I say get a Velocity.

Yessir, I do. I think that this is THE yoyo to have at the moment, beginner, advanced, master, whatever. You should have this yoyo, or at least have owned one previously. Oh don’t worry, I have reasons.

If you are a beginner, this is the yoyo I recommend. Not a Kickside or Speeder or Lyn Fury or Freehand Zero, I recommend a Velocity. Here’s why:

  1. It’s inexpensive and plastic. Sure, it costs a few extra dollars than the YYJ models, but it’s sure worth it (more on this later.) The plastic is durable, but doesn’t hurt when it hits you in the head.

  2. Adjustable Response: This is the big thing. Your velocity can handle whatever level of response you need it to. So, when you think you’re ready to move on to unresponsive yoyoing, you don’t go out and buy another yoyo, you just twist a dial. You’re getting the versatility of the unresponsive yoyo without the money (easy and cost effective.)

  3. It plays as well as, or even better than, all the other entry level plastics out there. Smooth, comfortable, solid weight, everything you need. It’s not extreme or bizarre in any way, just designed for you! And yes, it sleeps long.

  4. In case you’re curious, yes, one can easily perform all of the cool complicated tricks on a Velocity, as long as they practice enough. Doing it on something else won’t make it easier.

For advanced players:

  1. Looking for something on the cheap? Solid, versatile, $20. Go crazy!

  2. Starting 3A? Great! Get yourself a pair (still cheap) and turn em responsive for now. Get better? Switch to unresponsive. Voila!

  3. Playing responsive is really fun.

  4. When you’re out on the town, and someone sees you yoyoing, this is the perfect yoyo to be using. Why? You can quickly switch it to responsive for them. Also, if the hit it on the sidewalk, you won’t be as broken up as if it was metal. Hooray for versatility and a budget!

So yeah. I say get a Velocity. You’ll like it.



No thanks, I have a dv888. lol

If I bought this yo-yo, I don’t think I wouldn’t play with it that much. It is a very good yo-yo, don’t get me wrong, good for begginer to master, just not for me. I can just use my friends Velocity if I want.

good thing i got a velocitty as my 1st yoyo lol
and i totally agree with neverything. i like my velocity better than my bro’s journey
it has made me a more accurate player.

Loved it for a while…first YYF yoyo ;D, then sold it to a friend, and bought a brand new spankin DV888

I have velocity… to tell you the truth I pretty much only let admirers use it. I use my grind machine instead. ;D

My buddy got one and let me use it… He showed me how to turn it… You have to take it apart… Im sitting there like why wont they turn???

And it plays great… Def. a good throw for any one

His is probably faulty or he’s doing it wrong. Mine adjusts with the dials on the outside.

I’ll ask him to see it again

I had a velocity as my 1st yoyo and it got me through all intermediate tricks.But the gap is rather a small…

my velocity is still getting me through the advanced 1 and 2 tricks. i like the small gap because it trains you in accuracy. whatever i can land with my velocity i can land with almost anything else('CEPT FOR THE MIGHTY FLEA THAT THING IS SO SMAll

Yeah, I love my Velocity. It is my first real yoyo and has gotten me addicted to throwing. I started responsive and have moved on to full unresponsive play. I am pretty much throught the Advanced I tricks without too much trouble (except for a couple tricks). I don’t have much to compare it to except a Mosquito from Wal-Mart, but I think it is a great yoyo as well.

Got to get my hands on one!

The velocity was my 1st yo-yo and i thought it sucked,until i got a new breed and didnt play with it,i relised the velocity was a great yo-yo