the yo-yo or more practice?

i just started yo-yoing and i bought the yo-yo Dragonfly DUNCAN
and i started to learn the trapeaz and it’s took me like 2 weeks to do it good but still not perfect
now i started lean duble or nothing and i can make the trick without the dismount
and today i read cuple or reviews about this yo-yo and it’s says that this yo-yo is’nt good enough for begginers and it will be a problem to make duble or nothing
so tell me what do u think
if it’s the yo-yo or it’s me? and what to do about it?

Getting something like a ONE would make certain tricks easier, for sure. (Just a suggestion)

i didnt understand

A “ONE” is a yoyo manufactured by YoYoFactory. This is it:
It is an excellent choice for a beginner, or intermediate player. Some other suggestions I have are:

YYJ Journey- $15.30
YYJ Prelude- $14.40
YYJ Lyn Fury- $15.30
YYF Velocity- $19.99
My highest recommendation: YYJ Dark Magic (Version II)- $40.80

A Dragonfly is a decent introductory yoyo, but eventually you’ll want something a little better (with better spin times and stability).

Ya a yoyofactory one or whip are good to learn string tricks for beginners.

allright for how much long i will have my begginer yo-yo?
maybe i will buy that “one”

I’m not exactly a yoyo master, but I definitely recommend a better yoyo. The One is no doubt pretty good for a plastic yoyo and it’s cheap. If you want a cheap all-metal yoyo, look up the Pocket Pros Zombie; It’s what I used to learn tricks like the Trapeze, binds, and all sorts of tricks. If you have the money, go and buy your self a Hitman PRO or a Dark Magic II (Both are $40~). I actually ordered myself a HMP and it’s coming in tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it plays ;D

allright ty

I know you just got bombarded with replies on different yoyo’s but another one ya might wanna look at is the JK. It’s aluminum and i think it would be a great start for you. Nice binds everytime (you should start learning to bind) and gets you familiar with the all metal feel. Otherwise like everyone else said get a ONE.

I have a yoyofactory ONE. it works great! i can do very advanced tricks with it, but i can also do beginner tricks. its only $10.00
it comes with two bearings, one for begginer play, one for advanced play

Yeah I agree, if you have the money and can see yourself yoyoing for a while I would say get the yoyojam Dar magic 2.  It allows you to progress from beginner to expert because it comes with two bearings. One for beginner and one for unreponsive play. It’s a great throw. You can find it on this site.

That yoyo can do anything fine. Even Matrix or Advanced tricks. But it’s just that learning those tricks on them is hard. Because learning takes more time to experiment and test it out.

A new yoyo would be better for you because you will need one eventually.

I would recommend the Lyn Fury or ONE, either are great beginner-advanced learning yoyo’s.

I know tht duncan doesn’t make yoyos very well , and i would recommend something like a one with a half spec for beginners

That is not true at all. Have you ever tried the echo? 50 dollars and plays just as good as something like a genesis.

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get a yoyojam prelude or a yoyo factory ONE. as you progress you will learn that duncan isn’t really a choice of people who yoyo.

If your yoyo is not broken it is not the yoyo.
All begginner tricks can and really should be learned on that yoyo. No need to buy another, if you want too by all means go out and buy another yoyo.

But a dragon fly should be way better then you need to do those tricks.
Learn, power throw, sleeper, breakaway, around the world, rock the baby, walk the dog, trapeze, Not learning these tricks well will hold you back at some point somewhere down the line. Outside walking the dog, but everyone wants too see that so you might as well learn it. :wink:
you can continue all the way up to where slack and whips come in, before the yoyo might be holding you back a bit, outside that it’s going to be you. Which is fine, but most people look at the wrong end of the string for the problem.
have fun, thats what is important, if you want to learn tricks very easy, then buy a more advanced yoyo, that one is defently outdated design wise. If learning tricks easy is not fun go back too your dragon fly. but have fun thats whats important at this point at least.

Ouh, did you really just say that right in front of me?

DM2! used it when I first started… still use it today. love the DM!

I would stick with your dragonfly. Just focus on keeping your throw straight and being able to hit your tricks smoothly. I have no problem doing almost any trick on it. It is just your throw. Keep up the practice.

ARE U KIDDING !!! The raptor is a BEAST !!!

And the dragonfly is a ok choice for a beginner… u should also look into a Freehand 2 of a Freehand Zero