yoyo recomendations please

hi. im new to the world of yoyoing and would like some recomendations to start off on. i would prefer an adjustable yoyo to help with easy tricks to hard tricks. Could someone help me out with some good suggesstions. Thank you everybody :slight_smile:

A good yoyo to start off with is a YoyoFactory Velocity. It is adjustable, so you can make it responsive or unresponsive. :slight_smile:

yeah, the velocity is a great choice.
you might also look at YYJ kickside or journey.


I am fairly deep into the advanced section and I will say this, if you can drop the cash now skip the velocity, or legacy, and move onto a dark magic.

It comes responsive but has an adjustable gap. On top of that, it’s weight allows you to easily move through the upper echelon of tricks. From a beginner’s view it really is an all around yo-yo.

I’d go with the Dark Magic 2. It’s a great yoyo for beginners and advanced.