Velocity or Fast 201?

I have no idea what to get.Post your pros and cons for both.

This is my first serious yoyo.

If u don’t want to spent a lot of money than get a fast but if u have cash than get a velocity i have a fast and they are good for the price but they snag and do not spin long but you can learn up to the end if the intermediate section. As far as velocity I am not sure about but I have heard good things and I believe it will take you much farther than a fast…

Another option would be to save a little and get a protostar whitch you can di anything with…
But you would need some thick lube with it…

As I said in other posts: Beginner yoyo -> velocity FTW 8) IMO

agree with the above posters, get the velocity, but if you really want a “serious” yoyo, as in an unresponsive long spinning yoyo for 1A (i figure you want a plastic yoyo) there’s many other choices for a few more bucks, for example the Protostar or the Legacy

how is a velocity not serious. it is unresponsive when you want. plus, my least favorite thing is when people dont know anything about yoyoing and go with the unresponsive. they may learn more tricks but their play style is way less smooth and it pays to use a responsive.

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fast 201

Don’t start with a Legacy or Protostar, you should play responsive at least for a little while.

I’d say velocity because its the best beginner yoyo period. Responsive yet unresponsive.

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I’m not sure if there are any significant differences between my “classic” Velocity and the newer Velocities (besides the response system), but if there aren’t, then I would have to say definitely get a Velocity. They play amazingly responsively AND unresponsively when you’re ready. You can seriously do anything you want with one.