Looking for recommendations

I am an adult looking to get into yo-yoing, not with any thought of competition but just for fun, had a duncan butterfly as a kid and never learned anything beyond forward pass, around the world, walk the dog level tricks, looking to hopefully get a little better than that this time around, I want a yo-yo that I can grow with, and some thought to possibly learning unresponsive with the same yo-yo, just based on the research I have found the YYF One, YYF Velocity and if I bump my spending up YYF dv888 all fit the mold either with the dial or with an unresponsive bearing included, what are your thoughts on these choices/any other choices you would throw out there?

I’m also an adult, similar experience with the Duncan Butterfly.

Any of the yoyos you mentioned are a huge upgrade from the fixed axle butterfly. The One and DV888 use a standard C Size bearing, I don’t remember if the velocity does as well.

The complaint I have heard about the Velocity is there is more center weight than rim weight, so, spin time is a little less, it may be a bit less stable.

I would probably go with the One, use it until I get tired of it, then upgrade to a bit higher end (Replay PRO is nice, OneStar, then when you jump to ~$45, the “budget” metals are another upgrade from the One.

All that said, an unresponsive One will take you pretty far on the trick list in the learn section. Remember, the thrower’s skill is more important than the throw.

Have fun and enjoy the learning!

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Go with a YYF Replay Pro or Onestar.

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The DV88 and Velocity are pretty old in terms of yoyo advancements, there are a lot of better options.

If you’re spending under $20, I would definitely recommend the Replay Pro, that will be a yoyo you can learn basic unresponsive play and move onto advanced tricks.

If you’re thinking about spending $30-40, I would recommend the Yoyofficer Kilter 2 or the Yoyofactory Shutter. You can buy one of those and not have to buy another yoyo - those two yoyos can handle any trick, basic or advanced.

Good luck!


If I just went ahead and got one of these that is purely an unresponsive yoyo what is the learning curve like for learning to bind?

I always recommend starting with a responsive yo-yo. It’s not that hard to learn to bind and start with an unresponsive yo-yo, but starting with a responsive yo-yo gives you a better understanding of the basics that will help with advanced tricks as you progress.

YYJ Classic and YYF One are great choices.

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If you already ordered the unresponsive and want to play responsive as Garrett recommended, you can make it play responsive by lubing the bearing with something like 3-in-1 oil or Synco Super Lube.

What Can I Use To Lube My Yoyo

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Yoyojam Classic. C size bearing and kitty 100% poly string and youl be good to go.

ok, based on the advice from this thread I am now down to the YYF One or the YYJ Classic, what are the pros and cons of each? does it make much of a difference?

Please give the replay pro another look before deciding. It’s one of the best throws under $20.

It looks awesome, I have read great reviews on it, but I was also told I’m better off starting responsive, it is leading contender for second yoyo once I am ready to move on to responsive, and I might even throw it into my first order so it is waiting for me when I am ready, but long story short I am looking for recommendations for a responsive yoyo

Starting responsive with a highwalled yoyo is definitely the way to go.

Your technique will be fantastic later on, and there really is something missing from people who immediately start unresponsive.

Well I ordered a one, some string and a replay to have on hand once I am ready for unresponsive

Perfect! You might need some thick lube for that One though.

Learning the basic bind is fairly easy. Hope you enjoy your new throws!

The replay is amazing. I highly reccomend it. It will get you far