is the DMII not that great anymore? or did my standards just get higher?

DMII was my first yoyo and all so it’s always been good and amazing, but lately somehow I keep thinking it’s very… unstable!(been a year since I started)

like it tilts really quickly when i execute certain tricks not that cleanly and doesn’t spin that long as I would think it should or compared to any metal or even the northstar which is considered it’s rival.

I will say that it has suffered alot of bangs here and there so could time and wear take a toll so much that the yoyo is very difficult to use or have I just outgrown my dark magic?

Yoyos I use now are shutter, gloria by pico (chinese company i think really good), northstar.

these are what it is being compared to all same price range so is it the worst among them all?

Yeah it’s not a good yoyo and if it wasn’t for Andre’s tutorial videos where he uses it i’m sure they would have stopped making them years ago. Instead there’s something like 700 in the YYE store, which is mind boggling.

I have to agree, the DM2 was my first unresponsive yoyo, but when I eventually switched to a Protostar I was amazed at how much better it was.

I got my DM2 back off my brother the other day and was suprised at just how poorly it plays compared to modern throws of a similar price range. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s a classic, but nowadays even budget plastics like the Speedaholic are leaving it behind.

I think the Dark Magic is an awesome yoyo. It’s definitely different from most of the contemporary competition oriented stuff, particularly since it has a highwall, but it’s got game.


just sayin’.


I got a DM2 eventually after I was intermidate/advanced ish…

And I never found it unstable, amazing for 5a.

But any cheap yoyo can be GOOD if your a good yoyoer and know how it works.

I started with a DM2. I have no issue with stability or anything else. While not really good for today’s competition standards, it’s still a standard yoyo with classic appeal and will do pretty much anything you want with it.

I’m not just defending the yoyo because I have 6 of them. I really enjoy this yoyo a lot and still play it without hesitation. Stuff like “better” are relative terms based on preferences.

I think what’s going on is that your style or preferences are just not compatible with this yoyo. That’s fine. Not everyone is going to like every yoyo. Regardless of your feelings towards the DM2, what’s more important is that you’ve found stuff that you like over the DM2. That’s all that matters is that you have found yoyos that you like. Brand, model, shape, specs, colorways, it’s all irrelevant unless you like it.

Part of the yoyo journey is individual discovery. Your travels may be far from over, or you might have found your destination(for now). Keep throwing and keep having fun. That’s what’s important!

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I think its all a phase all old yoyos go through and suddenly become undesirable due to newer yo-yos out and sell less after the new yoyos come out due to the new pricing. like when I started yoyoing the Di base, legacy 2 and stackless grind machine were like the best money could buy now it’s the speedaholic, shutter, and unresponsive YYJ classic.

I think the best way to describe the DM yoyos is the most logical, obvious way. Using another sites’ rational, it will put things into a better understanding.

The ‘other’ site started a Fund drive to help them fascilitate the building of Special Yoyo. A Yoyo that they could buy that would be the exact same Yoyo used in their trick videos. So that the buyers of these yoyos would know they had the same exact Yoyo capable of executing the tricks in the tutorials.

I didn’t buy into the ‘necessity factor of that’, but would have to agree it might be a way to at least not be able to ‘blame the Yoyo’ if you can’t do a trick, lol.

That logic was not Andres’ intention, but you can see a few positive parallels. Andre does tricks from the very basic to Expert/Master, levels. And he does them all very easily with Dark Magic yoyos. And, he makes them look Easy. Unintentionally proving that All these tricks can be done on Dark Magics.

So if nothing else, think of the DMs’ as Utility yoyos. Yoyo ladder trick yoyos. Functional learning tools.

No doubt there are better playing yoyos that cost less. And there also yoyos that cost more for no apparent reason.

The Dm2 is not my favorite Yoyo. And it is not my carry Yoyo. It is not even my favorite Yoyojam Yoyo. But it is a very good Yoyo. And is the signature model of the guy that has generously posted up a Ton of tricks that are free to view, endlessly on his Yoyoexpert site.

