New at Yo-Yos. Help me choose.

Hey everyone! So I decided to give yo-yos a try and I have no past experience. I looked around for a few days now and I think a YoYoFactory Velocity looks nice. Any thoughts? If you have other suggestions tell me. I want a responsive and butterfly. A cool looking one would be nice too. Budget is max $20 since I am not sure if I will continue with it. After a while and I enjoy it then I definitely will.

YoyoJam Classic. Fantastic beginners throw that can become an advanced one with a few bucks and about three minutes of your time. Plus, it can take a serious beating.

I’d say you need a classic and 25 polyester string to start…

All in all, can’t go wrong with a classic!

Happy throwing!

Yes The YYF Velocity is a great beginner yoyo thats what I started with its really nice because it can be responsive or unresponsive just at the turn of a dial I would deffinatly recommend it. There are other options out there like the YYJ classic but with that you have to change the bearings to make it unresponsive so thats why I would stick with the Velocity for now.

Good Luck.

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All I had my 1st 2 months if throwing was a Velocity, and 5 cheap poly strings :slight_smile:

I started with a Velocity, too. It’s definitely enough yoyo to let you know if you like it or not. Though now that I have more experience I prefer the Classic also.

Velocity got me started. I loved it but it won’t last you forever. Dis your description and will do you well for stepping into the too world. You will love it

Started with a Duncan Mosquito.

Go with the YoYoJam Classic with the upgrade bearing kit. It will take you from beginner to intermediate with a minimal investment.

Man I still rock my Breast Cancer pink Classic

I have a velocity. Never cared for it. I never really played with a responsive, I just picked up my dads protostar and spent a day learning to bind… Now that I’ve obviously improved, I can say I hate the velocity as a non-responsive and I hate it responsive as well. Starburst response is far too sketchy for me. The YYF One gave me a better time with a responsive. Came with 2 bearings, so It can be used as non-responsive once you want to. Also another note on the velocity, I find it extremely difficult setting the response to a position where it is fully responsive without being overly grippy. Same with making it non-responsive. Awkward to adjust, and I would 100% rather just switch the bearing. My thoughts.

New velocity is silicone response.

Yea its alot better than it used to be.

My girlfriend has a Velocity, and when I’m at her house and forgot a yoyo of my own, I play with hers a lot. I actually like the Velocity a bit! It’s a little unstable, but with a good throw, it’s got pretty decent spin times and is dead unresponsive so you can practice all your slack tricks without worrying. It’s also very easy to make responsive again, it’s just all around pretty great for a beginner! You shouldn’t have any problem going all the way through intermediate tricks and into advanced with a Velocity