Buying a yoyo

I’m a beginner (only yoyoed for 1 week) however I’m looking to get a yoyo that I will get at least 6 months - 1 year and that I can do a vast amount of tricks on so I won’t get bored with easy ones, which ones do you recommend? Also what should I look for as a beginner in buying a yoyo?

  1. What is your price range? This will help us narrow it down.
  2. It is hard, as a beginner, to look for a yoyo because you probably do not know what your preferences are yet. I like light and undersized throws but someone else could prefer large and heavy throws.
  3. A dark magic 2 is a great investment; it can do any and pretty much all tricks, has great spin time, is durable, and comes with 2 bearings; 1 responsive an than 1 unresponsive for when you learn how to bind. It’s only $40 and is a very good beginner-intermediate throw and can also be used for advanced tricks easily.
    Hope I helped!

If you want something that is cheaper I would get a lyn fury- $15. It is really awesome.

If you want a little more expensive yoyo, that you could lern many unrespinsive tricks with a all metal yoyo, that’s awsome for its price I would suggest dv888

The Dark Magic 2 is amazing and it will get you from beginner to master easily. It has a responsive bearing but comes with an unresponsive bearing to switch out whenever you want. It’s $40 but it’s a great investment if you’re just starting.

Something a little less pricey is the Lyn Fury. It plays responsive stock, but if you silicone it and possibly clean the bearing it will be unresponsive. It’s definantly one of my favorite plastics and for $15 it’s a great deal.

I’ve never tried it, but the Legacy 2 is also a good starters yoyo. It also has a responsive bearing but comes with an unresponsive bearing to switch. The Legacy 2 is $24.

There’s also the YYF One and Whip. They’re both $10 and start with a responsive bearing but come with an unresponsive one. I only have the One but both the One and the Whip are pretty light.

If you’re looking for a yoyo to learn a lot from and last 6-12 months, I would say go with the Dark Magic 2. It’s a great yoyo and will definantly keep you busy for a year.

What are you using now?

Depending on what it is, it may be best to stick with it a bit longer, although this will be temporary.

The upgrade paths are many and depend on prices and effort willing to be made. The effort you’re willing to make is how much you want to practice as well as learn maintenance stuff.

There are many 2-bearing yoyos, in various size, shapes and weights. The Legacy II, Chaser, Dark Magic II, XCon Pro, Hitman Pro, Vexed and many others. The two bearings give you the option of responsive and unresponsive play. When you learn to bind, change bearings from the pre-installed slim bearing and pop in the included YYJ Speed Bearing(a full width C-sized bearing) and you’re unresponsive. This saves investment dollars. Prices range from under $25 to close to $60.

If you’re willing to do some other work, the Kickside, Speed Maker and Lyn Fury are all great choices. Cleaning the bearing makes them unresponsive. Siliconing the o-ring response on these helps make them MORE unresponsive. At under $20 each, these are great.

Keeping it affordable, once you learn to bind, so much more becomes available. Starbrite, Stackless Grind Machine, Starlight, Die-Nasty, Grind Machine, Protostar and Northstar, all from YoYoFactory, all become available at $35 and under, some under $20. The Adegle PSG and Asteroid are options as well. You may want to consider some reasonably priced metals, such as the YYF dv888, One Drop Cafe Racer and C3YoYoDesign DiBase, just to name a few of many other possibilities. Duncan even has some great metals in the $40 range,and don’t forget the Shinwoo Zen series.

All of the yoyos I’ve mentioned are limited only by what effort you’re willing to put into them.

Thank you to everyone who has helped :slight_smile: I’m thinking of a dark magic 2 as I’ve looked online and it has rave reviews, the yoyo I’m using now is a Yotech hypering , picked it up in a toy store, I don’t have any specialty toy stores near me that have good yoyos like the ones online , the hypering is responsive and only sleeps for about 10 seconds, plus one of it’s bearings chipped which is why I’m looking for a new and better yoyo :slight_smile:

Not to discourage a YYE sale, but factor in international shipping and see if there may be something within Australia to save you money on shipping. However, I’ve heard that international shipping might be your best option as someone not too long ago was having issues finding retailers in Australia.

Thanks I checked the shipping and if I just use normal international shipping instead of express it only costs about $6 for YYE anyway, othersites probably more, and yeah toy stores in australia are closing down except for the main ones e.g big w kmart , but they dont have any good yoyos today’s generation is based all on video games and electronics which is why I have to look international to get a decent yo.

Perhaps when you learn how to bind, you can order a yoyo from the Magic YoYos brand. They usually ship from Hong Kong and go for under $20 for the majority shipped anywhere in the world. I haven’t heard anything really bad about them yet. Just an option since you would need international shipping anyways for any yoyo you buy.

I agree with everyone on the Dark Magic II. It’s a great throw that’ll take you from beginner all the way up to master, and it’s cheap! And when you start getting more and more advanced, you can get a fully unresponsive metal if you’d like.

Dark Magic 2. because if you are a beginner just learning how to bind, you can use the responsive bearing. and when you get to the advance section, you can switch to the speed bearing, which makes it unresponsive.

best of all, its 45$ :wink:

If on a budget, the Legacy II is an all plastic version. It plays a little but different, but another good performer for around $25. This also does the 2-bearing thing.

The DM2 is the better choice.

I’ve got a dv888 splash dark magic and a cafe racer I can sell if you don’t wanna pay retail, they’re all nice throws I can do any trick I know on them.

Since he’s only been in this a week, if he’s already willing to learn to bind, this might be a good way to go.

Is the Dark Magic yoyo an original or a II? I think he would be better off with the DM2.