YYF New Velocity

Hello, i’m planning on buying my first yo-yo from this site. The New velocity from YYF. I can’t find any videos or reviews of the newest one, all of them are for the velocity v3 and older. Does anyone have this yo-yo and if you do could you tell me about it?


ok i have the new velocity had it for 2 weeks and i dont like >:( it is good for starts and a little bit past that but i would say spend a little bit more to get a protostar/northstar. The velocity spin time for me on a good throw is 45 seconds and when going in a trapeze the spin dies quit fast but on the bright side it has a dial for responsive and unresponsive play it covers that but i would say spend more to get a better throw that will cover much more things and remember most yoyos need a bind to get back to your hands pm me if you need more advice and good luck

Yes I have been watching videos on yo-yo tricks and I know what the bind is (but don’t know how to do it yet). I think this will be great at just 20$ since it can be both responsive for those beginner tricks that easily impress people, then start practicing for intermediate. By then I’ll get another yo-yo preferably a metal one(that is if I keep yo-yoing). What do you think?

i would try the one by yoyo factory or the kickside by yoyojam those are great for starters to

Yes, your are definitely right, it would be smart to get a yoyo that can be both responsive and unresponsive since you do not know how to bind yet. The velocity is a good choice, however, I would suggest a Dark Magic 2 because it comes with both a responsive and unresponsive bearing and is a great all-around yoyo for $40. However, if you don’t want to spend $40 I would look into the velocity, like you said, or the yyf whip, and/or the yyf one. Hope I helped!

I have looked and considered those yo-yos since they already have reviews/videos and are easier to order from eBay or something but the one thing the velocity has is the look ;D caught my eye when I was looking through all the beginner yo-yo’s and the other ones are great but this is my favorite

The Velocity is oriented towards new first time players. It’s typically one of those yoyos people “move on” from. Similar is the Speed Dial and Fast 201, although the Speed Dial has a bit more “long term” use to it since you can adjust the gap to being dead unresponsive. The weight of the Speed Dial is a better better too since it’s metal with thin plastic rims. I intend to get a Velocity and Fast 201 mostly since at my meets, I run into first-timers who come by and want to try, as well as “supporting” people who I have been teaching and have been buying these.

You want perhaps something that can be changed from responsive to unresponsive play, or at this point, go with something unresponsive and learn to bind. Either way, binding is in your near future.

A bunch of yoyos come with 2 bearings: a slim bearing for unresponsive play, and then a full sized C-bearing for unresponsive play. You simply swap out the bearing for the play style you desire. YYF does this with the ONE in the two-bearing packaging(normal YYF-type packaging). YYJ does this with the Legacy II, Chaser, Dark Magic II, Hitman Pro, XCon Pro and several others. The Legacy II is a plastic version of the Dark Magic II. Once you get to deciding to spend Dark Magic II dollars, YYJ has several other models right in that price range with different profiles but similar costs. The Legacy II is under $25 I think, while the YYF ONE is at $10. The ONE is rather light. The Chaser is perhaps too heavy at 73 grams, but it plays really good and doesn’t play heavy.

Other options that are also affordable include the YYF Kickside and Speed Maker. They come fairly responsive. You can twist to adjust the gap to decrease the responsiveness, but if you clean the bearing, they pretty much go completely unresponsive. The Lyn Fury uses dual O-Rings and ships somewhat responsive. CLeaning the bearing and ripping out the rubber o-rings and replacing them with flowable silicone(or other RTV silicone products) makes this completely unresponsive. At under $20, these are safe bets.

You may just choose to go completely unresponsive. People have already mentioned the Protostar and Northstar, which cost the same but weigh different but use the same shape. At $35, these are great yoyos, very popular and well liked. But, let’s drop down a bit in price first. The Adegle PSG and Asteroid are amazing and under $20 and perform at the same level as the Protostar and Northstar if you ask me. The shapes are very different, so it’s a preference thing. Other affordable and not terribly expensive plastics would be the Whip for $10 and the Dienasty for $24. The Whip is rather light though, so just be warned. The Plastic Grind Machine is plastic with weight rings, introduces you to stacked play and costs a mere $30. Another option is the new Stackless Grind Machine for $12. I find the Grind Machine shape, along with the Die-Nasty work great for 5A play as well should you wish to experiment with that style.

After this, there are plenty of other plastic and metal/plastic choices that I’ve left out because I don’t have them. The next choices would be metals. At this point, I don’t recommend metals yet, mostly because you’re gonna bash them up by accident through typical beginner mistakes.

The next decision is yours. What to spend vs. your level of interest. My thoughts push me to suggest one of the two-bearing yoyos, of which I recommend the Legacy II if you’re on a tight budget, or the Dark Magic II if you’ve got some funds freed up. You start responsive and then can go unresponsive: two throws in one. These will last you a good long time no matter what. This purchase indicates you intend to stick with this for a while, which we hope you will. After you learn your bind, a massive number of yoyos open up to you.

If you’re still not completely decided that the yoyo is for you, the Kickside, and Speed Maker are also proven choices. So is the Lyn Fury. Most people buying these aren’t 100% sold on sticking with the yoyo just yet, based on price. These yoyos will either really get you hooked or you may decide “that’s enough” at that point. Most people get hooked and continue. I will say this, as an OK at best player, I bought those three just to have handy, and they are really fun. I already knew how to bind.

Thanks but I think that the new velocity looks better than the other ones ;D once i start learning binding and intermediate tricks with the velocity i’ll get a better long-term yo-yo maybe DV888 which looks really good. Have you personally tried the newest velocity? Because there isn’t a lot of information on it other then its an improvement from the last one…

sir please its not all about the looks try a one by yyf or a kickside just trust me its not about the looks