what is better

I am a beginner and i want to buy a new yoyo. I looked in the internet and i found two yoyos for beginners/starters. The sage and the velocity. I wanted tho ask wich is better and what yoyos would you prefer?

Overall, the Sage, which is a branded YoyoFactory OneStar.

You can also find it here at YYE as the YoyoFactory OneStar, but the one here comes only with the wide unresponsive bearing. So you would do the opposite of the Pro Pack-- buy the OneStar plus a half-SPEC bearing: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/62/YYF-Bearings (the one that says Half SPEC (Narrow)).

I started off with the Velocity, so I’m not saying anything bad about it… it’s a good fun yoyo. But the OneStar/Sage is more durable and just feels more dependable. The adjustability of the Velocity is fine, but you won’t likely use it much-- you’ll find yourself wanting to play responsive and then having to dial in just the right responsiveness-- and then wanting to learn to bind and having to figure out of you have a good gap size. You won’t be switching back and forth THAT often.

And since you’re not switching back and forth THAT often, swapping a bearing is just as easy. And once you learn to bind you will probably spend a lot of time in that mode… the OneStar is a better choice for unresponsive play overall.

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Anyways I like the swapableness of the Velocity when I was starting but as Greg said you won’t be switching styles that much so the YYF One is probably the better choice unless you think you’ll be doing a lot of switching.

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I want to have a responsive yoyo but i wanted the velocity when i get better to have only one yoyo for responsive and unresponsive

Well if that’s what you want than go for it. The Velocity is a great starter yoyo I enjoyed mine for a long time and I can still do quite a few of my tricks on it if I throw hard enough

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Apart from the velocity and the sage, I’d highly recommend the yoyojam Classic.

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Wich one has the longest sleeper?

the onestar would sleep the longest…

From the responsives

Still OneStar.

But you DO get one yoyo that does both. :wink: You just have to change the bearing. A more solid and dependable change than a dial. :slight_smile:

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Honestly, a Classic would be the best imo

Cannot describe how many times i’ve heard someone say something along the lines of "Who needs $$$ throws when u can just get a classic… If you cant do it with a classic something is wrong… "

You can get a thin bearing and a regular bearing, and change accordingly; Responsive, unresponsive, respectively.


What is the sleep time of the classic and is it responsive or unresponsive

the Classic is responsive and the sleep time is good for a responsive yoyo. The YYJ classic in my opinion is the best yoyo for beginners like yourself I wish i had it when i was learning.

Thank you all for that tips and i think i’m going to buy a yyj classic.

You won’t regret it :slight_smile: You can compete with those things when you upgrade with a nicer bearing and response!

Stock you’ll still love it.

If you can find any, get adegle PSG
It is extremely durable :slight_smile:

I like the OneStar better than the Classic. Classic is certainly a fine yoyo for $10 (plus extra bearing).

In my experience, playing the Sage responsive has better sleep times than playing the Velocity responsive. But I’d recommend learning to bind as soon as possible. Looking back, I think I would have been less frustrated if I’d prioritized unresponsive play right from the beginning. Things really start to click once you learn it.

Must i buy a new bearing or is that from the classic good

If you wanna play responsive the one that comes in the Classic is fine–No rush to get a larger bearing.

Once you’ve mastered all the basics in a few months you can buy a large size C to put in there and it’ll be unresponsive.

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