The DarkMagic by Yoyojam

This is my review on the DarkMagic yoyo.


Manufacturer :YoYoJam
Shape :Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) :70.60
Width (mm) :41.31
Diameter (mm) :56.34
Gap Width (mm):3.40
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width):.250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type :Adjustable
Stock Response System: YYJ Hybrid

1 to 10 :9

pic curiosity of yoyonation

The Darkmagic is really great yo. it has a grate spin time and a wide gap for multiple lands. mettle rims for easy grinds and the lip inside for thumb grinds. also when combined with the Def-E-yo kk bearing its just the greatest for unresponsive play. also the response system hasn’t worn out yet. It was made by none other than the captain of team yoyojam and the creator of this site André Boulay. He has made numerous wins in contests and now he judges. all in all the DM is my favorite. later and remember keep it spinning.

Great review! ;D

Ok this is starting to annoy me, I need some pics in the reviews here people!

Can’t you just go to the site to find out what it looks like?

Yeah, really. Just go to the store and look at it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok… why do any of you even need to have this conversation? I’m pretty sure anyone that knows anything about yoyos knows what a DM looks like. HONESTLY!

BAMM11 is right.

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um, that was an unnecassary post. But im bored too. :(… now that i think about it, this post is unecassary as well. :-[

every post is unneccicary because it isn’t neccesary to be on yoyoepert, :stuck_out_tongue: aka it is unecisary for me to be weaing cloths right now (even though I am ) So what now yoyoguy (I think i schooled you)

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But it obviously IS necessary for all of you to work on your spelling!

That said, Bamm11 is right, however, by the same token though, anyone who knows anything about yoyos knows that a review on the Darkmagic isnt needed, either…and yet, here we are.

Reviews should have photos. Folks who come looking for information on a yoyo they have only just heard of shouldnt be expected to have to search for further information. If they do have to do that after reading it, then the review in question has failed in its purpose.

Put pictures in your reviews! give it some personality!

Give. A. Darn.

Lets just end this whole conversation right now. :slight_smile:

There are exceptions, like, what of you dont have a camera? Then what?

onedef1 just hit it on the head! I apploud him!

OK ill get a pic on here then.

Robert, we know what DM looks like. One more thing, Why do you have to show us a DM here?

Happy Throwing!

We dont need a picture. If your looking at a dark magic review you should at least know what it looks like

Oh yeaaaaaa yoyoguy? what if you live on an island in the middle of the pacific and you only have 10 muints a year of computer time and you want to oarder a good yoyo, but you only have time to read the review and oarder the yoyo, but theres no pictures in the revew so as you go to look for pics your computer time runs out and you have yo wait till next yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr?

(I think i just schooled him again)

I doubt you could get internet on a small island in the middle of the Pacific

( Don’t worry yoyoguy, I got your back :wink: )