Top grade beginner Yo Yos

Hello, I recently became interested in Yo Yos again (It was popular in 2nd grade) after picking up a Henry’s Cobra yo yo at a local hobby store in Minneapolis. After playing with it and loving it over the past two weeks I have decided to take a bigger step and actually try to learn some of the more intense tricks. I have taken a look around the site shop and other boards in order to find a good yo yo to start off with. My findings have lead me to the Yo Yo Jam Dark Magic and the Adjust o Matic.

I was wondering if anyone else had any input on what they believe to be good beginner yo yo’s or even their own beginning yo yos.

Thank you for the time taken to read and maybe respond


Welcome to the wondeful world of yoyoing and our forum! Hope you feel nice and home here. :wink:

I would personally recommend the Dark Magic more. It is a very versatile yoyo that can be used for beginners and experts alike.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask away.

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I prefer the Dark Magic, because it’s perfect for beginners and more advanced players. But make sure if you buy one, to pick up a bottle of thick lube.

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Thank you for your input. Will probably get one for the holidays from my girl friend. Thick lube to. In terms of quality what are other good beginning yo yo’s? Just asking, despite being set on the dark magic, for more info about beginning.

A search for “beginner yoyo” or something like that would be good.

Nonetheless, the Velocity from YYF and any of the plastic yoyos from YYJ are great for beginners and experts as well.

Anything more then the dark magic?

the $15 yyj plastic yoyos are not bad they all come responsive, so theres no need for thic lube. they include Journey, KickSide, Speed Maker and Lyn Fury

Will they all have a long last play time. Like will they be able to keep up as I grow in skill?

hmmm… get a bottle of thin lube

With the lube they will last as long? or Should i stay with the Dark Magic. I mean the money is no obstacle in this matter. I just am doing the research to find something that I will be happy with for a beginner to advanced yo yo.

Try a YYF adjustable yoyo. These include (in order of beginner to advanced) the Vilocity, Speed Dail, Adjust-O-Matic/401 SD. The 401 SD is discontinued. JM EDIT: It’s okay to post links to other stores that are selling yo-yos that are not available here, but they do not have the 401K.

Edit: Btw, none of these will need thick lube to maintain responsiveness.

if u want it unresponsive clean the bearing than add a drop of thin lube to en long the bearings life

Awesome. So go with the Lyn Fury and get lube? Or will the Dark Magic still be a good bet?

Can a dark magic be adjusted to become more responding. For gravity pulls to pass time. Or is it always going to be unresponsive for intense tricks?

Edit: In terms of Durability and such. Which will be better.

im not so sure. sorry

I would say Lyn Fury is more durable …–> As DM metal ring is easier to break after some drop…some1 did 4a with DM end up spoiling it
Lyn fury…beginner friendly as well as able to mod to higher lvl(unresponsive play)

Lube doesnt really require for the Lyn …unless you want to keep your Lyn Fury bearing in good condition~~~ …hmm…not sure wheter Lyn Fury come with 'S’peed bearing or not…

Bearing run in dry can at least play for 1 year…you always able to replace the bearing with EZO stainless steel bearing

I don’t know what you’ve learned in the two weeks but I figure I’ll throw in my two cents. When you say top grade I’m assuming you mean you mean things like durability, ability to perform, the yoyo’s ability to grow with you, basically something that you won’t need to upgrade from in a few weeks or month or even years. I’m gonna list off some yoyo’s and they should do everything I’ve described.

The 15 dollar YoYoJams that have been mentioned before are what a lot of people start off with, ask around, they’re good. They last a long time not only because you can beat them to hell and they’ll still perform but also because with a few upgrades I doubt there’s a trick that can’t be done with them (this depends on the player though). Out of the box they’re great because not only can they sleep at the end of the string for long enough but they’re also tug responsive meaning it’ll come back to your hand. This won’t last forever though because the bearing gets worn in meaning it’ll start spinning for longer, which is good for advanced tricks, but not necessarily what you need when you’re starting out. So I’d recommend buying some thick lube to add to your bearing making it spin a bit slower allowing the string to catch and come back to your hand again. The two I’d recommend are either the Lyn Fury or the Kickside.

The Lyn Fury is what I started out with, I thought it was great and I still do. It’s got whats called a double o-ring response meaning in order for the string to catch and wrap around the bearing their are two little rubber rings (that can easily be replaced if need be) on each half of the yoyo. The kickside has got an o-ring/starburst “hybrid” response where on one side you’ve got a rubber ring, and on the other are raised lines molded into the plastic also causing the string to catch and wrap around the bearing.

There are also the 40 dollar YoYoJams (one of which was the Dark Magic) and these are great as well. What makes them special is that for the most part they are plastic but they’ve got metal rims making them stable and spin longer. Although out of the box they are aimed for a more advanced level of tricks the thick lube mentioned earlier will make them tug responsive which is better for learning. Other yoyos that fall into this category that you’ll probably hear plenty about are the X-convict, Hitman, and the newer releases including the New Breed and Atmosphere.

Another yoyo that has been rightly mentioned earlier was the Velocity. You mentioned that you were eyeing the Adjust-O-Matic which made alot of sense because it sports an adjustable dial, but it also costs 80 dollars and is a full metal which if you’re willing to spend on your first throw I think is great, but personally I wouldn’t. This is where the Velocity comes in, it’s fully plastic but it’s got the same dial and it can be adjusted from a tug response to unresponsive or anywhere in between by turning the dials. Out of what I’ve recommended this yoyo requires the least effort in terms of adapting it to your skill level. That does not mean that the other’s can’t or that they aren’t as good but if you’re a lazy person who doesn’t feel like learning how to clean/lube/silicone a bearing or yoyo this will simplify that for you.

If you want anymore help from me feel free to shoot me a PM.

Well done Michael. Zach, don’t answer if you don’t know.

Whatever you go with, make sure to get some lube. This $5 item will keep your $5 to $15 bearing lasting for much much longer than if you run it dry. I still don’t get why some people run them dry, but that is their choice.

My main reason on running bearing dry is the noise it formed…to some ppl may irritating …to me it is voice of the yo-yo…I cant bear with silence yo-yo >.> …I cant hear anything wrong to the yo-yo or whether there is small knot as well…I hear the noise to check it spin limit as well while performing combo…we all hate keep winding up the yo-yo …isnt it?

p/s : sry for bad english …and i do noe thumb start~~

The speed dial i(40$) is an also good yoyo for beginners because it also has the adjustment dial, but i found it is a little on the light side.

Actually I don’t care if it’s loud or not. I just wouldn’t want to have to buy new bearings every year.

You can look at the spinning yoyo and tell how fast it’s spinning, more or less.