I am new here and I wanted to know how to start
(If you can recommend a type of Beginners yo yo )
I have no idea where to start there are so many yo yo’s to Select from

A YYJ plastic is most often recommended. It’s your choice to decide between a Kickside and a Lyn Fury. They are both great so just choose the one that seems the coolest you. you can get a Speedmaker instead but I don’t see them to be recommended as often as the Kickside and Lyn Fury are.

Don’t forget to buy some string, shims, and some lube. You probably don’t need the shims and lube(thin) right now since you obviously don’t know how to bind and play unresponsive. By the time you do know how to bind you’ll probably get another yoyo and you can order the shims and lube then. So just buy some string for now.

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He is right. Any YYJ plastic will be fine, but I recommend the Kickside to start out with. If you want to learn tricks, there is a navigation bar above that says Learn, Shop, Forum, … etc. Click on the one that says learn. And welcome to YYE, if you have anymore questions feel free to ask anyone.

I think the lyn fury would be a perfect fit! And remember to get 100% poly string. Maybe 100 pack because you live in Israel.

PS. when my Dad was a kid, a foreign exchange student from Israel lived with him for a little while.

Id suggest a yyj plastic, like the above, or a yoyofactory velocity. Velocitys are the best beginner yoyos in my opinion because you can make the responsive or unresponsive via a twist of a dial, I really wished i knew how good they were when i started out, my little sister has one now.


Enjoy your first purchase! I started off with a speedmaker, and it grew with me too.  Dont hate on the speedmaker everybody!

I started with a Dragonfly but i would recommend a Kickside

I really like the Journey as a beginners yoyo. Very good for a beginner. :wink:

Well after a long Search My friend Recommend the yyj legacy (for the beginning )
And the dark magic for When I would get better
Sorry about my grammar (I’m 12 years old)

wait, legacy is for intermediate players. it is “unresponsive” meaning that if you tug on the string, it wont come up. you will need a responsive yoyo to start with. get a journey because it is basically the same but responsive. same design

ok i will go With the journey
What about my second yoyo
(I buy it all at once)
shod i Go for the dark magic or Another yoyo?

You will honestly be fine with the Journey. Because of it’s adjustable gap, you can make it pretty unresponsive. The Journey can take you far into your journey into yoyoing. (Haha, see what I did there? :P)

Journeys are great yoyos! you can go above and beyond this site with one!

If you mod it yeah.

Or not. I frequently use my stock Journey. It’s great.

Oh by the way, pigipig, could you please change the name of this topic to something relevant? Thanks.

Hey man wait I think a http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/9/YYJ-KickSide is a good choice for you. I started out with a dragonfly but thats a whole different story.

Please check the date of the last post. This one was from over a month ago. Also, maybe you could try to give some non-random information? If you think I’m hating on you, PM me.