Choosing an affordable beginner YoYo


Hey everyone! I’m new to the forums. I need some help in buying a beginner yo-yo. I want to practice and learn how to do tricks, but at this point I’m basically starting from scratch. But even though I am just at the beginner level I want to work to get to intermediate and beyond. Money is tight, and I’m looking to pay less than 15 dollars. Also preferred is a yo-yo that’s durable, so I can practice outside without worrying about breaking it.

After looking through the forums and doing some research online, names I’ve come across include the YoYoJam Classic and the YoYoFactory One. Are one of these the yo-yo for me? What makes one better than the other? Or does anyone have any other yo-yo recommendations for a starter?

Thanks for the help!


I would start with the Classic ($10) and spend a few dollars ($8.10) more to get the upgrade kit along with it. That way you have the best introductions to both the responsive and unresponsive worlds.
When you get your yoyo start working on the learn section of this site. These are very good tutorials.


I personally say pass on the upgrade kit but believe the Classic is far better than the One. The One is too light and is really more geared for unresponsive with it’s sili pads. The classic has rubber O-rings and a fullsize solid design. I would pick up some string with the leftover money you have with the classic and when you’re ready for unresponsive yoyos get a speedaholic. That way you still have your responsive yoyo when you want to go back.


I third the vote for the classic, wish it was my first yoyo.


Duncan zpro is what yur asking for
it is the best beginner I started with.
it give yu two options to play
or unresponsive


I think I’m gonna go with the Classic! While I’m waiting for it to get shipped, I’ll play around with a Fireball I have laying around at home


Get a velocity. It is unresponsive but u can make it responsive until unlearn how to bind

(LordCanti) #8

^ I agree, it was my first unresponsive yoyo. And I beat mine hard… I walked the dog on terazzo, linolium, or tile floors nearly every day and dropped it on concrete at least 4 times and it kept coming back for more. Just beware: Do NoT OvEr TiGhTeN tHe DiAlS!!! It can crack the shuttles. And it is more center weighted. Other than that it’s a great starter yoyo IMO.


Plus one. This is the yoyo I started with first. Quickly learned binds. Two weeks later, I added Boing-E-Boing, Brain Twister, Split the Atom, and some other basic tricks to my repertoire. Here I am about 4 weeks in and while I have gotten new and “better” yoyos, I’m still amazed at what the Velocity can do every time I pick it up.