Should I get the Dark MAgic

Hello, I’m new to yo-yoing and I was wondering whether or not I should get the Dark Magic. PLease post facts and personal accounts, maybe even alternative yoyos? And also, what all would I need to order along with the yoyo? Strings, lube? I’ve never ordered a yoyo from expert before!



Hi Quinton,

the DM is a great yoyo as it is great for all standards because it has an adjustable GAP. have you got a yoyo at the moment??
personally i went for the legacy first and that was a great yoyo to start with but it was unresponsive so you will need to learn how to bind.
If you can bind i would recommend going for a YYF metal, they start from all prices and are amazing. i have several different ones.

i would also suggest ordering some more strings so you dont have to keep making orders and some thin lube to make the yoyo less responsive, you dont need thin lube because it will become unresponsive with play or altering the GAP but i would recommend it.

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The Dark Magic would be great. It’s large for easyy string catches and with Metal Rims it wil spin very long.
Along with your yoyo you chould order some string and some thin and thick lube.
Some other yoyos I recommend are the Hitman and Counter Attack.

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There really aren’t any “bad” yoyos that you’ll find, especially now-a-days. However, I would recommend a plastic yoyo from YoYoJam or YoYoFactory about even a metal rimmed for beginners. Maybe even a Yomega Brain.

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Just out of curiosity, it says your favorite yoyo is a Dark Magic, so I’m guessing you’ve tried if before. If I’m right and you liked it, get it. If not, simply get a diffferent one.


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no, get a protostar a great yoyo at a great price.

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Are you looking to buy your first yo-yo? If you are, I’d recommend getting an all plastic one instead, just so you can bang it up and not feel bad about it. I started out with a KickSide, but I’ve never been crazy about it’s response system. A lot of people do like it, though, and I love it otherwise. For an all plastic yo-yo, I’d look at the Yoyojam KickSide, Speed Maker, or Lyn Fury.

If you’re already well on your way down the path of your yo-yo career, then go for it. Also look at the Plastic Grind Machine, Counter Attack, Hitman, Atmosphere, X-ConVict, and Black Knight for similar level yo-yos. I’ve only tried one or two of the above, but I’ve read good reviews for all of 'em.

Personally, I buy all my yo-yos based on how cool they look.

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Lol, that’s interesting.

It’s the best way to go! :wink:

DM is a great yoyo, if you are able to do intermediate to advance tricks and are still learning more advance tricks and how to string together combos then I recommend it.

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first of all, what is your price range?
what kind of yoyoing are you planning on doing? (string, looping,)
do you have a yoyo yet and if you do, how many tricks can you do and how hard are they?
welcome to the forums
do you care about looks?

i recomend Lyn fury, speed maker, kickside, fast 201, velocity, speed dial, journey, or even a spin star
(glowing ones are the ones i have tried)

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Thanks everybody! You guys are BEING SO GREAT!! And I am just looking for a string trick yoyo… Price is about the DM…Looks are just a bonus…And I know a few tricks. I’m so glad I found out about this site. You guys are all so good to me :slight_smile:

I liked it cuz it looked cool. Ive never really used it. Yeah, I’m a moron haha. Im fairly new to all of this and was just looking at it. Where would I try out these yoyos??

if you live near Los Angeles, there is a kite store in Redondo beach that you could go to to try out some yoyos and learn tricks from people. if not, you could ask some friends who have the yoyos, but it is understandable if you don’t have too many friends who yoyo.

The Dark Magic is a great yo-yo! If you choose it, you will not regret it. However, there are a few other choices at that price range. There is the Hitman, which I feel is just as good, if net better of a yo-yo than the Dark Magic. You will also need a 100 pack of string and some thin lube for when you are ready to try to yo-yo unresponsively. I hope you find your Journey through yo-yoing a fun one!
I know I sure have.

Thank all of you guys again! And Does anybody know of any good yoyo stores in say…Iowa? Haha. I know, there is nothing in Iowa…But hey, why not try?

And just so you know, I have placed my order for a Dark Magic yoyo, a container of thin and thick lube, six pack of strings, and also a YYF Loop 720. Thank all of you guys so much. Now I know that I have people to ask about these things!

Sounds like a good order to me. :smiley: I’m sure you’ll love your new stuff.

Thanks man! I hope so!

You might want more than a six pack of strings. 100 seems like a ton, but it lasts 17 times longer and you only have to pay shipping once. If you want to change your order, you can probably just send Andre an email