Newb Here, would like a little help

So I used be into this as a hobby back in the mid to late 90’s I had a Bumble Bee GT by playmaxx and let me tell you I thought I was the man on campus in elementary school. Then I grew out of it, now here we are 15ish years later and I’m getting back into it. I found an old Duncan Butterfly I used to play with as a kid and that kinda re kindled my enjoyment of playing with yoyos. So i started to play with that and also stared looking for how to videos for tricks and stuff I quickly realized that the old duncan should be left as a keep sake and to get a more modern yoyo that could do the tricks I wanted to learn. (looping Tricks) I started doing research for what are some of the more preferred looping yoyos and I ended up with a yomega raider. I’m getting to be pretty good at the looping tricks I want to move onto string tricks and this is where my problem lies, Do I get a Dark magic 2 so I can grow into it or do I get something like a duncan dragon fly and build up to a Dark magic 2. I don’t like buying twice but I dont want to end up with a throw that isn’t going to be fun for me to start out with. So what are your thoughts/ opinions? should I get a entry level string trick yoyo and move up to a Dark magic2 or just get the Dark magic2 and grow into it.

For what its worth I’m not entirely stuck on the Dark magic2 after doing reading on this forum and some others I have found its one of the more preferred Intermediate string trick throws

any help would be appreciated, Thanks in advance

DM2 is a great first throw. There are plenty of other yoyos in that price range that would also get the job done; of course if you want to spend less, you can! There are tonnes of sub-$30 plastics, and a bunch of $50-65 full-metals as well.

I cut my teeth on the DM2. No regrets. But I did get my first “full metal” much more quickly than I thought I would, having been bitten by the unresponsive play bug after a few weeks. :wink:

Mainly I wanted to say: hold onto that Butterfly! There’s a bit of a fixed-axle renaissance going on right now, with lots of truly MODERN string tricks that work best on a fixed-axle yoyo. Butterflys are an inexpensive and popular choice, and you already have one!

some people may disagree, but if i was you, i would buy a magicyoyo T5, its about 15 dollars, and to be honest it plays better than most yoyos for 100 dollars :wink: its a cheap yoyo made in china, wich is the reason some people will tell you not to buy it, but it is BY FAR the best yoyo for the price (dont know about the other yoyos from magic yoyo but i got the T5).
you can order it on amazon.
I got it a day ago and its amazing, would never recommend anything else as a first metal, its so cheap! and i like it more than my genesis, and almost as much as my barracuda.

Btw: I dont like the DM2 at all! at least after playing a real full metal. Its not even close in stability and spintime

DM2 slays in stability and spin-time! I have a reasonable selection of full metals, and the DM2 is right up there with them in both of those areas…?!

HOWEVER… the T5 is an excellent full-metal yoyo at any price. At $15 it’s ridiculous. You won’t hear me argue with that recommendation. :wink:

Magic yoyo is pretty nice. But, their bearings are sometimes low quality. If you want one of them, you can buy some off the BST, and then you can be sure of the bearings. Another option would be the ever popular alpha crash.

Maybe the DM2 is just not my style^^ but i think as a first unresponsive throw i would say go with the cheaper (in this case even better) throw, since you dont know if you even like it :wink:

One thing i forgot, the bearing in the T5 is not good, if you want to get more advanced after some time, you should get another bearing, but for the beginning the one that comes with it should be no problem

Well I bit the bullet just got the T5. I figure IF I don’t like it,it was only 12-15 bucks. At that point if I don’t like it its DARK MAGIC 2 TIME lol

Or maybe protostar time.

I’ll add in another vote for the DM2, you can start off responsive and then swap for the included speed bearing once you lean how to bind

What’s this protostar you speak of? It wasn’t mentioned in all the string trick yoyo threads I scavenged through. I will search specifically for it thanks.

It’s a plastic yoyofactory yoyo with weight rings. It’s 35 dollars.

Definitely get a DM2, I started out with it, and it’s great since you can make it responsive or unresponsive depending on what bearing you have in it (They give you two)

He has a butterfly, he doesn’t need a responsive yoyo.

Butterfly=Fixed axel DM2=Bearing…
I think theres a difference.

The only thing you need a responsive for is learning to throw and looping. He knows how to throw, so now he should get a looping yoyo or unresponsive yoyo. So, Magic Yoyo.

Is Magic Yoyo’s T5 on YYE?

YYE does not carry MYY

Dm2. One of the throws that have stood the test of time… Get this piece of history now, even if you din’t you will buy one eventually, I can assure you that :wink: it’s just a classic, and pretty much every experienced thrower has had one.

For looping I have a Yomega Raider and I’m very pleased with it.

Like I said I will try the t5 and if I don’t like it i will get the dark magic 2

If you don’t like the T5, or even if you do, try the N12. This is my favorite of the 5 MYYs I have.