what yoyo should i get?!

I need a yoyo!!! but im not sure which…
i can basicaly bind, i can do stuff like double or nothing, mach 5,
atomic bomb, can almost do matrix and i kno all the basics.
what yoyo should i get?! (preferebly yoyojam)

Sorry, my comp is having problems with posting, i can’t post the guide here. It’s Samad’s guide btw  :wink:

Try somewhere around the Dark Magic. Bi-metal. Good sleep times, good intermediate yoyo. If you want cheaper, go with the Legacy. Very good for its price, unresponsive, good sleep times.

I don’t recommend legacy, it comes dead unresponsive. If you really want a legacy, you have to make sure that you buy some thick lube along with it.

What’s you price limit?

$15: YYJ Lyn Fury, YYJ Kickside, YYJ Speedmaker

Around $20: YYF Velocity, YYJ Legacy

$30: YYF PGM

Around $40: YYJ Hitman, YYJ X-ConVict, YYJ Speeder, YYJ Dark Magic, YYJ New Breed

Basically, any one of these will be an excellent choice.

Ooooh! Ooooh! Put Speedmaker under $15! But, you know, just spitballin’…

Thanks, forgot about that one. :wink:

Remember to buy thick lube, whatever you’re buying, since you are a beginner-intermediate.


Why? He said he can bind.

Just because he said he can “basically bind” doesn’t mean he’s gonna perform tight, backspin binds. He can use the thick lube to help him learn the proper binding techniques.

Lol. RS, you beat me to it! Yeah Or he can get an adjustable yoyo such as the Dark Magic.

My first yoyo was a PGM and it worked perfectly be careful about over tightning and take care of it. It also comes with Hub stacks. If you dont care about Price I would go with a DM it is a really good yoyo last time I checked there were eight in stock. here are the links http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyofactory/grind-machine/ and http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyojam/dark-magic/ :slight_smile: I hope this helps!!!

YYJ: Dark Magic or X-ConVict
YYF: Velocity or Plastic Grind Machine

YYJ: Dark Magic
I suggest the PGM because thats what I used to use :]

I don’t agree with you RSmod, I have bought PGM when I was Begginer-Intermediate level and I was learning bind with almost stock fast201. Binding takes just a little practise.

I reccomend you PGM.

I would recommend a YoYoJam Dark Magic.

It should come responsive stock. This is great because it will give you a chance to learn how to bind even better.

You can buy it here…

You can see it used here…

It is a great YoYo. Andre even uses it in the tutorials here!

I would also pick up some YYJ Thick Lube and Some YYJ Thin Lube.

The Thick Lube will make your DM more responsive. This will be very useful since you are just learning how to bind.

You can buy it here…

I would also recommend YYJ Thin Lube. This is great stuff to have around. This will last you a while and you will use it throughout your yoyoing carreer.

You can buy it here…

Finally, you are definitely going to want some strings. Remember to change them often, because you will be able to do better tricks with a new string.

You can buy them here…

I would recommend purchasing a couple small packs of the “Slick 6” string. This is great to get you started and it will help you build up callous on your fingers.

However, I would also recommend getting a 100-pack of polyester string. This is great string for after you’ve built up some callous. It is much more durable and long lasting than the “Slick 6”, so you won’t need any new string for a while :wink:

Hope I could help. :slight_smile:

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This may not be the answer your looking for, but if you can get the money, and you can bind you might as well get an eight|8|eight now because it is hard to find a yoyo better then an eight|8|eight and you will never need to upgrade. If you get say a pgm or something you will want to upgrade at some point.

i can get a yoyo around $40

Dark Magic or PGM