Velocity vs FAST 201

Alright guys, I’ve made a post on the General YoYo forun about this, but I have a more specific question. Basically I have a close friend who is seriously interested in trying out yoyoing and doing all sorts of tricks. He wants to become fairly advanced like all of us and enjoy himself. I’m looking to purchase a yoyo that would grow with him. So far I’ve reached a final choice. FAST 201? Or the Velocity?

Both (seemingly) have the same adjustable gap but I’ve heard a lot of praise about the Velocity for it’s ability to perform well with beginners and intermediate players. As for the FAST 201, not so much. Could someone state the differences and which would be the absolute best choice for a beginner?

I cannot talk of the Fast. Does it have the Starburst response? I do still mess around with my Velocity though. I would have to say go with it out of the two.

Both have the adjustable starburst response from what I’ve read.

Velocity has silicone shuttles (much better then starburst) and ou can adjust the gap with much more precisions then the fast 201. The fast 201 is good for the begginer tricks, but past there, not so much.

I have used both to introduce new players and of the two I’d suggest the velocity. The starburst on the fast is unlike any other starburst on the market, it’s very aggressive and noisy. Many of those I introduced to yoyoing with the velocity still play it often.

Instead of making so many threads on this topic I think you would find it more helpful and we would find it more convenient if you kept it to one thread. It’s easier for us to follow what’s going on and keeps the boards cleaner.

I hope this helps.


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Of these 2, the Velocity is a better choice. The response on the Fast 201 is not as nice. It’s loud. And it doesn’t do unresponsive too well. If you try to really make it unresponsive and unscrew it too much, then the halves might go flying off around the room (I’ve seen it happen before…ok fine, I did it…)

Velocity doesn’t use the starburst. When you switch it to responsive, it plays responsive and when you switch it to unresponsive, it plays unresponsive. But on a couple of mine, the knobs became hard to adjust after a while and it wasn’t that easy to switch back and forth. I don’t think it’s that great for learning advanced tricks on. I think it’s easier to learn with something more forgiving (more stable that can spin a little longer).

But I like the ONE better than either of these. I’ve found that it can do advanced tricks more easily than the Velocity. My son has a ONE and I enjoy playing with it every once in a while, but I never use their Velocity’s (actually, I can’t think of the last time I’ve seen someone in our family pick one up).

If you’re looking for a yoyo that can grow with a new yoyo-er, then I would pick the Velocity over the Fast 201 (but the ONE over both of them).

out of the two, i would say velocity as well… how ever may i suggest you take a look at the yoyo jam plastics? you may find one of those more suiting… or maybe not… ultimately its up to you :wink:

I learned on a Legacy. I think the longer spin times (because of the weight rings) was nice when starting out. When you’re not that good, it’s nice having a little extra time to land the tricks before the yoyo stops spinning. Or even to get another rep in without binding after you’ve successfully landed somethine.

I have a fast 201 and I personally think its horrible, it always snags the string witch gets really annoying. My 2 cents

Personal experience, the 201 is not a great choice.

When throwing anything, the starburst system is fairly noisy.

Specifically on string tricks, I find that the starburst causes the string to catch and knot very easily.

I wouldn’t recommend it, on personal opinion.