awesome. Feels comfortable in the hand, and looks amazing. It also has a slim bearing for beginners or an expert that wants to reconnect with his roots, this yoyo has it all for a very affordable price. Whether you’re a pro that wants to have fun with a cheaper throw or a beginner that wants to take it all the way, this yoyo has it all. I highly recommend it!

Hope you guys liked my review! Questions, comments, concerns welcome!


Try not to fall into the price has anything to do with play of a yoyo trap. :wink:


Sorry i dont get what you are saying ???



He means don’t think that price has anything to do with performance on a yoyo.




Nice review, I like the pictures. ;D

But how does this yoyo stack up against modern plastics like Protostar and Northstar? I have a lot of questions about this particular yo-yo since I’ve never player with one in the past. How well does DM2 handle modern horizontal tricks?


The only plastics i have are the cheaper ones, ONE and Velocity, dm2 blows both of them away… I am getting a protostar in a few days so I’ll update you on that… As for horizontal, I am no good at it xD i can do banana turnover, skin the gerbil, and some very basic stuff, but its not really consistent… So im not the best person to ask about that.


This is a modern plastic…


I meant something that doesn’t carry a legacy as old as the Dark Magic 2