A good beginner->intermediate yoyo?

Hi, I am new-coming yoyo’er, iv been playing around w/ the duncan butterfly and got the beginner tricks knocked down, but i feel like i havent “mastered” a few of them. I am looking fora yoyo that will help me master these tricks and will be advance enough to do intermediate tricks. My price range is 10-20ish dollars and i am looking for a low maintenance yoyo, and if possible doesnt waste string as often.( but i know that is determine on how often you yoyo ) and also a yoyo that unscrews
EDIT: and also very durable
thanks for the posts so far ;D

YYJ journey fits the bill.

I regret getting my YYJ journey. I think the Duncan Metal Drifter would be a wiser choice. It’s around $21

lyn fury
I think there are some shinwoo plastics too

I’d go with a one with the spec bearing or a lyn fury.
Once you get more advanced and move on to unresponsive play, you can just swap out the bearing in the one, or do a really simple mod to the lyn fury.


one by yyf i dont know if yye still has some but its stocked with a lubed bearing and comes with a spec bearing

how do these yoyos compare to duncans flying squ. and bee?

Spin longer, more of a butterfly shape, less responsive. Larger bearing.

I recommend the yyf velocity, it’s very customizable and changes as you do… It can take you from beginner to expert… It’s 20$ and I don’t have a flying squirrel or a bee, but it’s miles ahead of my dragonfly which is similar to those two

All of the YYJ’s are great choices too, but I would also agree with Velocity. It’s interchangable from responsive and unresponsive. If you got the skill, you can bust out some neat tricks in there. Then you can also loop a bit with it:

idk about the velocity, i feel like i would be tweaking it around too much then tossing it around in the air, i saw the video, how often do you adjust the yoyo?

Whenever you want it to! If you want to do advanced tricks, turn it to unresponsive! If you want looping turn it responsive.

Beginner tricks like Gravity Pull, or Forward pass are responsive tricks therefore tune it up. If you want to work on more advanced tricks, tune it up.

I don’t think you’ll be doing 1 advanced trick, 1 loop, 1 advanced trick, 1 loop. Unless in < case, it’s fine.

I would go with either the Yoyofactory One because of the interchangeable bearings or I would go with a Duncan Freehand Zero. I started off with the Freehand and it does the job. I got through the beginner and some intermediate tricks with it until I got sucked into a Dark Magic. But knowing what I know now I would go with the One. Good Luck.

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I agree with skeletonboy, buy the velocity.

ok i made of selection of yoyos
:duncan bee

how do they compete w/ one and other? and which one is the " best" out of them in order?

The duncan bee is a looping yoyo (I think), If you want you can change it to duncan Freehand zero.

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There is no best yoyo.

The Bumble Bee is a traditional shaped yoyo, therefore, not one of the greatest shapes for 1A (intermediate tricks>>).

The one can be both responsive and unresponsive too but you need to change the bearing which isn’t the easiest and most fun way to change styles.

Kickside V.S. Velocity? Well, I don’t think the Kickside can intrerchange to responsive that easily either.

But this is just an inference. It’s all preference, just choose one according to their details and your
personal preference.

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okay thanks everybody iv chosen to get the velocity :smiley: just order’d one off ebay