I don't know what yoyo I should buy. Please help me!!!

I had played to Advance 1, but I hadn’t learn some of the Beginner and Intermediate tricks because my responsive yoyo is broken. :’(
Now I need a cheapest yoyo that can play both responsive and unresponsive type form Beginner to Master and Free Style too. (Just YYF yoyos)
Some of my friends said that I should by One because I can use the Half Spec bearing for responsive type and use Full Spec bearing for unresponsive type and if I use the Center Trac bearing I can play Master tricks and even Free Style! But I want to ask you that my friends are right or wrong and if they wrong, what yoyo is cheapest that can play both responsive and unresponsive type form Beginner to Master and Free Style.
Remember that I just want to use YYF yoyos.
Thak you very much. ;D

Judging from your preferences what you really want is a YYJ Kickside. But if your not as cool a YYF One would meet all the requirements you stated although I think you would like the YYF Velocity much more.

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Because I like YYF yoyos so now I should buy One or buy Velocity?
Sorry because I’m a Vietnamese people so I’m not understood you yet, can you answer this question for me. Thanks.

Why only YYF? Many other companies have great yoyo’s. I would recommend the DM2. If you use the thin bearing, it can be responsive and with the YYJ Speed Bearing, it handles everything.

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if you wanna get a cheap yoyo that plays great get the one…

if you wanna though spend the extra money get a dm2, the dm2 plays a little better but costs more.

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Get the Velocity. Period.

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i like it how most of the comments arnt helpful at all

since you want a yoyofactory yoyo i would recommend the yoyofactory one or the velocity. I have a One and it works great for 10$ . i havnt tried the velocity so i cant say much about it.

but the One is a great choice

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Cheap, responsive and unresponsive, YYF, handles a variety of tricks = The ONE

I’ve used the ONE and the Velocity (we actually have 3 Velocity’s in our house). I suppose it’s possible to do more advanced tricks with the Velocity, but it’s much easier to do them with the ONE.

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Also I heard the one has a horrible vibe as XminusmikeX says.

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So One is better than Velocity right?

I don’t think like that, I had seen a lot of video about One and I thnk it is awesome!

I don’t know about the Velocity. I got mine because it was supposed to have adjustable response. I was never satisfied with it. When I was just beginning intermediate tricks, I would set the response the way I wanted it, it would become unresponsive after a few throws. When I finally got where I could play unresponsive, the Velocity would never give me the sleep time and stabilization I needed for more advanced tricks. I found the Metal Drifter to be better a better throw, and simply cleaning the bearing and peeling a sticker turned it from responsive to unresponsive.

I’ve never played it, but just from the description and what I’ve heard/read about it, I would go with the One. I’ve always disliked my Velocity, and I tried really hard to like it.

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Yes, I like the One much better than the Velocity. Here’s an example: I struggle to get Kamikaze with the Velocity, but I can do it easily with the One.

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Vibe is only a issue of luck.