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Hi there… I didnt know where this thread would go… so I assumed “General”

Im new in this yoyo world.
I bought one in a toy shop i had no brand and it was worth about $2

I want to buy a descent yo-yo to start learning tricks and all that stuff… but in my country there arent like… “yo-yo shops” or I havent found a place that has a stock or something.

So im going to order 2 yoyos to start… Ive read some reviews and stuff… and I think Im choosing between the “Fast 201”, the “Whip” and the “One”… got to choose 2 of em…

I really like the look of the whip and the one, but Ive read that the FAST is a very good yoyo.

So… what would you recommend me to get? I dont know anything about yoyo playing, Im a total newbie.

Thanks =)


The one comes with two bearings so you can bring it up with a tug, but when you put the wider bearing in you will need to bind. The whip only come with one bearin so it is only unresponsive. The fast 201 is a good beginner yoyo, but it will be useless once you start getting better.

I would also recommend the Velocity, it has dials so it can be unresponsive and responsive without changing any parts. It is a good yoyo that can take you from beginner to pro.

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Velocity and ONE are both good beginners yoyos.


If you’re going to get two out of the three, then get the Whip and the ONE. Skip the FAST 201.

Have you looked at the Starlite? Also a great budget yoyo.


I second getting the WHIP and ONE. The different shapes give you variety when you’re able to bind. Then, later on, you’ll want to get something better if you’re still interested in yoyo. Even so, the ONE and WHIP combination can last you a good long time.

Strings: get bulk strings NOW so you don’t have to pay extra shipping later. Well, by “now”, I mean:
When you order the yoyo or yoyos, that is when you should order your accessories since it’s not going to cost you extra for shipping. You may wish to also get a YYF Multi-Tool:

If you DO order the ONE, order the package that includes the second bearing. The DVD isn’t that great, so get the 2nd bearing package. The costs are the same.

Get lube. This is what I recommend:

Get the THIN oil. A drop goes a LONG way, so this should last you a good, long time.


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Out of what you said, I would get the One and the Fast 201. The Fast has adjustable response and the One has an unresponsive bearing, so both of them will work for you for a while. All you have to do is figure out which one you like better. Also, the Fast is about as heavy as most other throws, while the One and Whip are fairly light, so you have an idea on how other yoyos may feel in the future.


I would recommend the FAST 201 since it don’t need a regular response change.


I know you didnt mention it, but my first yoyo was the Dark Magic 2. It was highly recommended to me when i first started. Im glad i got it because it is awesome. It too comes with 2 different bearings.

I now own quite a few CLYW’s and i still go back to my DM2 regularly.

I also own the ONE. To be honest, i dont really use it. But it is a great throw, especially for someone whose just starting. And for 10$ you really cant go wrong.



Honestly, I’d say something like Whip, One, or even the Lyn Fury from YYJ. I tried the Fast, and did not like it. Sure it’s great for beginners but I can see one outgrowing it fast. Atleast the Whip, One, or LF can grow along with you. Granted, I’ve only played the Lyn Fury out of the ones I did mention, I throw several advanced tricks to my Lyn Fury all the time and it handles it really well.

When the pads wear out, you will probably be at the stage that you can learn how to apply silicone as a replacement if you’re a DIY-er.


The ONE is an AWESOME little throw. I asked these guys about it only about 2 weeks back when I picking up some Yo-Yos as gifts. After I got them in the mail I turned around and ordered my self one so I would stop playing with the gifts…

I have never throw the Whip or fast 201. But the other Yo-Yo I recommend for beginners is the YoYo Jam Kickside.


While I’d be quick to recommend the Legacy II or DM2 as great starters, and there’s been some other fantastic yoyos mentioned as starters, please keep the following in mind:

The OP is not in the United States, so shipping actually becomes a problem. Cost is already an issue.

Try to get the OP put in a position where they won’t want for anything for a bit. This includes making sure they have things we take for granted like response pads, lube and strings. I hear too many international throwers who buy a yoyo, wear out their string and they are done because they don’t realize strings wear out so far,. Even worse: retailers near them that SELL yoyos often do not carry add-on items for yoyos, such as strings, even cheap ones.

I think all input has been valid here.

I started out really with a DM2. For budget, the Legacy II is a great option. Going down, I think the Lyn Fury with the double O-ring would be an ideal option as we climb down the price ladder. After that, we get into stuff that’s probably too light. The ONE and WHIP are in the 56 gram ballpark, and can be considered light.

What would be best is to find an online currency calculator first. See what your money is compared to the US Dollar. You’ll know more accurately what kind of buying power you have. Just don’t forget the accessories, such as string(if anything, get 100-count Slick6 at the very least, or even 100-count 100% polyester. Save $2 by going with white polyester string). Drill bits and wrenches can be used as bearing pullers in a pinch. Trumpet valve lube can be used as thin lube locally. If your response pads wear out, you can use flowable or gasket silicone IF the yoyo is compatible.

Look at the whole picture. Yes, it can add up and get expensive fast. Call up or email YYE if you plan to order from YYE and see what they can do to help reduce your shipping costs. The people there are great and will work hard to help you out.


I thrown all 4

  • One: IMO the best beginner throw out there, specially with both bearings, great bang for the buck
  • Whip: one step beyond the One, faster but also a bit harder, it can also achieve nice sleep times
  • Velocity (V3): before the one and the whip, this is where it were at, now, not anymore, the one’s cheaper anyways.
  • FAST: looks decent, eats strings like none other, not THAT bad to begin with but IMO it’s a bit outdated now, just as the velocity, they do the job, but now there are better ones that do better job for a lower price.

Then you got the “premium” plastics, like the DMII or the Northstar, well worth the buck if you can afford a little extra.

also, don’t forget to buy extra strings (pack of 100, yellow or green for best visibility) and don’t worry about the response, I’ve been playing for over a year and I never ever had to change the response on any of my throws. it could happen, but then again, you just order whatever you need and get the job done, it’s not rocket science.

and welcome to the club ^^


I would say get the whip and the one I have the whip and a friend of mine has the one. I have gotten up to expert tricks on my whip and I would be moving up to master but I just run out of sleep time.


Thanks guys for all the replies…

I decided to go for the Whip & One.

See ya later, when Im learning how to play with the damn toy and asking for help :smiley: