Recommend A Yoyo to keep for all levels


I am in the intermediate level and just moved to the Advanced part 1, was stuck at the matrix but about to get out of it :).

This trick made me realize that the yoyo I am using ,which i now im sure i don’t like , Also is not a yoyo to keep or to practice with. that is the Werrd HOUR.

I am living outside the states and i have to order online and bear tremendous costs just to get a yoyo shipped to me, so For all those who are in the game for a while and feel they can give recommendations I Kindly ask you to

  1. Recommend a Yoyo that is best for learning on (1A unresponsive play) and one that you can keep and work on combos with too.
  2. A line or two about the yoyo and why recommended.



Yes, The Werrd Hour would work great. Pretty much any yo-yo now days made for advanced string tricks will work. If you are on a tight budget, the new Yo-yojam Trigger looks like a great throw–probably the best bang for the buck. If you’ve got the cash, I highly recommend the CLYW Gnarwhal, that’s my favorite metal throw–mid sized, stable, fantastic spin, fantastic grinds. It really all comes down to preference though.


I haven’t played the HOUR yet. Not sure if it’s a model I am interested in. At the moment, YYE does not even have the HOUR in a colorway I would even consider though. However, Werrd makes some fantastic stuff. I have a TFL and a 4XL and want to get an Irony, and the Sentinel looks pretty good to me as well. All you’ve shown for now is based on your developing preferences, it appears this isn’t a good fit for you. Sorry to hear it isn’t working out.

What else do you have?

At 59.9mm in diameter, this is something on the larger side of things. The 40.8mm width seems a bit narrow for the diameter, but in general, this is more than generous catch zone. My guess is that the fact that this is so “large” is probably where your issue is. Maybe you have small hands, maybe you’re not getting your strings where they need to be on your hands and/or fingers and with the larger size, you’re just bouncing off strings that you’re trying to avoid. For the size, the 66.7 grams seems a bit light, I’d expect this closer to the 69-71gram range. But, it’s using 7075 aluminum, so ods are it’s thin where it can be, and thicker in the rim area, pushing a lot of mass to the outside, which should provide a nice stable platform. The yoyo in general reminds me of a metal Northstar/Protostar just on a real quick look at the shape.

So, what’s next? It’s hard to say. I totally understand the shipping. We forget here in the United States, international shipping and the value of our dollar towards a product vs the value of another nation’s currency and economic standards, what may seem inexpensive or easily affordable is far out of the price range for others. Then with expensive shipping(no money made on shipping here that I’m aware of), it’s another big hit. It’s like you have to spend enough to make it worth the expense. As is, you’re going to have to buy big, and that can be a big set-back for you.

Usinng $60 as the working budget, let me see what I’ve got that I like. Of what I got that I like, if I got it, generally speaking I like it.

At $45-$55 you have the YYF dv888. To me this is kind of boring. It’s good, don’t let me say that it’s a bad yoyo because it isn’t. But for me, it’s not really anything special. It plays a bit heavy on the string, it’s dense, small(around 50mm diameter). Its just kind of bland to me. Others swear by it. I would go as far as to say it’s a “standard”. I’m glad I have one.

You may have seen other topics include the C3YoYoDesign DiBase. At $55, it’s amazing. I also hear great things about the Capless, which is at $65 I think and a model I am considering getting. The V-shapes give you great catch zones and the soft shaped rims are comfortable and hold a lot of weight. Good for most styles of play(not 2A), and can do horizontal as this shape caters well to it. I have the DiBase and would consider a Capless. Also, if you’re into Delrin, the Halo is a different shape, more traditional butterfly. Different play, very good player and only $55!

Another to consider might be the sOMEThING Firmy. $64. V-shaped. Good play and balance, and way affordable.

The One Drop Cafe Racer feels a but under-performing to me. It’s a good yoyo, and I think it sells for $60.

I could go into more stuff, plastics, plastic/metals, way up and down the price sheet. I just don’t have a whole lot in that $50-80 price range.

