looking for a yoyo..

hi , im new here and im looking for a new yoyo…i have a pocket pros Zombie right now but im looking to get a better one…what kind should i get? im looking to spend around $20-40 USD…

PS:i do tricks like trapeze,jamacian flag,eifell tower and some other pretty basic tricks… i dont know what tricks to start trying to learn…please help me with that too if you know what other tricks i should try and learn…

Hi, welcome to the forums! One of the best $20 yoyos to learn on would be the velocity: it can be adjusted so it gets better with you. heres the link:

hope I helped!

Pick anyone of the yoyojam plastics, kickside, lyn fury, or speed maker. Great for beginners and with simple mods are great for almost any trick.

yeah… pick one of the cheaper yoyofactory or yoyojam yoyos… they are really great

Or even without mods.

The Zombie that you have is a great yoyo capable of doing whatever you want it to. Nothing you get will be any better, just different.

hmmm how bout the revolution yoyo is that a starter yoyo or is it more advanced?

well for me, i really started learning more tricks once i got a more advanced yoyo, i learned a few tricks on my duncan mosquito, but when i got my yyj darkmagic i started learning tricks that day. so i say go for a slightly more advanced yo yo and practice practice practice. maybe the revolution will be good, i wouldn’t know. i’ve only owned two yo yo’s :’(

If you do get a starter plastic yoyo, you might need shims.
I recommend the cheap $1 (plastic thin yyj) shims over the metal ones, because they fit the axle snugly and it’s easier to close the yoyo with them in. You just slide them in, and they act like spacers on the side of your bearing.
My yyj lyn fury needed a thin shim on one side to center the (konkave/center trac/terrapin x) bearing.

Like a previous poster suggested, I also think that you should go with a medium/advanced yoyo like the dark magic 2, hitman pro, atmosphere…
good luck!

P.S. I don’t recommend the lyn fury, because it plays like a lightweight yoyo and loses a lot of speed when it touches the string. The rubber response sticks out quite a bit, and I had to put silicone in. I can only get mine to sleep for about 5 minutes, as opposed to 10 minutes with the yyf yuuksta.

In my opinion it’s better to get a a cheaper yyj or yyf because they will make you a better player. Then when you get good with one of those when you get a more advanced yoyo you can do longer and more complex tricks and combos. I think the zombie is a good yoyo to, but totally different from a good plastic.

I wouldn’t recommend the velocity. If you learn or know how to bind you could get a yyj legacy or yyf dienasty. But it’s all up to you.

No. You never ever need shims. Why would you need shims? The gaps are adjustable so far more than you need.

The bearing doesnt matter. There is no reason to mention bearings in a beginner yoyo selection thread.

I disagree. There is no reason to spend 40 dollars on a yoyo when you can just get a 15 dollar one like the Lyn or Kickside and do the same stuff. I have no clue why these yoyos are marked via trick levels for you. Certainly wouldnt recommend a yoyo YYE doesnt have like the Hitman Pro either.

Sleep time over 3 minutes doesnt matter, 10 minutes is completely unnecessary and youre comparing a plastic spin time to a metal spin time, obviously there will be less friction. Light weight means it hurts less for beginners and tires you out less, you lose speed with every yoyo, the response sticks out on all o-rings just shave the o-ring down.

In short, please re-evaluate your advice gtyoyo.


ok so i think everyones talking about hitman and kickside which one is better?

Neither. They’re just different.

I bet you can guess what throw I’m going to recommend :smiley:

That’s right, the FHZ!!! But truthfully, all the low priced plastics listing in this thread are great. Its just a preference thing, what size and shape you like, ect ect.

Unless you can get a modded FHZ I think I would recommend a Freehand 2010 over it.

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…ok so about 15 yoyos have been recommended…lets narrow it down to 2 or 3 please…

And there’s probably another few hundred to pick from. Most if not all of them are great. Just kind of look for what looks good, make a list, and flip a coin/roll a die.

What’s more important for a beginner is the response.

Do not choose pad/silicone/sticker response unless you want to and can buy new response. If you’re just starting out, not really wanting to maintain that much, not sure if you want to play, then get a yoyo with a O-Ring or starburst response. These will last almost forever. (Maybe you lose 3 atoms every throw.Maybe) So the Journey, Velocity, Kickside… Anything under $20 Velocity is a great choice because it’ll easily transition from responsive to unresponsive with a twist of the button.

Hi, for 20 to 40 bucks i would reccomend the speeddial. It is a great yoyo, and you can change the response with just a twist. I have had a speeddial so i know how good they are, but i got better and got more yoyos and i sold it to my friend that it getting interested in yoyoing.

Yes, the new 2010 FH2 is a great throw out of the box.