Fast 201 or journey?


I’m helping a noobbeginner out which is more reliable?


Well, I’ve heard both are just fine, but I’ve found that the Journey sometimes is probably a bit too unresponsive for a beginner and I’ve heard 201’s are always responsive, but either should be fine.


I would say the fast because it’s more of an adjustable type thing. It’s a lot easier to use than a journey is I would think.

(Cinimod105) #4

If you are looking for a good responsive yoyo that is very easy to do all the tricks that need a responsive yoyo with, get a FAST 201. It is very responsive and would stay that way forever(unless you remove the starbursts of course). The disadvantage is that you have to get another yoyo if you want to go on to unresponsive tricks.
If you do not want to get another yoyo besides this for a while, get a Journey. It would last you through intermediate level(or maybe even more) as it can be easily made unresponsive if you put thin lube and make the gap wider. The disadvantage is that it may not be that responsive, even if you put thick lube and adjust it to the tightest gap possible, hence, you may have to tug slightly harder to make the yoyo go back to your hand.