Help me to start!


Hi I want to start yoyo´ing but i don´t know which yoyo buy first. I would like to do string tricks so the yoyo has to have a good spin right? I want a cheap begineer yoyo to get started, I was thinking in the yyf velocity, but I´d rather ask for help here before I regret xD. Thank you in advance. Keep yoyo’ing!


Awesome you are getting started! So, I would recommend a Yoyo Factory ONE. Its pretty cheap, has a nice gap, has a nice sleep time and even comes with either a SPEC bearing or a Yoyo DVD. Don’t get the Whip though, they may be the same price, but its unresponsive. The Velocity is good for beginners, but I’d just recommend the ONE because of its gap, and how it comes with the extra bearing or DVD. Hope I helped! :smiley:


I really recommend the YoYoJam Dark Magic II. It comes with a slim bearing pre-installed so it will be responsive. Responsive play means it will come back with a tug. It also comes with a larger bearing in the package, so when you’re ready to move onto unresponsive play(where you have to do a bind to bring the yoyo back), you’re done and there. Yes, the cost is around $41, which seems a bit steep, but it’s worth it. This yoyo can take you from nothing to as far as you want it to take you, which can be all the way through the master level tricks and beyond.

If you’re more budget conscious, the YoYoJam Legacy II is a good compromise. Same features, but in an all plastic design. I am planning to get one soon. Both the DM2 and the Legacy 2 are both signature yoyos by Andre Boulay

If you want to go cheap, the YoYoFactory ONE is great. It’s light, durable, easy to use. If you order this, get the version with two bearings. It comes with the slimmer bearing installed so you can start with responsive play, and like with the other yoyos I’ve mentioned, you ca put in the larger bearing that comes in the package and you can move into unresponsive play.

There are also many choices in the under $20 area. It just depends on what you want to spend and what catches your eye. What I’m looking at is trying to save you money by directing you at yoyos that offer you the option to switch between responsive and unresponsive play. I don’t like the concept of adjustable gabs by tightening or loosening. It works, it’s just not my preference.

The strength of the ONE is that it’s so cheap, you can upgrade with no real problems. The advantage of the Legacy II is more yoyo, but more money, but should last you longer. The advantage of the DM2 is that it’s a “one size fits all” yoyo with serious performance yet made for all levels of play.


i kinda have to disagree with studio  a little bit here… in the beginning youre going to mess up a lot and you may cause damage to your yoyos, which is especially a pain with metals because they ding… plastics can crack, but they generally arent as expensive… so for starting out, im going to reccomend the yoyo jam plastics… they cover a few diferent shapes and provide a nice solid experience for beginning… these yoyos include the journeyy, kickside, speedmaker, and lyn fury… and i may be missing one but thay are all located in the same general area on the page

generally on this site, the less expensive beginner yoyos are at the top of the page and the premium competition and metals are further down…

and if you really want to go with the dark magic… thats fine, its your money and all, but a tip to protect it just in case… play over carpet, and away  from anything hard or breakable…



So, we see differently on certain things. It’s all good. However, I do agree completely with playing over carpet and away from anything hard or break-able. Over a lawn works great too.

I started with a DM2, well, after a brief stint with a Duncan Reflex and Imperial. First yoyos will often get beat up regardless of what is purchased. Playing over soft surfaces will help make that yoyo last longer.


I would also recommend the One by YYF, with the DVD, you’ll get a smooth start.


I don’t really recommend the ONE/DVD package. The DVD isn’t that good and it’s more “Example/demo”, not learning oriented, although it does SOME trick break-downs, you can get all of that information from YYF’s web site. I recommend the package with the SPEC bearing in it(the option with the bearing) so one can move up after learning binding.

(J. Lev) #8

I say get a Velocity.

The other options are great. But the Velocity is still, in my humble opinion, the most effective beginner’s yoyo. Click that link for more info.


I got a velocity in August as my first yo yo in 10 years. I totally love it to bits. I started with it very responsive, and slowly opened the gap a bit at a time. For the last month or two I’ve had it opened all the way, and am now graduating to an all-metal. Success!


I have not used a One but I can see that as a great starter yoyo for a low price.

I started out on a Dark Magic and had fairly good success learning the basics. It’s also a yoyo that will grow with you.

I also recommend the Lyn Fury as a good beginner-intermediate throw. I now have two and carry one everywhere and it will also grow with you especially if you replace the o-ring response with silicone.

Finally, I recently received a Legacy II and find it a great yoyo. It too comes with a slim and regular size bearing so you can work your way into unresponsive play with it.


We have a ton of inexpensive yoyo’s (including the Velocity) and out of all of them, I like the ONE best for a first yoyo. I’ve taught yoyo-ing to a lot of people. I used to have them get a Velocity to start out. But then the ONE came out, and I now I recommend that one for them. It’s cheaper, easier to maintain, and I find it easier to land tricks on. But make sure you get the one with the extra SPEC bearing, not the one with the DVD.

Edit: Wanted to add that the ONE is all plastic and has no metal weight rings like the Legacy or Protostar. At the yoyo school near us, they prefer that new yoyo-ers start out on all plastic to help them learn the mechanics of a proper throw. I don’t know how valid this is or not (I started out with a Legacy), but they’ve taught thousands of kids to yoyo so they’ve got a lot of experience.


Wow thanks to all of you now I think i´m getting a yyf ONE with the extra bearing just to start, next month i´ll get the velocity too. Thanks for your help!


dont get me wrong… you give great advice, and youre right, dings happen… but as a beginner id hate to send someone to spend more money on something that has a much higher chance as the first yoyo…


I would say get the ONE. Then, once you learn to bind, get the WHiP. Same price as the ONE but it’s unresponsive.