Best Yoyo for me?


Hi all,

I have really gotten interested in Yoyoing recently and was thinking about buying one. I have looke and I like the Sage yoyo Pro Pack from My Parents (I’m 13) think a yoyo should be no more that a dollar so price is a concern. What is your opinion? As a note, I have never really trick-yoyo’d before but I am a very dedicated learner so I would like a yoyo that could be responsive and unresponsive.


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A yoyojam Classic with the upgrade kit sound about right for you (around 18$)


The classic is fine but I find it to be butt-ugly, ans the side look a tad bit sharp.


Well the sage yoyo pro pack should be good for you, if you like it get it. I usually recommend the classic because it comes in more colours than any other yoyo and it’s a good player.


I would go with a C3 speedaholic, an extra bearing, and at least 20 strings. You’ll need some kind of thick lube for one of the bearings to make it responsive, and keep the other one unresponsive. Since the gap is pretty wide for responsive play, you’ll need to wrap the string around the bearing 2-5 times to get it set-up right.

Hope this helps


The Sage is great. It’s a little bit smaller than a classic, but I think that I’d recommend it over the Classic when you’re starting out.

The Sage starter kit comes with lube and finger wrap which you will appreciate when you start practicing.


The beginner setup for the surge is only 12:50 if that seems more interesting to you

The added weight adds to sleep time and stability as well


You could also go with the Yyf velocity. It has an adjustable gap so it will definitely help you with starting out and you won’t have to spend the extra money for another bearing.

So the velocity ($14.00)+10pk of kitty string($3.50)= a pretty nice starter yoyo. That’s what I started out with and it worked perfectly fine, especially with learning to bind and the transition from responsive, to unresponsive play.

Let us know what you end up doing and keep us updated! :slight_smile:


Currently as it stands:

C3 Speedaholic kit: $34.48
Sage Pro Pack: $24.99
Velocity: $17.50
What do you think is the best value overall?



Sage pack will work for you best


The sage pack is solid. It’s what my little brother started on, though he upgraded to a Shutter after a a few weeks.


What about the WHiP? Its about the same price of the Sage but is it to hard to start with an unresponsive YoYo?


It’s a bit harder, but definitely doable. The nice thing about the sage pack is it has both a responsive and an unresponsive bearing. handles the transition quite well.


The whip is way too light. If you’re starting unresponsive go with the speedahlic


The (dar magic 2 by yoyofactory) DM2 is more pricy but it is metal and great for learning tricks little pricy tho so maybe the kilter by yoyo officer or the yoyojam classic with upgrade kit as well


Dark Magic 2 is by YoYoJam, FYI, and it’s hybrid plastic/metal, not pure metal. If you’re going to hit that price range, I would recommend the YYF Shutter.


Thank you to everyone who responded! I ended up getting the Sage Pro Pack w/ finger tape. I hope that this topic can help any other new yoyoers in their decision.



Awesome, that’s a solid starter! Hope you love it!




And have fun throwing!