should I buy a dm?


I have been yoyoing for about 2 months and am about half way thru the Advanced 1 section of YYE’s Learn pages. I have a a YYF Velocity and am starting to get frustrated with wome of the 1A tricks. Seems like I always run out of spin time or the yoyo gets so slow it starts to go crooked before I get completely thru the trick. I can throw straight and pretty hard ( I timed a normal sleeper at just over 2 minutes) but when I start putting action on the yoyo it seems to slow down fast. I know it is probably just my inexperience, but it is alot easier to just blame my beginner yoyo :-\ From what I’ve read here, the Dark Magic seems to be the consensus good yoyo for beginners moving on to the next level because it can play responsive or unresponsive. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on yoyos so I thought I’d ask around before spending the $40. Do you think the dm will improve my play? If not, what would be better? Also, what string is good for a player of my skill level? I have tried YYE’s 50/50 and 100 % poleyester string so far. ~Thanks in advance.

(JackG) #2

no stick with yyf
just my preference
you should get a pgm

(SR) #3

Try a PGM.

(JM) #4

Well, first let me say (before you fall into one of the most common beginner misnomers) that there is no yo-yo in the world that will make you a better player. While it IS true that some yo-yos can be limiting because of the way they are made, that two minute sleeper you have on your Journey is long enough to do most tricks that I can on a YYF Genesis.

Moving on to your question though, I do believe that a Dark Magic is a great step up for you. It’s just one of those yo-yos that can really do anything. Sometimes I will go from doing some cool slacks and whips that you need a very unresponsive yo-yo for, to putting in a bearing I keep thick lubed and close the gap all the way for some responsive play. It’s THAT versatile.

A good question for you is: can you bind? If you can I might recommend a YYJ Legacy instead. Unfortuneatly you can’t play it responsive, but you’ll still have the Journey for that. The Legacy is just as good if not better for advanced play in my opinion, and I absolutely love it. It’s price point is considerably lower, so you’ll have extra cash for accessories or string to boot!

As far as string goes, 100% Poly is the choice for many players but it comes down to your preference. I would go with either that you have liked more so far.

(JackG) #5

yes JM the legacy is great

(Mitch) #6

I’d reccomend switching to a more advanced fully unresponsive yoyo…

Like JM said: the Legacy… Amazing yoyo, I personaly like it more than my Dark Magic.

And if you want to stick with the H-Shape of your Velocity the Die-Nasty is a good throw…

good luck!


well that is a hard question, i got a dm and im not as impressed as i thought i would be, it is a great yoyo but not 45$ great, i hear x-convicts, legacy’s and hitmans are outstanding for their price but i dont know, just go with ur gut

(yoyolvr<><) #8

dm is a great yoyo all around. pgm has a completely diff feel. its preference.


yeah if YYE ever gets some more die nastys. my first yoyo was the DM and it worked great for me, until it broke. it can do great 1A and is even good at being a 5A yoyo.


if your frustrated with the spin slowing down try getting a kk bearing. it totally helps

(JayVee) #11

I would stick with the Velocity for a while more, but that’s just me.

Anyway, I say you take JM’s advice. The DM and Legacy are great choices for more advanced tricks. I’ve had my DM for a while, and it has taken me from the Intermediate to Master tricks on this site.

Also, take a look at the other YYJ bi-metals. See which you like, because they all offer something different in terms of feel and shape.


Just go whit a Legacy, totally smoother, perfect weight, perfect shape, perfect response, and a amazing spin time ;D. Is by now my favorite throw; I like it more than my DM (the dm is a really heavy throw, but haves lots of spin times, it really spins for ever :o). If you want something different go whit a PGM.
Dont buy a Die-Nasty, is not a stackless PGM, like someones says. It have a lot of woble and vibe, and the spin times suck :P. The only thing that you can do if you have one of these, is silicone it and use it like a cheap yoyo.
Go whit Highlights, or YYE 100% poly strings, they are exactly the same thing. You can even try some kitty string, really softer, unresponsive and hold the tension better tha a highlight :D.
Lucky ;),

(Mitch) #13

Thats not fair… My die-nasty is an amazing player… I have no vibe, no wobble and more than enough spintime to do all my tricks…

(Shisaki) #14

You do realize the spin times depend on your throw right? Highlites and YYE string are NOT the same, doesnt last as long as Highlites for me. And the Die-nasty, in the right hands, will spin longer than you with a DM.


I highly doubt you have a Die-Nasty.

The strings are essentially the same. I’m pretty sure they come from the same place as well.

Anyway, the Legacy is a great suggestion. However, over all of the yoyos recommended here, I say go for the Counter Attack:

Hope this helps :wink:

(JonasK) #16

It is in my understanding that both YYE string and Highlights are colored polyester from Mexico, maybe even the same factory. The difference isn’t really big. I find Day Glow from YoYoGuy to be pretty equal as well.

Also, The DM has pretty decent rim-weight. I think that a DM will outsleep a Die-Nasty, not 100% on this though.

(Shisaki) #17

Yea the DM can out sleep a Die-Nasty but said in the right hands, like Yuuki or Jensen, the die-nasty will outsleep him with a DM.

(JonasK) #18

See this is where things are going wrong, you are starting to comparing to other players, while the yoyo he’s getting has nothing to do with other players. If he has both yoyos and throw them with the exact same throw, the DM will (in my guess) outsleep a Die-Nasty.

Addment: You can’t just multiply one side of the equation, you need to multiply both with the same factor.


A legacy would be good use the 100 percent polyester string

(YoYoBlaze) #20

yes i would buy a DM(Dude were in the same EXACT situation:VElocity and planning to buy a DM while still in the Advanced 1 section lol)
another thing to remember about the DM:
IT is a complete different feeling compared to the Velocity. Bigger and heavier.
if you’re looking for a similar metal rimmed yoyo get a speeder(but it plays fast so…) or a speedmaker( also plays fast…) or a good legacy(planning to try one)
remember when you get a yoyo see what you do and what you don’t like about it. you can build preferences from there and know what you want next