A newbie looking for some help.

Hey everyone, I’m new here, and I’ve been really amazed as to what tricks people can do. And I’m looking into learning these new tricks and stuff. So I come here to ask you pros and experts what yoyo would be recommended for someone trying to learn beginner-intermediate tricks.

I’ve always used the store bought yoyos like dollar store ones cause I never did bother becoming more adept with tricks, just to waste away the boredom. Right now I have a yomega power brain XP with the smart switch cause I got it pretty cheap. But I can’t seem to get past a few beginner tricks. Maybe it’s just me being bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

So if you guys have any recommendations for a yoyo I can get that will help me learn beginner to intermediate tricks, and maybe even advanced tricks, feel free to post a comment. Or if you guys think it’s just me being bad and I can learn the intermediate tricks on my yomega yoyo, tell me. ;D


First of all welcome to the forums =). For a begginer throw I would highly reccomend the YoyoJam Lyn Fury. Its only $15.30 and can take you from beginner to expert! It will start off responsive but as it starts breaking in it will become unresponsive; so in a sense once you are ready for unresponsive play the Lyn Fury will be unresponsive. As for your current yoyo, I would keep working on your throw because you should be able to do most begginner tricks on it.

Thanks for the reply! ^^

What do you think about the YYJ Kickside? Would that be as good as the YYJ Lyn Fury for learning beginner - intermediate tricks?

Personally, I think one of the greatest yoyos in existance is the Dark Magic II. It comes with a responsive bearing for beginners, and when you are ready to switch to more advanced play, it also comes with a speed bearing; just swap that in, and your good to go! It is very durable, stable, and easy to learn on. And, it is AWESOME, for ANY style of play (except looping (2A)). It’s a little expensive, but if you buy it, you never HAVE to upgrade. If you get it, I personally Guarantee you will NOT be disappointed. I’m in the 1A master section and I still use it alot. I’ve used that yoyo from my first sleepers to tricks like ladder escape. And I use it for 4A (offstring), and 5A (counter weight) also.

Good luck! And welcome to the YoYoExpert forums!

Yeah, I was looking into the Dark Magic II, but I don’t think I have the money for it. I saw it on the beginner, intermediate, and expert yoyo sections and I thought that would be pretty helpful, but it’s on the expensive side for me right now.

Okay; sorry.

Then I agree with Jiknm. The YoYoJam Lyn Fury is a great choice. :wink:

On the other hand, the YYJ Journey is nice too.

The Yomega Brain yoyos will limit your progress even with the switch.

I recommended you upgrade right away. A longer spinning yoyo will not make you better but it will help you learn faster. I recommend the velocity. Even though I haven’t tried it the reviews are pretty good.
It can easily be changed from responsive to unresponsive. I have a journey and it is nice but a lyn fury would probably be better.( The first lyn fury I bought was slightly defective but I bought a second yoyo and I liked it)

Nahhh, Journey wins. :wink:

No need to be sorry. ;D

Thanks for the recommendations everyone, I really appreciate it. I think I’m leaning into getting a Lyn Fury now. Hopefully it’ll work out for me.

Thanks again. ^^

Like the original poster I’m looking to upgrade as well. I’d like a butterfly yoyo with ball bearings- but it needs to be budget friendly. If something around $10 is possible, that’d be great.

Otherwise, I might have to go for the Journey as someone suggested. Just want to make sure that’s the best option for me at this time.


Personally I like the X-convict; it’s a bit pricey ($40.00-$45.00) but if you’re serious about yo-yoing and someday want to be able to do advanced tricks it’s worth it. I started with my mom’s old fixed axle Duncan and decided i wanted to get serious; it brought me from beginner to expert! I don’t know much about cheap yo-yos… sorry.

But I think it’s better to get a good yo-yo that’s $45, than have to buy a cheap one AND then a good one when you get better.

Hope I helped. And welcome to the forms!

Personally I also like the X-Convict, but it’s not available right now anywhere I can find. I have 3 kids, and one of them is in college, so I know all about cheap yo-yos. I’d say YYJ Journey, YYJ Kickside, or the YYF Velocity.

Warning<<< I’m about to make a statement that is widely considered heresy, and I may actually be burned at the stake for it - All three of the yo-yos I mentioned have more rim weight than a Lyn Fury, and I feel all three are better yo-yos. (Yes, I own all four) All three are also perfectly capable of doing any of the tricks listed on this site, up through the advanced stuff. You will in all probability get sucked into the hobby, and want fancier, higher performance yo-yos, but if you buy one of these three, you will never “have” to upgrade.

There. I said it.
Have Fun,

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lyn fury has to be the best of the cheap yyjs but for $10 u can get a dragonjam although they’re not that good.

lyn fury or velocity
u can make both of these unresponsive as time goes on, just sili the lyn but velocity might be easier

Lyn is a babe feel her out. She is pro.

I’ve got the Journey now. It’s a massive improvement. Best sleeper so far was 25 seconds.

Java, I couldn’t agree more!!! The only one I haven’t owned is the Journey but the others I have owned/played and they do spin better than the Lyn in my opinion. They seem to be a bit more balanced too.

Thanks for the responses guys. :smiley:

I got a Kickside, cause I thought it looked cool, and I really liked it and I got around to learning most of the intermediate tricks. And Java, you’re right, I’m getting sucked into the hobby.

So I’m here to ask some questions. Can I learn the tricks in the advanced section using the Kickside? Would I have to make changes to it and stuff? Or should I look into getting a more advanced yoyo?

The kickside is capable of any of those tricks. No changes needed.