Upgrading DarkMagic

I have been using DarkMagic over 6 months. I have practiced about 5 of the Advanced tricks.
I want to buy a better yoyo. What do you suggest?

I am thinking about 80 dollars of price.
And I am thinking one of these yoyos: DV888, ENEME, BOSS, G5, 888, Axiom
What do you think?

The Dark Magic is a great yoyo that can do anything those yoyos can.

If you want to get one of those, I would honestly suggest just picking one. You’ll find out if you like it or not, begin to get some preferences, and if you don’t like it, you can trade/sell it.

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I’m from Turkey and I probably cannot trade it.

This is also a question mark in my mind. Dark Magic is cheaper then all of them. What are the pros of these yoyos? And what are the cons of Dark Magic?

well Dark Magic is a really nice hybrid yoyo that makes suiciding easier. the con is just it big, large compared to others. Try checking the side views of different yoyos. While a X-con’s bearing and the Darkmagic bearing size are the same, the darkmagic makes the c-size look like a A-size. yah, but that’s just one persons view

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Well, metal yoyos have a very different feel from plastic yoyos and from metal rimmed yoyos. You may or may not like that.

Honestly, all of those yoyos are wonderful. If you want to get one and have the money, by all means have at it, and just look at them to see which one you think you might want, based on size, shape, and weight. If you don’t want to spend the money quite yet, your Dark Magic can continue to be wonderful. Look at all the videos Andre has on this site: all of them are with a Dark Magic. :wink: Good luck in your decision.

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I know, that’s because I bought the Dark Magic in first place.
In Turkey there is not much people yoyoing. And there is only one store and it barely sells good yoyos. In fact the best yoyo in that store is Dark Magic.
I will buy one of them w/o seeing and using them. This is really a tough desicion.

I know there are a few others in Turkey that are on this forum. I’ll try to help you find them, but they might be near you and might have some other yoyos you can try.

You have Dark Magics in a store near you? Lucky. The best for me is like FH2s.

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I’m in Istanbul the biggest city in Turkey. :)) And we have only the yellow color of Dark Magic and its too expensive. (about 90 dollars)

Well, you might be jumping the gun. For practicing just tricks by themselves a DM should be all you need. I learned to do white buhdda, hour glass, kamikaze all on my dark magic. If your not in the master section I wouldn’t buy a expensive metal. Between the ones you listed I’d get the Dv888. I don’t think you need to buy metal that’s that expensive. You should be able to do master tricks easy on a Dv888. Though it’s your money so do what you want with it.

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Thank you all. I will probably buy DV888 or maybe 888x.

The DM has alot of head room for tricks,

What do you exactly mean. Is it good or bad

It means that the Dark MAgic is going to be able to do any trick you want it to as long as you yourself are capable. I don’t think anyone can really outgrow a Dark Magic, although many move on to different throws.

Are you saying that there is no need to buy another one. Why they are expensive if tgrt are not worth?

i havent played many yoyos, but a DNS is my throw of choice at the moment. its $90. all metal, smooth, looks good. its got great respons and IGR and the stock bearing is really good. but if thats out of your price range, you could get a Beysick by H-Spin. its all metal but its cheap.

Its in my price range but I don’t know there are a lot of yoyoin the market. I dont know what to do

okay so 888x and dv888 are under sized. i had a dark magic for my first advanced yoyo. then a couple yoyos later i got the 888x and it was tiny! u get used to it but if u want a yoyo about the same size as the dark magic so go look at some of these the genesis. maybe boss and g5 if u have the money :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I really like the ENEME also. Its cool. We have Audley s L3 in Turkey. Its also a small yoyo. A friend of mine has it. I can play with it. I think I can accustom to the size off the yoyo

I know that this isn’t on your list, but I think you should give the YYF Protostar a look. It’s half the price of the yo-yos you’ve mentioned, and plays just amazingly. It actually made me put down my metals and play with it only.

The extra funds can be spent on string, response pads, YYE T-shirt, or any other swag you can think of. Maybe even a few counterweights for 5A play? A looper for some good ‘ol loopin’ fun? A Duncan Hayabusa or YYJ Big Yo for some 4A goodness? You can pick up some cool new stuff all for around the price of a metal, and you’ll still have a great, GREAT yo-yo for 1A in the protostar.

the price is not that important. I will already buy these things buy I don’t want to go into 5A or something.maybe I will buy one of these yoyos and a pro star