Beginner yoyos


I’m looking to teach some beginners how to yoyo but I’m having trouble deciding on which ones to teach them with. I’m open to any suggestions.


What level are they? Classic,one,fast 201, etc etc etc


I’m talking about first time yoyoers.


Umm, I’d say one or classic. If there older, classic. Cuz the one is smaller, kinda.
I don’t know much about it , but I hear the fast 201 is good for beginners.
If your letting them keep the yoyo, then they could upgrade the classic when they need to.


my friend started me with the ‘Whip’. And I never looked back. But I wanted to go straight to unresponsive, not the most popular approach it seems after reading the forums.


It’s pretty much the same as already been answered:

Classic, Fast201 and Velocity.

I recommend the Classic for slightly older players since it can be upgraded. I recommend the Velocity for younger players since you can adjust from responsive to unresponsive by the dials.

The ONE isn’t bad either, but it’s a bit on the light side.


Isnt the velocity not really good for responsive or unresponsive? thrive never tried one, but when I started somebody told me that, and I’ve been hearing that…


This is basically how I started as well. If you have determined students who want to progress to unresponsive, the WHiP is a good starter.


The WHiP is light. Some yoyos, onestar for example, are light, but we can still use them. The whip is too light…


The Velocity is absolutely fantastic. It has remarkably little vibe, and has good spin time and stability. It’s a fun yoyo for players of all levels.


it seems all you guys are assuming that beginners want to learn 1A.
I say it depends what you want to teach, if they are literally just starting out then Id recommend something like a fireball or a raider so they can try tricks that require sleepers as well as basic loops, hops etc.
if they have a definite interest in 1A then yeah a classic or velocity


The new Velocity is just fine for responsive, semi-responsive and unresponsive play.

As the OP is looking to teach, I think it would be wise to choose a “standardized” model.

Also, it’s best to assume all new players want to learn 1A. 2A is much harder to learn. 1A is the basis for most of 3A and 5A, and a lot of 4A. Teach some basics and fundamentals, then let kids decided where they want to go.


just beacuse a kid might enjoy learning to loop with one yoyo doesnt meant they want to learn 2a.
its a dynamic, expressive one yoyo trick.


I would try the velocity for beginners.


Okay now I’m down to choosing either the yyf velocity or the yyj classic. Help me out guys.


Well in the long run, the Classic might cost more, that is if you are the one who is going to pay for them to be upgraded. So I would go with the Velocity because it should be able to grow with them with out the need to upgrade, so basically because it is cheaper. However if you are not paying for upgrades then Classics are the ones you want since people say it plays really well once upgraded, probably better than a Velocity. Good luck on your choice. :wink:


Velocity is cheaper, classic is more expensive and a little better. For beginners, I would just start with the velocity. Start off with them responsive, than you can switch the little dial thing to unresponsive. It would probably start off better. It was my beginner yoyo that got me started.