What is the best beginner yoyo today? (poll)


I recently got a few friends interested in yoyoing and I’m not really up to date with the latest yoyos so I was wondering what the best beginner yoyo is that can also be adjusted to become unresponsive as the player progresses. I might also create a poll once I get a couple of suggestions. Thanks :smiley:


Classic’s great. Personally i think some people are misled sometimes by other people saying semi-useless-as-soon-as-you-become-better yoyos are good for beginners… get the classic or some other $10 plastic yoyo… when you get better replace the bearing


I’d be interested in people’s opinions, too :slight_smile: Your poll should include YYJ Classic, YYF One, YYF Fast 201, YYF OneStar and maybe some more.


Thanks for all the suggestions. Last time I was up to date, the Classic, One and Flipside were probably the best for beginners. I will probably make a poll when I wake up tomorrow morning since it’s almost midnight here in Scotland ;D


Nice ;D
3 in the evening here in California

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If you can’t find a modded FHZ with response grooves that would be great for a starter. I do some really advanced stuff and I still play with mine


the classic is amazing. so is the velocity, because of the “speed dial” it allows you to go from responsive to unresponsive play. when I get people into yo-yoing, I always tell them to get a velocity.


Definitely the Velocity. It really takes time getting to know the ins-and-outs of a yoyo, like what a bearing and response pads are, and I don’t think that would attract beginners. I think the only correct time for that is when they transition from beginner to intermediate, when they find yoyo-ing as a passion. But the Velocity takes that all away and with a turn of the switch, it goes from responsive to unresponsive play!


I’ve been using my velocity since I was a beginner and I still sometimes use it


I’m very happy with my YYJ Classic. I would recommend it.


as one who is barely past the beginner stage, i second (or third) the vote for the Velocity. it can be as responsive as you want to 99% unresponsive. feels good too with just enough weight to have a solid feel. i just picked up a pro-z too; i believe it could also be a good beginner yo. doesn’t have the adjustability of the velocity but it does come with a set of “mod” plates that you can use to make it somewhat unresponsive. not bad for $8. i saw the Velocity today for about $15. seems like a bargain to me. i’m sure there are others but those are the ones i have experience with that fall in the beginner category.



Classic and flipside seem like the best. The one is just too light.


I wish I had started with a classic. It would have made my life way easier.


Classic is my favorite beginner responsive and speedaholic is my favorite starting unresponsive yoyo


definitely the classic now if your willing to spend a little money a legacy 3 might be a good option.

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All of the above (I think classic or velocity) but don’t get the fast201. It’ll break in a week, and it feels too cheap.






Thanks for all the replies, I’m going to make a poll now just to make sure. It can be found here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,73614.0.html


This was the original thread in case you’re wondering: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,73599.0.html