When I buy or use a DM, I think about how many thousands of them have been sold and how many thousands of people have watched and learned the tricks that Andre does with the same yoyos.

The Yoyo has ‘history’. It is not a Show Horse, it is a Work Horse. And what it does, it does quite well.

Thanks Andre…


I think a lot go the differences you a seeing between the yo-yos you currently use and the DM2 is because of the highwall. I’m guessing that since you have been using yo-yos with low walls and large catch zones that your accuracy in hitting the middle of the catch zone with the string has faded due to a lack of necessity. So, when you go back to the DM2, it seems tiltier and less stable because its high wall requires more precision in string hits.

I have 2 of them. I find them enjoyable to play as well as stable. No tilt or wobble issues here.
But then what do I know.

Yuuki could win worlds with a pack of dental floss.

…an empty pack.

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I think worlds would try to win Yuuki.

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i just played mine after not doing so for awhile and it really is a amazing throw for its price.

I feel like the Dm2 is going the way of the DV888

Great during it’s time and still a decent throw but just doesn’t match up to what’s currently available

I have to disagree a bit.

The dv888 is a yoyo that I don’t find myself really playing all that much. It just doesn’t work well for me. It’s smooth, but it’s not super stable, as one bad string hit and it’s off-axis. It plays heavy. This is due to the enormous amount of weight that had to be placed on the rims. It’s just too small for it’s weight.

The DM2, which heavier, is larger. Smoother? Depends. Stable? For me, way more stable than the dv888. Longer spinning too.

I feel the dv888 was made to be a no-frills budget metal. The DM2 seems to have some character behind it.

I will agree the DM2 is a bit “dated” by today’s standards as far as shape and features. However, nearly any yoyo, in the right hands(not mine!) can be made to do the most amazing of tricks.

Agreed, a lot of companies have stepped up their game, so when you can get things like the Shutter/Rally/Protostar/Speedaholic for such a similar price, it’d be hard to recommend something like the DM2 or DV88 over them.

The Dark Magic design hasn’t really changed since 2004. As far as I’m aware the most significant change for the DMII was the axle system, as most of us shaved the starburst off anyway. Why would you expect a decade old yoyo to play like one released six months ago?

But anyway, if there’s a trick you can’t do, or have a hard time doing with the Dark Magic, its all you. Simple as that. Just because a yoyo doesn’t have tthe lowest wall possible and an aggressive v-shape(and doesn’t play like it does)doesn’t mean its a bad yoyo. It means you don’t know your tricks very well.

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I love my DMII. It’s a new yo-yo’s daddy, a classic, so there is no need to “measure up” anyway. Something that preceded today’s yo-yos does not need to measure up to them. The DMII has won it’s share of competitions first place, still selling a ton, is still one of the most recognizable throws in yo-yo too. It’s a lot of people’s first love. You may have a new love, but there is none like the first. So…that DMII is still great, always will be in my eyes. It’s still my daily carry too.

Oh, and that DMII is still more versatile than a Northstar or a Shutter. For those learning, still responsive to unresponsive real easy. No comparison.

Omg!! I swear since a few days ago I started thinking the EXACT same thing!! My silicone stickers peeled off a while ago, and I just got new ones yesterday, and I remember the dm2 being more stable then when I very first got the throw. And I’ve improved a heck of a lot, but it still tilts more often than not.

This is my first yoyo and I love it. I think it’s funny tho cuz mine tilts sometimes too, however it be more than new or better yoyo’s I’m sure it is still just my technique.

All this said, I have really had to focus on the strength and proper form of my throw to make it a smooth solid trick. ( just finished cold fusion and strange last night and now moving on) So all in all maybe it’s better that it doesn’t throw perfect so I can hone in the skills. This way when I get that amazing easy to throw yoyo my technique won’t slack cuz I’ve been babied.

IDK just my thoughts. Maybe I’m just trying to justify me buying it knowing I might have done better. I still love it!