i want to buy a new yo yo im a beginner and i don’t no much ab yo yo. even i don’t no any trick in yo yo.
but i love it and i want to buy new yo yo. so plzz suggest me any good yo yo for starting[shadow=red,left][/shadow]

(Connor) #2

Well, if you want to learn 1A(string tricks) then i would suggest a journey or lyn fury. Im not the best a suggesting yoyos for beginners but i would get those if i was just starting. :slight_smile:


I agree with YoYoGuy66. He is right about the Journey. I would get that before the Lyn Fury. The Lyn Fury has a responce system that is a little hard to get used to (means it is harder to return yoyo). The Journey snaps right back to your hand ever time.

(DrSqueakers) #4

A jorney or a big ben in my opinyon, and you should go to the learn secton on this website and go to types of yoyos


I just got started recently myself (1A aka string tricks).
My first buy was a Velocity (yoyo factory) - and it was pretty good. It’s cheap and you can learn the important basics on it, like how to do various mount, trapeze, split the atom, and such.
It’s also very nice how you quickly can adjust the yoyo to be more or less responsive - so you can have a decent responsive yoyo until you have learned how to bind return.
I just got my 2nd yoyo with the mail today, and that was a Dark Magic - and actually, what I have learned with the velocity yoyo is so much easier with dark magic - but it also cost twice as much.
I havent regretted buying the Velocity yoyo, because it was cheap and a good learning yoyo. But after a while you will be ready for the next yoyo - and I can very much recommend Dark Magic.

Since I’m new myself, the recommendations from the other forum users might be better. I have no idea - just telling how I got into yoyo’ing myself.

Have fun.


I was wrong about he lyn furies response system. It is also a duel o-ring. But I have come to this conclution. Any one of yoyojams all plasic series will work good. I would make sure it has duel o-ring responce too. I just tried a velocity yesterday (the yoyo that krasch talked about) and it is good too.


okay i know i am going to get people mad at me for this but i would go with the yomega gamma brain, it is what i began on and now i am at the 1A master level after just 6 months but after one month i went to the dark magic


Grab a Yoyofactory F.A.S.T 201 yoyo, its the best for beginners and the best for you.

Happy Throwing! ;D


I would say fast201 or even better velocity.My first yoyo was a Journey and needs double bind to return. ???


Double bind for the Journey? Weird. I bought my cousin that one as a starter, and it’s super responsive. A small jerk of the hand and it comes right back up! She hasn’t learned to bind yet =)

Ya, Velocity and Journey are two good ones to start with. They’re the right price range!! Later on you’ll learn some more cool tricks and want to go with an unresponsive metal yo-yo =)


Totally the F.A.S.T 201. Depending on your age. If you’re living with your parents it may not be yor best choice because the starburst could anoy them. But either way It’s a great starter yoyo. It worked for me. :wink:

(Raphael) #12

fast 201! its great for begginers. well thats what i used :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: ;D ;D 8) 8) 8) ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


NOT a Fast 201. Go with a Velocity, or any YYJ Plastic

Have Fun Thrwing,



I started out useing a spintastic Tiger shark G4, it worked great for beginer tricks. I also suggest the big ben or the kick side.
Happy Shopping ;D


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