I could also go on in better and more detail but I’d end up going off the map here and recommending models YYE doesn’t carry. However, don’t overlook the Shinwoo Zen series or God Tricks. Both are “budget-minded” brands, but don’t give budget-minded performance. This is some good stuff at good prices and they all perform at at least twice their price.

Also, Duncan makes the Raptor, Echo and Metropolis. I have the Metropolis and the first one had an issue with chewing up strings, so Duncan replaced it and the 2nd one is fine. I have plans to get a Raptor and Echo at Nationals this weekend. At around $40, these are really good yoyos. Sure, they may be budget oriented, but they do not lack anything in performance or fun. I can’t wait to add these to the collection. In fact, these are my priority purchases.

Also, don’t ignore RecRev. Low on price, tremendous in performance. This brand keeps cash in your account while providing an amazing play experience. Two of their models are on my wants list for Nationals: TA-1S(delrin, as I have the TA-1), and the new Freq. Wav. I also have two Sharps. The Facade is also amazing and I’m really liking this one a LOT. It even has two IRG rings n each side and a slight inside undercut.

But without additional budget and knowing if your HOUR is something you’re going to trade/sell off and at what kind of price with shipping converted to US Dollars(or I can currency convert it based on day rate, which isn’t a big deal), it’s hard to make real good recommendations.

My only recommendation is that CLYW tends to sell out fast. They do make amazing stuff. So does One Drop. These may be very hyped brands, but I find that for the most part they live up to the hype. You might consider the Avalance, Code 1, Code 2, Burnside, Arctic Circle, Chief and many others. Also, while not one of my favorite brands, don’t ignore YYF’s metals. The Roll Model and Equilateral are very good. The Superstar is one of my favorites, as is the MVP. I feel the Mutant DNA is probably not a good fit as it’s round shaped but mostly due to it being so heavy, but I like heavy.

Keep asking questions. For you, this is NOT an area you want to make a mistake on.


I have dropped comments in a color mode between the lines

what about the DM 2 , it has lots of reviews and always gets a good reputation, or do you think its now becoming old to spend Dollars on?
I have tried Toxic strings on my HOUR , they minimized shifting off the plane but it seems early for me to fully handle a fully polyster string , they feel slippery. Althought they are thick than my 50/50 strings but feel better on the yoyo it self but not on my hand. Any thoughts?
What do you think of widenning the gap by using two .01 shims which i already have, i was a bit cautious in this , i added them to the order in case i needed them. i tried them with the yoyo but couldn’d decide honestly if they improved it. i still felt that it was better without them (Strange since wider gap should mean less friction and more stability, right?

[b]Thats all that came to my mind now in questioning.

Firstly and by the end, I should really thank you for your generous answer.[/b]


I bought a DM2 on Studio42 (and others’) recommendation, and I have no regrets. I do not have a perfectly strong and straight throw, so I myself introduce a touch of wobble into it about half the time, but it doesn’t seem to affect the tricks much.

I think it’s great so far. Feels good in the hand, lands easily on the string, and can be easily corrected. I’m tempted to get a center-trac/konkave/grooved bearing for it (to compensate even more for my mediocre throws) but it’s not necessary by any stretch.

It has handled every trick I’ve thrown at it so far (nothing too advanced, to be honest… Boingy-Boing, The Matrix, Revolutions, Gyroscopic Flops) with no problems. I don’t play fast at all so I can’t say if it will handle that style; all I know is that it shows no signs of being a “bottleneck” (a weak point)… when I hit problems I’m sure it will be with ME rather than with the yoyo.

I don’t have much to compare it to, but I just got a Kyo DNA today. Back to back, they’re pretty close in terms of stability even though they each have a different feel to them. If I lost or broke my DM2, I would probably get another.


My thoughts on the DM2 are very well known.

But, since you’re asking, let me answer again:

The only reason I left it off my list is that its plastic/metal, and you seem to be after full metal. Other than that, it’s a favorite of mine. I gladly go for it and reach for it. I really enjoy this yoyo a lot. Good size, shape, stable, balanced, rugged and reliable and with options.

