Best yoyo for my preference and experience?

I have recently got into yoyoing and was wondering what do you think would be the best yoyo I could get for around a $20 price range. My friend gave me a Duncan Imperial which isn’t very good, but helped me get the basics of properly throwing a yoyo and such. I then later bought a Maverick. With the Maverick I learned quite a few tricks such as: Eiffel Tower, Elevator, Breakaway, UFO, Sidewinder, and Rock the Baby. I am more of a beginner, but I feel as i’m slowly making progress. I am wondering of a new yoyo to buy because my Maverick ended up breaking. One time when I went to go practice I felt as if it was loose and it wouldn’t tighten. I took it apart and found out some of the threads on the inside on one side of the yoyo at the very top was stripped off. The other part of the yoyo and the axle was fine though. I am more of a responsive player and still haven’t learned how to bind yet. So, I don’t believe i’m ready for unresponsive play yet. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Go get yourself a yyf ONE on this site for $10, it comes with a responsive bearing for now and an unresponsive one for when you get better…

Its a bit higher than your price range but I LOVE my Yomega maverick… they are about $30… Metal - and come responsive… you can make then unresponsive by cleaning the bearing and modifying the response system.

YoyoJam Classic, which comes set up for responsive. At the same time, buy a large C bearing ($6 or so) for when you want to go unresponsive. Optionally some silicone pads to replace the O-ring at the same time, when you go unresponsive. (The O-ring will still work, but the silicone is a better solution).

Here’s the parts list. :wink: (size C… this isnt the only bearing, the site is full of them, but it’s the $6 one)

Total cost: $19 plus tax plus shipping

  • The YYF One is another good recommendation made already.
  • YYF Velocity was my first “responsive and unresponsive” yoyo, but I prefer swapping bearings over using the dial
  • YYJ Legacy II (actually $24 but already includes both bearings and the silicone pad)

The YYJ Classic seems nice. What are the sleep times for the YYF ONE and the YYJ Classic?

I was just about to say this! a lot of beginners use this because it’s easily transferable from responsive to unresponsive, and it’s a nice cheap price for sure!

If you don’t want to get into modding and all the mess you can easily go with the YYF Velocity, It’s 15$ it has a nice weight and easily and I mean EASILY adjustable!

here check out the video if you don’t believe me  ;D :

if u need any help extra help or info shoot me a msg i’ll be happy to help! :slight_smile:

good luck hunting :smiley:

do this it will take you as far as you can go without being tempted by expensive metals.

In my opinion, get the YoyoJam DM2. The yoyo comes with a narrow bearing for responsive play, which is great for beginner binders. I learned a majority of tricks on the DM2. It comes with an unresponsive speed bearing for tricks like Seasick and whips. But for now, the narrow bearing will be great for trciks like Double or nothing, matrix, and split bottom mount tricks.

Even though this throw is $51, you should get it anyway if your really considering learning how to be an advanced/expert yoyoer. If you get a metal drifter you will have to upgrade once you are up to learning McBribe Rollercoaster. In the end, you might as well skip the intermediate yoyos and move on.

The Classic will outsleep the ONE by a good margin. I play with my Classic all the time. It can handle any trick you want to do. I would probably take it over a DM2.

I second GregP’s Classic suggestion. It is awesome! So far I have not had any issues with durability, and it will easily outsleep any trick you’re doing.

I generally dislike YYJ products but even I’m going to have to go with the Classic here. It’s crazy how good it is for the price and boy can that thing take a beating! I’ve slammed mine into doors, tables, concrete floors, tiles, ceiling fans, etc. and it just keeps coming back for more.


I have to second the Legacy II. I can’t speak for the second one but I have the first, and it’s definitely one of my favorite yoyos.

Whatever you do, also buy some kind of silicone. Buying pads can get kind of expensive pretty fast.

Something like this:

Any kind of RTV works too, red seems to be the most popular here though. Flowable silicone is easier in my experience.

Classic, all you need is right there. Buy a c sized bearing for unresponsive play.

Then it’s settled. Majority are for the Classic so i’ll make sure to buy that one when I get the chance. Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions! :smiley: