Yoyo suggestions?


I’ve just started yoyoing since this morning and so far I know few tricks like binding, split bottom mount, and such. Right now, I’m using Big Ben just to start as beginner.

I like light yoyo that sleeps for a long time (1A).
Any yoyo suggestions for me?

P.S. I’m thinking of getting Dark Magic

(Frank W.) #2

Thats always a good yoyo so is Legacy but it’s all about personal prefrence.

(JM) #3

The Dark Magic is in no way light. I would HIGHLY recommend a PGM 2.0. Plus hubstacks are awesome.



Actually, now that I think about it, I think I really don’t care about the weight
or… should I?

(JM) #5

Its something that is totally preference. I like the weight of my Dark Magic, but I also like the weight of my PGM. It will just take owning a few yos to understand what you like and what you dont.


The Dark Magic and Legacy are similar, but the Dark Magic has Metal rims, and the legacy is plastic.
The Legacy also has a larger gap.

The New Breed is huge though.

I Reccomend the Legacy or Dark Magic, the nNew Breed is hard to bind if you’re not too good at it. I have good binding skills and still have a tough time binding.

The Legacy is like that, but easier to bind, the Dark Magic can bind with no problem, I reccomend that to start.

True, but begginers don’t really have a preference.


So I guess I’m getting Dark Magic…
When should I get it? (Like after I learned what)

(JM) #8

If you can bind already, then there’s no reason why you cant get it now if you want to!


Yeah, but it will start aff a bit responsive.


How do you make it so it’s unresponsive?

btw, srry for so many ?'s… I’m rlly into yoyoing right now


Just play with it, it will break in.

Also, feel free to ask as many questions as you want.

(JM) #12

Everybody says this, but for some reason mine was completely unresponsive upon delivery. Either way, its a great yoyo


My friend’s came responsive, but people have them come unresponsive also.

That’s one of the reasons why I don’t really like YoYoJam, Their yoyos vary sometimes


This happens with other companies too, but YoYoJam yoyos are still good, generally speaking.

As for the stuff about preference: as you progress in yoyoing you will end up trying out or getting different yoyos and through that you will start to figure out what you like.


I also got my Dm unresponsive out of the box, but i guess it is just a flip coin. I have also heard that they no longer factory lube the bearing as much, so its obviously less responsive. Danny, id get some thin lube with your Dm and some string, strings are very important. As for the, when should i get it thing, since you know how to bind, i agree with what JM said and get it now. Great yoyo and an excellent learning yo. Im working my way through advanced with it, but im like you a nooby.

(JonasK) #16

My guess is that the lube dries out while in stock. I got a black Dark Magic about 4-5 weeks after it was restocked and mine came unresponsive. This might seem weird, but we had a thread on something similar to this.

(SR) #17

A PGM v2 would be good for you. It’s light, and sleeps long.


Thank you guys for all the replies.

So far, I’m planning to get a Dark Magic, thin lube, and possibly an o-ring (from the vids) just in case… Anything else that I might need?

and I have 2 other questions. I’m still kinda having problems with the bind return.
Whenever I bind, 70% of the time it comes back up normally but 30% of the time, it makes a knot. I’m trying to get 100% accurate bind. can you guys help me?

and what type of strings should I buy along with DM?


If by o-ring you mean a silicone o-ring, sure, but you might want to get a couple. You won’t need another regular o-ring.

As for the binding, it’s just snagging because the loop was too big. Try to work on your binds and make the loop smaller when you do them.

As for string, either make your own or get several 5-packs to see what you like.



But that kind of annoys me, Like when were helping people, a lot ask if a Dark Magic will come responsive or unresponsive, and we can never give a straight answer.