Options: Thin bearing, and your choice of SPEC bearings if you don’t like the YYJ speed bearing. Use YYJ pads, CBC 19mm OD Slim pads or silicone it. Caps in, caps out, your choice. The high side walls do help you make sure you hit clean, so it’s a great trainer/learner, as well as compete with it or just throw for fun.

Don’t forget, this yoyo comes with a thin bearing and a YYJ Speed bearing. A simple bearing swap takes you from responsive to unresponsive.

I have 2 DM’2s. I have them both set up the same. Blue and clear, caps in, Terrapin X Steel Wing Cut bearings and at the moment, YYJ pads. I plan on getting a few more DM2’s over time but with different colors, and one to yank the caps out of.

Age? Well, it’s been around a bit, it’s very popular and mostly well received(nothing is perfect, any yoyo can have those who don’t like it). While it may not be trendy, I still recommend it in a second to anyone.

Since you’re also looking to spend around $60, again, the DiBase is still viable. The issue is: Can you bind? The answer is: yes, you can bind. Once you get to that point, many items become options, in fact many more options than responsive play.

So, if you want a DM2, I won’t say anything other than “I do recommend a DM2”. While I haven’t really played either of mine for over a month, I’ve been busy with other goodies. But, coming back to the DM2, it’s like having an “old friend come home”.

As far as widening the gap in your HOUR with shims you already have? Try it. I mean, you already have the shims, so as long as the axle will connect the two halves, you should be fine. Just make sure that the edges of the bearing are still inside the bearing seat area. You may also want to try a shaped bearing like a Trifecta, Crucial Grooved, KK or even a Centertrac(in no particular order or preference). Putting a Crucial Groove in my Half & Half took it from me wanting to shoot it out of a canon to now liking the yoyo a lot. Cheap experimentation as the bearing only cost me like $6 or so.
As far as maybe trying thinner strings, just ensure you’re using at least a Type 6. 100% polyester is my preference. Thicker strings can appear to be a bit grabbier.

I have a large collection since I enjoy variety and have the money to spend. I also don’t want to develop tight muscle memory on a single yoyo.

Any questions, have at it.


I was as i htought it would look cooler. but now i beleive i should concentrate on what’s best to get me moving on easily. that i got a metal now “it comes with a Central bearing which is concave but not grooved” i beleive i would go for the DM2 as a safe choice… i am tempted to get the Dibase but afraid a little bit.

You’ve been much of a help, and i will not hesitate to throw any other question that comes into my mind.

Now i will go for a deep look at comparing DM2 with the Dibase.

thanks a lot.


The throws I found best to learn tricks on are: Genesis, C3 Yeah!, Supernova, new Avalanche
If I were you I would buy a Genesis

(Trevor Boice) #9

The Genesis is pretty much the only yo-yo that anyone will ever need ever ever EVER.

(UmeNagisa) #10

I hated mine.
And I’d rather throw a firedog rather than the Genesis.


What didn’t you like about the Genesis?


Honestly, a protostar, northstar, trigger, diffusion, psg or asteroid can take you anywhere you need to go. It’s just nicer to have metal ones ;D


The SUpernova a great 1a one drop deitz g5


do you loop?


Why hasn’t anyone mentioned high-end Chinese metals yet?

YoYoApartment, BreakBeatYo, GodTricks, YoYoOfficer, YoYoEmpire, Top-Yo, KingYoStar; these are all serious contenders in performance with the high-end metals at a price that that renders all the “budget-line” fundametal and Duncan metals obsolete.

Moving down, you have MagicYoYo, QiXia, and Aoda; these are so cheap that there isn’t any point in buying plastic yoyos >$15 anymore.


Just like a Toyota Corolla; cheap but overpriced, good but boring, serves as a benchmark for others.


My Dark Magic II has never let me down! I would recommend it to anyone.