best beginner yo yo

if you think you know the best starter yo yo for me then choose which one i should buy… ???

Actually I think the best beginner yoyo is a Brain.

F.A.S.T. 201. :wink:


Velocity’s are probably one of the best beginner yoyo’s there are. I don’t actually have one, but I’ve heard alot about them. Just by turning the dials on the side you can change it from responsive to unresponsive. This yoyo also comes with rebber and plastic shuttles as the response, and are easy to change.

b-man its throw monkey not throwing monkey

I personally think that the Velocity is a great beginner yoyo because you can change the response on the yoyo to fit your level. Instead of having to wait for another yoyo to do Intermediate to Expert Tricks, you can just change the dials on the Velocity to fit it. It will get you to at least Expert Part One. The only thing I think will be hard on the yoyo is thumb grinds but that’s about it.

Also, it is based on preference too.

If you like the H-Shape and a pretty big yoyo, go with a Velocity. If you like a smooth V-shape and a even slightly bigger yoyo, I would go with the Journey.

The difference between a H-Shape is that the H-shape has protruding rims.

This is the Velocity with the H-shape.

This is the Journey with a rounded V-Shape.

Pictures from Yoyonation.

i have a freehand zero but i think journey is best for begginers

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I think a Velocity is best because of it’s adjustable response. This allows players to learn how to bind with gradually decreasing responsiveness.

However, The Journey, Kickside, SpeedMaker, Lyn Fury, Dark Magic, and Fast 201 are all great choices.


Check out my review of the Velocity and Lyn Fury.,840.0.html

Velocity! I’ve tried it and it’s amazing! :smiley:
The dials really help when you start progressing.

Get a kickside because its responsive when stock the when you want it to be responsive you satin it with 180 grit sand paper sanding the star bursts down and by that time the bearing should be broken in and it is GREAT! But remember to take the bearing out before you sand because it could really screw your bearing up

I’m going to have to say Catch 22. It’s very cheap for beginners.


I started with a Kickside, so naturally, that’s what I think is the best. That got me to about through the Intermediate Section.

My other opinion, Lyn Fury. Very good for it’s price range. Only $14.40. about 1:10 sleep time, good wing/butterfly feel, like a Hitman, wide, ajustable gap, can be un-responsive/responsive. Just an amzing yoyo! I bought a solid black one today. Should get here tomorrow. Since I live a town away from Andre!

He didn’t put Throwing Monkey, he put Throw Monkey.

He probably changed it.

I will go for lyn fury
and freehand zero
the best beginner
the lyn fury is the best yoyo for beginner,intermediate, and advance

Kickside, Velocity, or Lyn Fury.

All semi-unresponsive, awesome, and cheap.

I suggest the brain