What kind of yo-yo should I use?

Hi guys!

I just recently started yo-yoing and I am not sure what yo-yo I should use as a beginner. I am at the ufo trick atm and going into the intermediate section any day now. I am using a henrys “tiger snake” yo-yo, which I think is a trans axle type of yo-yo with a hybrid kind of shape. Is this a good yo-yo to start out with?

I really appreciate all the recommendations and help!

YYF Velocity. A lot of people recommend a YYJ Dark Magic, too.

I would recommend a wing-shaped yoyo that can either go from responsive to unresponsive via easy to do part swaps.

I’m partial to the Dark Magic II. A budget version is the Legacy II. The Classic with a YYJ Speed bearing and compatible response pads is another fantastic beginner option.

I think the classic is a great yoyo. I like it more than the Legacy II. Haven’t tried a DM II. I should probably get one since it is such a common point of reference.

A Dark Magic II is a great choice. Won’t disappoint.

well, i would recommend a dark magic 2. but it can be expensive (i think like $40 or something). its a great starter yoyo because it will spin for a very long time, and you can make it responsive (so it comes back to your hand with a tug). and can be unresponsive (so you have to bind it)

but if thats too expensive, id say a classic. it will teach you how to throw and can do some tricks… and when you become more advanced, you can upgrade it so it will play much better (but will be unresponsive)

that is actually part of the reason I chose the DM2 myself, because it’s something so many people know it’s a good reference to understand a lot of the subjective jargon, and it’s a great throw. To me it almost seems like it’s a right of passage, some people say you’re not a car enthusiast if you’ve never owned an Alfa-Romao, I’d almost say the DM 2 is the same for yo-yos. (not in a bad way, just in a every one should probably own one given the chance kind of way)

TL:DR: get a DM2

I also agree with the velocity or classic but would pass on the DM2

I just don’t think it’s worth it for the price

I’d say for someone like me who decided “You know, I’m just gonna learn this”, it makes sense to go with the DM2.

If you are still of the same mindset and want to save money, legacy II.

If you’re a tweaker at heart and like to constantly fiddle with things, the Velocity meets the needs and is loads of fun. Wouldn’t be my ideal recommendation but I have one and I gotta say it’s well worth the money.

I definitely agree with the Classic, but the downside is having to order extra parts is confusing for new people. It’s silly to me to buy the Classic and then later on have to buy the parts to make it great AND additional shipping. But, I guess if you’re gonna order a 100-count of string, bearing and pad, then it starts to justify another order with shipping. I do think a stock Classic as-is is a fantastic starter!

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I would go with the DM2, but if you want something cheaper, go with either a legacy, a modded classic, or a velocity. Your choice.

I’m surprised no one here has mentioned the Duncan Filpside. It comes with a size a responsive bearing and a size c konkave unresponsive bearing. Plus it’s cheap, good and the shape seems comfortable to hold. You can’t go wrong with a Dark Magic 2 or Velocity though.

I feel the Flipside needs to be just a bit heavier for a beginner. I haven’t played it with the spacers flipped and an A-bearing inside it yet.

YoyoFactory Velocity or YoyoFactory Gacek One
Dark Magic 2

If you want to do looping tricks, YoyoFactory Loop 360.

Personally, I’d buy a Velocity and a Loop 360.

Thank you guys for all the great tips and recommendations! I eventually went with the DM II. It seemed like a solid choice and a yoyo you could go a long time with. Now it is only waiting until my package arrives and I can get the hang of some cool new tricks! ;D

depends on what you want to do, if you want to do responsive tricks (where the yoyo comes back with a tug) i like the yoyojam DarkMagic 2 quite a lot, and it comes with two bearings, one with response and one without.

if you want to move on and do string tricks, the darkmagic is good too, but i would recommend you a Magicyoyo T5, since its extremely cheap, and plays like a high end full metal, for about 15 dollars its a extremely good yoyo, i like it more than my DM my Genesis and my Recochet, and almost as much as my main wich is a barracuda.

SHORT FORM: for responsive stuff and later some string tricks, the darkmagic 2
for unresponsive (bind required) a Magicyoyo T5 (you can order it at amazon very cheap)

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U have the original Dark magic 1?